Cheap parking in Barcelona

You wish book cheap parking in Barcelona? Are you wondering where to park your car in Barcelona? In this article I will help you know how to make your stay easier.


1) Book cheap parking in Barcelona

Barcelona is a very big city and believe me there is a lot of parking in Barcelona and prices can vary from one to two. Don't tell yourself that you will find a parking space.

Indeed, first of all know that all parking spaces are paid (count at least € 25 / day, itch), and secondly know that if you park wrong (sidewalk, pedestrian crossing ...) the kennel will not hesitate to Take a car, especially if it comes from another country.

So believe me, if you come by car, you need to book cheap parking in Barcelona, ​​so first step, where to look for parking?

Well first of all, this is where the main tourist spots in Barcelona are (you have this map in large format + a lot of other practical information, in my guide to download for FREE in your mailbox. See the form at the top of the article):

2) How to find cheap parking in Barcelona

Well, for my part, first I book my accommodation (to see the list of good hotel addresses and especially to know where to sleep in Barcelona), and only then do I look for how park my car in barcelona!

Barcelona is a very big city and believe me there is a lot of parking and prices can vary from double to double. Do not tell yourself that you will find a parking space in the streets of Barcelona, ​​in Carpe Diem mode.

As you can see on this map you have a lot of cheap parking in Barcelona, ​​but too much parking is killing parking! :)

3) Where to park cheaply in Barcelona

You have your accommodation reserved (to see the list of good hotel addresses and especially to know where to sleep in Barcelona), therefore we will reserve our cheap parking depending on your hotel, but not only! We are going to do it near the subway!

In the map below, you can see two very important streets in Barcelona, ​​the blue line that connects Plaza Espanya with Plaza Catalunya, and the orange line that is the famous Rambla de Barcelona.

The blue zone is the Gothic Quarter and the Raval. Two very lively neighborhoods.

And now let's move on to the Barcelona metro, which will let you know if Barcelona's cheap parking is good enough that your pretty round calves don't flinch.

On the GoogleMap below, you can see all the metro lines (red, orange, green, yellow…).

So you just have to compare this googleMap with this interactive map of Barcelona car parks!

This service is offered by ParcClick, and I think they did a good job, because in addition to listing all the car parks, they negotiated very advantageous prices to be able to cheap parking in Barcelona.
Therefore, this interactive map from Parclick makes it easy to find the closest and cheapest car park to your hotel AND to a metro line.

They offer a subscription system for one or more days, which is what helps lower prices. You can imagine that parking on time is much more expensive!

ParcClick offers a pass, it calls it NetPass, this pass allows you to enter and exit as many times as you want and you can also park in other car parks as long as the car park in question is in the BSM, and they have more than 40 of them, so that's it! it's really great!

If you go by car I advise you reserve your parking space in Barcelona through what official website (3 days for € 45, and the "timer" starts the minute you arrive, with unlimited entrances and exits in about 50 car parks of the BSM network).

Per account, you can imagine that you will not have a parking space in the 50 car parks, do not dream. Only in the car park will you select that you will have a guaranteed place (it is in this car park where you will be given your card - see the assistant), so choose the one next to your accommodation!

On the other hand, all other car parks will be (with this offer) free as long as they are part of the BSM network (if there is a space).

  • An Internet user told me about the Travelers car park, at a price of € 21 for 3 days (a great success at Celine). On the other hand it is next door, but I put it here because it is really cheap ... It is close to the Sants station, so 2 stations from the Rambla, Gothic Quarter, Sagrada Familia, Gracia district.
  • You also have the one in La Boqueria. There you have it for € 48 for 3 days, and it is part of the BSM network. You can't be better located there, I think (parking near the rambla)!
  • I'll let you snoop on it paper
  • Otherwise, you can go to the university area (Metro Palau Reial, the far left of the map) and leave your car there for free (or in Montjuch, but it is less safe).

So there you have it, I think you have all the keys in hand to reserve a parking space in Barcelona as it should be.

Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page to give me your impressions, share a good address ... Sharing is good;)

  • And what parking have you chosen for?
  • Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

See you soon!




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