Enjoy noodles at Xi'an Famous Foods in Chinatown

On the way to Xi'an Famous Foods restaurant

If you're in Chinatown for lunch or dinner, stop by Xi'an Famous Foods to try one of the restaurant's flagship dishes, noodles with lamb drizzled with a house sauce that will appeal to more. 'a! This is one of the destinations of the moment to taste the pleasures of Chinese cuisine.

Xi'an Famous Foods started out in the Queens district of Flushing to be precise in a small stall in Golden Mall and then moved to the Chinatown district. Don't expect a big restaurant, the place is quite small. A good way to have fun without breaking the bank, the dishes are around $ 8.

Good to know

  • Xi'an is the capital of Shaanxi province in China, hence the name of the restaurant.
  • In the coming months, the Xi'an Famous Foods restaurant is expected to open two new locations (one in midtown Manhattan and the other on the Williamsburg side)
  • Be careful, the spicy dishes are strongly spiced for the sensitive souls to abstain ...

In short, I advise you to take the trip to the Chinatown side at Xi'an Famous Food. As part of the fascinating place he occupies in the food world at the moment. But partly also, just for the noodles and the lamb which are delicious.

Where is the Xi'an Famous Foods restaurant in Chinatown located?

Address: 67 Bayard Street New York, NY 10013

To get to this restaurant the nearest l station and Canal Street either by subway N or Q (yellow line) or by subway J (brown line).

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