Bubba Gump: a restaurant directly inspired by the movie Forrest Gump!

Bubba Gump: brief historical reminder

As stated in the introduction, Bubba Gump is a restaurant chain inspired by the movie Forrest Gump, released in 1994 and directed by Robert Zemeckis.

The first Bubba Gump restaurant opened in 1996 in California and since its opening, others have also appeared on the US territory and abroad.

In 2010, Bubba Gump had 44 restaurants spread all over the world including four in Mexico, three in Malaysia and Japan, one in the Philippines, England and Indonesia. In the United States, there are 29 Bubba Gump restaurants. The company's headquarters are in California.

What are the dishes offered by the restaurant? 

Bubba Gump specializes in dishes based on fish and seafood. The majority are made from shrimps and as Bubba would say in the film: “well, as I told you, the shrimp is the fruit of the sea. It is barbecued, boiled, grilled, roasted, sautéed. You have the kebab shrimp, Creole shrimp, shrimp okra; plank, steamed, in sauce; you make the avocado shrimp, the lemon shrimp, the garlic shrimp, the pepper shrimp; shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp cocktail, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich. Ah - that's about it ”.

This famous replica is also well put forward at Bubba Gump, since the crevette is in the spotlight and is cooked in many ways: grilled, cold, in different sauces… There really is something for everyone!

If you don't like seafood, rest assured! The restaurant also offers pasta, salads, sandwiches, burgers… The menu is varied and a children's menu is also available.

My meal at Bubba Gump

During my travels in New York, I try to go to Bubba Gump at least once to taste the specialties. Whenever I have the menu in my hands, I am always hesitant as the dishes are so original and numerous. Last time around, I opted for Shrimper's Heaven, a delicious mix of grilled, cold, coconut and breaded shrimp with a house sauce. Fries were also served with it. It was a real treat! For dessert, I had a brownie accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

My main course and my dessert were very good. The flavors were perfect and the portions generous.

Another interesting point: for certain cocktails, you have the possibility of leave with the Bubba Gump glass. A nice memory of your visit, don't you think?

What are the prices charged by the restaurant?

The prices depend on what you take. On average, it takes about 20$ for a dish.

How is the establishment decorated?

At Bubba Gump, the decoration is original, well thought out and many elements recall the movie Forrest Gump. On the size side, the restaurant is very grand and the atmosphere is warm. When you stop, you will see that the establishment is very touristic. Moreover, at the entrance, you will probably need to arm yourself with patience to be able to get inside.

A word of advice: try to arrive early (around 18 p.m.) to avoid a long queue.

Once inside, you can find a huge room with many tables and chairs. On the first floor, the tables located near the bay windows allow you to eat while enjoying a nice view of Times Square.

Despite the many customers, the service is very fast and there are plenty of waiters on hand so you don't have to wait long.

How is the atmosphere at Bubba Gump?

As indicated, at Bubba Gump the atmosphere is very warm and friendly. During your meal, animations are also organized. Servers, for example, will enjoy testing your knowledge about the movie Forrest Gump. So remember to revise first, because with each correct answer, a small gift awaits you (on the Bubba Gump site (“Trivia” box), a quiz of 7 questions is available to test your knowledge of the film. If you have done so a good score, take a picture of it, show it when you visit the restaurant and receive a sticker)!

Another detail: at each table, two signs are available: one mentioning "Run Forrest Run" to indicate to the server that it is useless to stop at your table and another indicating "Stop Forrest Stop" which indicates to the server that it must stop.

My opinion on Bubba Gump

Bubba Gump is a restaurant that I like. Each dish tasted so far is a real discovery!

The plates are copious and the flavors to go. The service is fast and of good quality, the waiters friendly and the decoration authentic. The concept of signs is also well thought out and allows you to call a waiter as soon as something is missing.

La shop located just below the restaurant allows you to buy a small Bubba Gump souvenir.

Bubba Gump: address and opening hours

Bubba Gump is located right in the center of Times Square. His full address est: 1501 Broadway, New York, NY 10036.

The restaurant is open from Sunday to Thursday from 11 am to midnight and Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 1 am.

Here is a small map to help you locate the establishment:

Thanks to this article, you now know everything about the Bubba Gump restaurant chain. If you like fish and seafood then I can only recommend it. Also, don't forget to brush up on your knowledge of the Forrest Gump movie before you go! I wish you a good tasting!

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