Broadway show: how to see a musical in New York?

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Seeing a Broadway Show: A Must-See in New York

Why attend a Broadway musical? Broadway has become over the years the Temple theater and musicals. Some like The Lion King, Aladdin or The Phantom of the Opera have become famous and extremely popular. Better to plan ahead if you want to find good places.

During your stay in the Big Apple, attending a musical is an activity to plan absolutely. Whether you are small or large, these shows will amaze you! If you don't speak English and are afraid you won't understand the lyrics, rest assured. You don't have to be bilingual to understand, you just have to admire the show and let yourself be carried away for a few hours.

How to buy tickets for a Broadway show?

I cannot say it enough but if you want to attend a popular show (like the Lion King, Aladdin or The Phantom of the Opera) I really advise you to book your tickets in advance on the internet.

Indeed, these musicals are in great demand and it is not always easy to find a place on D-Day. Personally, I use the site. In addition to being French, this site offers all the shows on display at unbeatable prices. To reserve your seat for the musical of your choice, simply go to, by clicking here.

The best musicals playing

In order to better help you make your choice, I have listed the five most famous shows of Broadway.

The Lion King

If you want to be immersed in the heart of the savannah with its animals and its decor, then The Lion King will please you! During this show, you can admire pretty costumes and beautiful scenery while listening to the famous song from this cartoon: Circle of Life. Throughout the show, the animals of the savannah will come to life before your eyes and will make you live an unforgettable experience.

Award-winning Tony Awards, this musical is the best known on Broadway and represents a perfect adaptation of the Disney film. Remember, this comedy tells the story of a lion cub named Simba who is called to become the successor of the African animal king, Mufasa. But his uncle, Scar, comes to power and forces Simba to flee the jungle. During his long journey, Simba will encounter many dangers and will wish to regain his throne once he reaches adulthood.

See show dates for The Lion King

Some additional information about the show

The show lasts approximately 2h45 and it takes place at Minskoff theater located 200 West 45th Street. The minimum age to go see The Lion King is 4 years old.


The musical Aladdin invites you to immerse yourself in the world of the Thousand and One Nights. This show tells the story of a poor little boy, Aladdin, who wanders the streets of his city, Agrabah, and who dreams of only one thing: to marry the pretty Jasmine, daughter of Sultan Badroulboudour. But one day, Aladdin's life is turned upside down when he discovers a genie lamp hidden in the Cave of Wonders. This famous lamp has a particularity: it encloses a genius capable of making all wishes come true. The Grand Vizier of the Sultan of Agrabah, the sorcerer Jafar, is ready to do anything to recover this famous object with multiple powers.

During this wonderful show, you will be able to see the objects that punctuate this cartoon such as the flying carpet. You can also hear famous songs such as A Whole New World or Prince Ali.

See show dates for Aladdin

Show information

The minimum age to watch the Aladdin musical is 6 years old. This show lasts 2h25 approximately and it takes place at New Amsterdam Theatre located at 214 West 42nd Street.

The Phantom of the Opera

It is the biggest success of Broadway and this comedy received very many awards. The Phantom of the Opera was inspired by the novel by French writer Gaston Leroux, the phantom of the opera. The latter tells the story of a masked man who lives in the basements of the Paris Opera House where he creates his own universe. One fine day, he falls in love with Christine, a young soprano. The man will do everything possible to earn her love and take her to his own world.

If you are lucky enough to attend this show, you will be able to admire magnificent sets, majestic costumes and extraordinary music.

See show dates for The Phantom of the Opera

Additional information about the show

This comedy lasts 2h30 and is played at Majestic Theater (245 West 44th Street).


If you want to see cats talking, then the show Cats will satisfy you. Cats tells the story of a gang of cats nicknamed Jellicle who meet every year in honor of their extraordinary powers. The leader of this gang, the Old Deuteronomy, will choose the cat that will have the right to access the new life, the “Heaviside Layer”. If you attend this musical, then you will be able to see several cats appearing in front of you and the typical behaviors of these animals.

See show dates for Cats

Some information about this comedy

This show takes place at Neil Simon Theatre located at 250 West 52nd Street. It lasts 2 hours and children under 4 years old are not allowed in the theater.

Spectacle Broadway : Chicago

The musical mixes greed, murder, corruption and show biz. Chicago tells the story of two women (Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly) imprisoned for crimes of passion. To prove their innocence, these two women will appeal to the media, but they will quickly realize that to be heard, you have to stay on the front page. So will these women be found guilty? Is their plan going to work? To find out, just go and watch this comedy!

Chicago has received numerous awards: six Tony Awards, one Grammy and two Olivier Awards.

See Chicago Show Dates

Information about this comedy

This show lasts 2h15 and it takes place at theAmbassador theater (219 West 49th Street).

Broadway show: where to buy tickets?

As I told you, I advise you to buy your tickets directly online on the site, by clicking here. The steps are very well explained. First, you will have to choose the date on which you want to go to see your musical. Then you will have to choose the area where you want to be placed. Finally, all you have to do is select the number of tickets and pay for your order.

Can I buy entrance tickets directly in New York?

The answer is yes. You can buy your ticket directly in New York on a stood TKTS which offers very attractive and unbeatable prices. On the other hand, even if this solution is interesting in terms of prices, the latter is less practical. Indeed, places are limited and the crowd is large. So you run the risk of not having a seat for the show you want to see.

To avoid these inconveniences, I advise you to go to a TKTS stand one hour before it opens. Also note that the Times Square booth is located under the famous red stairs of the square, Father Duffy Square (Broadway and 47th Street). In New York there are two other TKTS booths located at South street seaport at the corner of Front Street and John Street as well as at Downtown Brooklyn at the corner of Jay Street and Myrtle Avenue Promenade.

How do I get to Broadway?

Broadway is one of the main north-south axes of Manhattan. It is therefore quite easy to get there. To do this, simply take the N, Q, R, S, W, 1, 2, 3, 7 or 9 subway and get off at Times Square station.

To help you find your way, here is a small map:

After you have discovered all the essential information about Broadway musicals, all you have to do is choose your show and enjoy your moment!

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