Discover the 8 best pastries in New York

1) Dominique Ansel Bakery

For me, this is THE best pastry shop, voted best pastry shop in NY in 2012, although the shop had just opened in November 2011. Before that in 2009, it had joined the very "select" top 10 of the best pastry chefs in the United States. United ! The house prepares its own sourdough, most of which is supplied in France. The éclairs, the Paris-New York tart, the brioches are all to die for, you will have to pay between $ 3 and $ 7 for a treat.

189 Spring Street, New York, NY 

2) Jacques Torres chocolate

Known and recognized pastry chef, he is nicknamed "Mr Chocolat" he has been to the Nesgresco and the Ritz, he was the youngest "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" in 1986 and he has no less than eight boutiques in New York. So with such a CV, how can you not enjoy a delicious cookie or chocolate?

30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY

3) Levain Bakery  This pastry bakery was made "famous" thanks to its unique cookie. There are several tastes for all gourmets, chocolate, nut and many others to taste… but there are also baguettes, brioches, cakes. Levain Bakery has two stores, one in Harlem and the other on the Upper West Side.

Upper West Side : 167 West 74th St New York, NY, 10023

Harlem : 2167 Frederick Douglass Blvd New York, NY

4) François Payard Bakery

Chef François Payard has no less than five pastries, if you want to taste French refinement and excellence, don't hesitate for a second, this is the ideal place to buy Viennoiserie, jam , or pastries.

One West 58th Street New York, NY

5)  Ferrara Bakery & Cafe

If you are still in Little Italy, after visiting Eileen's Cheesecake and you are still hungry, this neighborhood pastry will delight you, do not be fooled by the facade, the cakes are very appetizing and there is has a wide choice, it is a real Italian pastry, most of the elements are imported from Italy, take the time to sit on the terrace to taste and enjoy the surroundings.

195 Grand St, New York, NY ‬

6)  Eileen’s Cheesecake

Founded in 1975 by Eileen Avezzano, it is located north of littel italy, everything is made on site and in a traditional way, there are also cupcakes, pies and other cakes that can be found in pastry shops, it takes about $ 4 for a slice of cheesecake. For those who cannot come on site it is possible to be delivered during the day.

17 Cleveland Place – New York

7) Bouchon Bakery

Created by Thomas Keller, one of America's greatest chefs, who owns a gastronomic empire, the first boutique opened in 2011 in Rockefeller Center.

The products are a know blend of French and American culture. It will take about $ 3 to $ 5 for a pastry and between $ 5 and $ 7 for a pastry.

1 Rockefeller Plaza, W 49th St – Midtown East – New York

8 – BabyCakes

Pastry lovers who prefer gluten-free, kosher, or even soy, there is the BabyCakes, opened by Erin McKenna in 2005, are you skeptical? Do not hesitate to take a tour and let yourself be tempted by the cupcakes and donuts.

248 Broome St, New York, NY

Extra, I would add a small list to discover for the curious ...

Le Grandaisy Bakery at 250 West Broadway or 176 West 72nd St, on Treat House 452 Amsterdam Ave, NY, le Cinnamon Pastry 7559 31st Avenue, Brooklyn NY, le This-That Patisserie 55 Spring Street, New York, NY, le Balthazar Bakery 80 Spring Street, New York, NY. 

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