Chelsea Market: everything about Manhattan's covered market!

What is the Chelsea Market?

A very gourmet covered market

As stated in the introduction, the Chelsea Market is a covered market, in other words a “ Urban Food Court " in English. Over a length of 250 meters, you can find a forty stores different offering local products, decorative items, fashion ...

In this covered market, you will have the opportunity to discover New York specialties, but not only. You will also have the opportunity to eat, shop, and buy whatever items you want.

When it comes to food, at the Chelsea Market you will be able to be amazed, indulge yourself and satisfy everyone's tastes since both savory and sweet products can be purchased: from 100% Italian ravioli to Maine lobsters and the famous American cupcakes. .

The atmosphere at Chelsea Market is chic et warm at a time. The products offered are of good quality and refined.

A market, yes, but not only

The Chelsea Market is not just home to food and fashion stores. Upstairs, large company offices are also installed. Among them, there are those of Google and those of television channels like Food Network or Oxygen Network.

Don't forget to keep your eyes open during your walk through Chelsea Market! Indeed, communication some sculptors carved in the granite can be seen as well as pretty photographs hung on the walls of the building.

A few words about the history of Chelsea Market

As you can imagine, the Chelsea Market is located in the Chelsea district. It is located in a old cookie factory : The National Biscuit Company. The covered market as you see it today has only been around since 2005. Otherwise The National Biscuit Company had existed since 1890.

In this biscuit factory, many cakes were made like the famous Oreos or Mallomars.

In the 1990s, the ground floor of this building was refurbished. The industrial side has been preserved. Objects and architectural elements have also been kept such as bricks, steel and the various photos. All these elements together make Chelsea Market a unique place full of character.

What can you find at Chelsea Market?

The Chelsea Market has around XNUMX different shops. If all of them are interesting, here's a quick roundup of my favorites where you can buy, eat and shop!

Buy and eat

Amy’s Bread

Amy’s Bread is a shop that offers delicious pastries (those with raisins are my favorite). You can also taste 100% American cakes, cakes and cookies, cereals, but also all kinds of bread including the famous “I love NY”. If you wish, you can also have breakfast (menus are available) or have a snack if you feel hungry during the day.


Eleni's is a very famous pastry shop that offers sweet and local dishes. Here, you can enjoy cupcakes or cookies available in a multitude of flavors.

Fat Witch Bakery

Here is another pastry that deserves our attention: the Fat Witch Bakery. As soon as you pass by, you will be bewitched by all the good smells that will force you to go inside. Once inside, I strongly advise you to try one of their famous brownies. They are tender and some of the best in New York!

Chelsea Creamline

If you are looking for dairy products, then head to the boutique Chelsea Creamline ! The latter is a milk bar that offers a lot of products: yoghurts, fresh creams, fresh milk, butter, but also ice cream. All items are 100% organic!

The Art of Ice Cream

Are you greedy? Do you love ice cream? TheArt of Ice Cream is then the ideal store. Here you can taste homemade Italian ice cream. Many perfumes are available, enough to satisfy everyone! The Arte del Gelato is located at the far end of the shopping arcade.

Jacques Torres Chocolatier

Jacques Torres Chocolatier is another must-see store when visiting Chelsea Market. The latter offers its visitors chocolates made from superior quality products without colorings and preservatives.

The Lobster Place

After the sweet dishes, make way for the salty ones. If you like fish and of course lobster then The Lobster Place is the place to be. You can buy fish, but also taste lobsters or salmon directly on site. The prices are affordable and the atmosphere rather chic.

Hale and Hearty soups

Hale and Hearty soups is the palace of soup. The soups are smooth, the soups and soups are exquisite. You can taste traditional ones, but also originals.

Go shopping


If you don't know the store Anthropology, then I advise you to take a little tour. You will find a very large collection of clothes, but also decorative items, tableware, accessories ...

Posman Books

Posman Books is a bookstore that will delight all reading enthusiasts. You can find a large collection of cookbooks and unearth the Chelsea Market Cookbook, a cookbook directly inspired by the Chelsea Market!

Artists & Fleas

Artists & Fleas is a shop where you can buy original items from artists, designers and stylists.

Sinon, voici la liste de tous les magasins implantés au Chelsea Market : Amy’s Bread, Anthropologie, Artists & Fleas, Bar Suzette, Bastille, Berlin Currywurst, Beyond Sushi, Bowery Kitchen Supply, Buddakan, Buon Italia, Cappones, Chalait, Chelsea Creamline, Chelsea Market Baskets, Chelsea Thai Wholesale, Chelsea Wine Vault, Corkbuzz Wine Studio, Cull & Pistol, Davidovich, Dickson’s Farmstand, Dizengoff, Doughnuttery, Fat Witch Bakery, Fellow Barber, Filaga, Friedman’s Lunch, Hale And Hearty Soups, Imports from Marrakesh, Indie Fresh, L’Arte del Gelato, Li-lac Chocolates, LOS TACOS No.1, Manhattan Fruit Exchange, Morimoto, Mŏkbar, Ninth Street Espresso, Num Pang, Posman Books, Rana, Sarabeth’s, Seed + Mill, Spices and Tease, Takumi, The Cleaver Co., The Filling Station, The Green Table, The Lobster Place, The Nut Box, The Tippler, Tuck Shop, Very Fresh Noodles.

Note: at the entrance, a map is available to help you locate the different shops in the area.

For more information on these stores, visit the official Chelsea Market website.

Where is the Chelsea Market located?

The address of Chelsea Market is: 75 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10011. It is located on 9th Avenue (between 15th & 16th streets) between the Chelsea and Meatpacking District areas.

Here is a map to help you locate it:

Getting there is very easy. Just take lines A, C and E and get off at 14th street station.

Chelsea Market is open everyday from 7 a.m. to 22 p.m. except Sunday from 8 a.m. to 21 p.m.

Things to see and do around Chelsea Market

Before or after your visit to Chelsea Market, do not hesitate to explore its surroundings.

First of all, a ride on the High Line is a must. This promenade, located just a few meters from Chelsea Market, is 2.3 kilometers long and was built on an old high railway line. From here you can contemplate a magnificent view of Chelsea sitting on a bench or just strolling around.

Also, if you like contemporary art, the Chelsea galleries will please you. They are located on 11th and 10th ave at 21st and 27th street.

And here. You now know all the essential information about the Chelsea Market. All you have to do is explore this gourmet paradise and taste the local specialties! Good discovery !

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