All the good deals of Rockefeller Center

A little history on Rockefeller Center

The 9 hectars of this building, whose construction lasted more than nine years, is a jewel of architectural modernity. Rockefeller Center was the first complex in the United States to combine retail, leisure and office space. a marvel made up of 19 buildings (14 of which are original Art Deco buildings), outdoor squares and major brands. Its cost of nearly 100 million dollars must have given a cold sweat to its real estate developer John D Rockefeller JR. You should know that the game was worth the candle because Rockefeller Center has been declared a historic monument since 1987.

Le Top of the Rock

The elevator will take you to the observation deck on the 70th floor. A view to the North on CENTRAL PARK (in spring or in autumn, sublime colors), a view to the south on the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING, with its 86 floors and on the HUDSON and the Statue of Liberty on the horizon .

Good to know: Once at the top, you have free wifi access, so post your best photos ...

Public works of art

The Rockefeller Center is adorned with the creation of 30 great artists, commissioned around the theme "The Man at the Crossroads Looks to the Future with Uncertainty But Hope" Paul Manship has produced the prometheus that overlooks the plaza below and the Atlas carrying the earth in front of the Internation Building.

 How do I get to Rockefeller Center?

Getting to Rockefeller Center is relatively simple: The building is located at 50th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues.

Address : 45 Rockefeller Plaza New York, NY 10111

If you are going by metro you just need to get off at 47-50 St Rockefeller Ctr station, the subways  B, D and V (orange lines) et E (blue line).

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