Discovering the M & M's boutique in New York

American excessiveness!

Our store M&M’s de New York is located right in Times Square, on the famous Broadway Avenue. You cannot miss it with its multicolored sign and its giant screen which regularly broadcasts animations featuring the characters of the brand.

What can you find in the M & M's Boutique in New York?

As soon as you push the door of the store, you are propelled into a completely crazy atmosphere. Stroll through the shelves like Charlie in the country of Willie Wonka and open your eyes wide. You might even meet the two muses of the brand like me. They are affordable and really accessible for taking pictures, thank you Yellow and Red !!! Here you will find t-shirts, cups, underwear, belts, soft toys, plates… and many products derived from the brand.

But the most important floor is undoubtedly the second. On this floor is the highlight of the show: huge transparent tubes that rise to the ceiling, filled with M & M's of all colors and in which you can help yourself. There is also a machine that tells you which color of M & M's suits you best. Americans don't do things by halves !!!!

Good to know

  • There is only 4 M & M's stores around the world New York, Las Vegas, Orlando and London.

Lovers of these little treats will be in heaven

Even if it is not for the pleasure of the taste buds, discover the shop for the pleasure of the eyes, it is quite amazing! Let yourself be carried away by the wave of chocolate and peanuts, you will not regret it!

The children will surely find their happiness there while the adults will take pleasure in transgressing, once is not custom, their mode. Enjoy your visit and above all, have a good tasting!

Where is the New York M & M's?

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