Disney Store New York: come and dive into the world of Disney!

A little history of the Disney Store

A subsidiary of Walt Disney Company, Disney Store stores are intended for selling Disney items.

Prior to 1987, Disney did not own any point of sale; only the Walt Disney World Resort had a store in the Orlando airport. In the beginning, the first Disney Store sold only surplus Disneyland and products from reserves. Specific items were then created, but buyers found them comparable to those available in parks.

The initial concept has changed over the years and in 2010 several coexisted: the World of Disney, shops managed by parks, Imagination Park, a concept based on the Apple Store or even the Disney Store. Outlet located in brand villages.

Additionally, many Disney Stores have opened over the years, but some have been closed or resold. From the 1990s in the United States, the progression of the Disney Store was rapid and more than 550 stores opened their doors, but between 1999 and 2002, 250 closed.

For its part, the first store inspired by the Apple Store opened on Times Square in 2010.

What can you find at the Disney Store in New York?

The New York Disney Store spans two floors and offers a multitude of Disney brand products : figurines, dolls, DVDs, clothes, costumes and many other items. You can also find your favorite heroes : From Frozen to Peter Pan, Mickey or The Lion King, all are grouped here!

On the second floor, little girls can only be amazed at the princess castle. The boys for their part will be delighted with the many toys available, because here, the items fill the walls of the store to the delight of the eyes!

You will understand, the toys are present in abundance and entire departments are dedicated to Disney heroes: Cars, Marvel and many others! At the Disney Store in New York, there are for everyone and once inside you won't be able to than to be spellbound by the magical atmosphere of the place and by all the colors present! Something to be amazed at! And when you visit, don't be surprised by the disney music sometimes launched!

Is a visit to the Disney Store essential?

The New York Disney Store is not a huge store, but what is certain is that it will appeal to children and parents alike! It will allow you to discover your favorite Disney characters and to find all kinds of branded items. You will have a choice and you will find the perfect gift to please your children or a member of your family, be sure! There are also for all budgets, so even if you don't want to shell out a lot of money, you'll always find a souvenir to take home!

But if you don't want to buy anything, go check it out anyway, you won't be disappointed! Very colorful, this store will amaze you and your children (and you too) will be simply delighted with Disney products.

The Disney Store in New York will allow you to have a good time and discover a exceptional store !

Disney Store New York: useful information about this store


The New York Disney Store is open every day from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.. You can therefore easily plan a time slot to get there.


The Disney Store is located right in Times Square. Its exact address is: 1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10036.

After the Disney Store, do not hesitate to go to other must-see stores such as M & M's World, a very gourmet store where you can find these famous chocolate peanuts and many other products! Otherwise, the Lego Store is another store that will make your children happy!

And don't hesitate to stroll through Times Square. Who knows ? You might meet the famous Naked Cowboy, an atypical character who will be happy to take a photo by your side 🙂

The New York Disney Store is a store to discover during your trip to New York. Ideal to please your children, you will find all kinds of items from the Disney brand and once inside, you will immerse yourself in a magical atmosphere! So, let yourself be transported!

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