Discovering the Japanese cherry trees of Roosevelt Island

 Roosevelt Island, a place little known to tourists

On sunny days, I love to walk, sunglasses on and camera in my hands, looking for a nice corner to photograph. Today I will make you discover Roosevelt Island and its Japanese cherry trees which bloom during the spring. This island is one of the interesting places to see and yet almost unknown to tourists but also to New Yorkers.

Good to know

  • Roosevelt Island is an island away from Manhattan on a narrow strip of land in the East River, it's a bit of a “city within a city” !!! 
  • The island is 3,4 kilometers in length but only 250 meters in width, it is home to about 12 inhabitants.

A ballad tinged with rose

There's no better way to experience the onset of spring than to admire the Japanese cherry blossoms all over Roosevelt Island. In Japan, the Japanese cherry tree is very important. Flowers are carefully watched, appreciated and celebrated. If you like the color pink, with a preference for pale shades, you will be amazed.

Good to know

How do I get to Roosevelt Island?

Address : 59th Street and 2nd Avenue

Roosevelt Island is connected to Manhattan by the F subway (orange line) get off at Roosevelt Island Station and by a cable car (the Roosevelt Island Tramway).

If you want to take the cable car it will cost you the price of a metro ticket or if you have a metrocard pass for the week or the month it is free. Personally, I recommend it for a quite spectacular view of the Upper East side 🙂

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