Gothic Quarter - The heart of the old town

If anyone asks, tell them that the Gothic Quarter is the heart of the old town from Barcelona.

Then tell him that this is also the heart of the new city.

It is a place where kitschy bars and cheap quality mix with its medieval ruins and charming squares.

Don't get caught tourist traps.

Go with the only combination of bar, restaurant, shopping and attraction guides you'll ever need - my list of what to see in Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.

Map of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona

Barcelona's Gothic Quarter, known locally as El Barri Gòtic, is part of the Old Town (Ciutat Vella) along with Barceloneta, El Born and El Raval.

How to get to the Gothic Quarter?

The district is bounded by the stations Liceu (green line L3), Catalunya (red line L1 or green line L3) and Jaume I (yellow line L4). Either of these could be useful depending on the neighborhood you are staying in.

The easiest way to get from the airport to El Gotic is to get off theAerobus or the urban bus at Plaça de Catalunya, then turning left onto the famous Rambla.

A taxi from the airport should cost around € 30,00.

What to do in the Gothic Quarter

Catedral de Barcelona

A Gothic marvel from the XNUMXth century stained with gargoyles. Barcelona Cathedral was dedicated to Eulalia from Barcelona: patron saint of the city who, according to legend, was left naked in a public square only to be covered by a miraculous snowfall in the middle of spring.

Photographers should note that it is fantastic in the twilight. The highlight is the magnificent inner courtyard with its 13 white geese.

Prize: free or € 7,00 depending on the time (price of roof or choir € 3,00 / € 6,00 for both)

Hours: various (see Barcelona Cathedral timetable)

Address: Pla de la Seu, s / n.

Forest fairies

One of the most unique bars in Barcelona. You swear you're drinking in the middle of a forest when the simulated rains Threatening you, your friends, fairies and gnomes. You don't need an umbrella, but try the sangria.

What surprises here are the reasonable prices for a popular place. Is connected to Museo de Cera, but it is not necessary to have tickets to go to the bar.

Price: € 3,00 beer, € 12,00 jug of sangria.

Hours: 10:00 am to 1:00 am (Saturday until 1:30 am)

Adresse: Pasaje de la Banca, 7.

Walking tours

There is no better way to see and understand the Gothic Quarter than through an informative guided tour. Explore the ancient gate, the Jewish quarter, the many emblematic squares of the district and the Santa Caterina market. Please note that visits are made in English and Spanish.

The visit of 2,5 hours with tapas and a drink in a classic neighborhood restaurant.

Price: € 15,00.

Hours: Thursday at 15:XNUMX p.m.

Meeting point: Pl. Nova, 5.

Barcelona History Museum

Discover 2000 years of Barcelona history visiting the Museo de Historia de la Ciudad (MUHBA). One ticket gives you access to seven different locations. Perhaps the most popular is the underground walk ancient roman streets. See old wine shops, houses, and even a watchtower.

More information on the official website of the MUHBA.

Price: € 7,00 (audio guide included).

Hours: 10 am to 00 pm, Monday closed.

Address: Plaza del Rey, s / n.

Look at the Sardana

Symbol of unity and national pride, this traditional catalan folk dance It was banned by the dictator Francisco Franco until 1975.

This  circular dance inclusive (no formal wear required) has participants hold hands and complete a series of demanding steps and meticulous set to music. Tourists can now see it for free every Sunday, an inexpensive alternative to a flamenco night.

Price: free.

Hours: Sunday from 11:15 a.m. to 13:00 p.m.

Location: Pla de la Seu (in front of the cathedral).

Bars in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona

Pipe Club Plaza Real

€€ | Plaza Real 3 | Metro: Liceu (L3) | 9 a.m. to 2:30 a.m.

Hidden in the heart of the most picturesque square in El Barri Gotic is this underground bar that once was the blowjob club from Barcelona. Today it has been renovated to become one of the best cocktail bars from the city. Good live music options and pool table. Difficult to find, but worth it.


€ | Calle Arai 5 | Metro: Jaume I (L4) | 9 a.m. to 2:30 a.m.

A true neighborhood bar. Funky and laid back. The best terrace in Plaza George Orwell. A great place to watch people drink local craft beer. Quality food. Try a pancake, hamburger, or sandwich. As good for orange juice or coffee at 9am as it is for Jagermeister at 2am

Does not matter

€ € | Escudellers Blancs Nº3 Bajos | Metro: Shipyards (L3) | 17h a 14h30

A mix of tapas bars and Irish pubs. Here is the Rock'n'roll of the XNUMXs. Grunge. There is a skating ramp inside. The beer vending machine and the free popcorn are the strengths. thehappy hour at € 1,50 bottles of beer and € 9,00 per liter of cocktail - Attention!

Task the Corral

€ | Calle de la Merced 17 | Metro: Barceloneta (L4) | 13 p.m. a 2:30 a.m.

Un spanish bar honest, loud and classic. Test them homemade vermouth for € 1 and the mysterious bottles of panther milk. It is also a great place to taste. delicious tapas: The ham and Manchego cheese boards are of the best quality and the sausages have a unique flavor.


€ | Calle de los Bolos 14 | Metro: Drassanes (L3) | 12 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.

Another excellent local bar in the gothic quarter. A Latin but international atmosphere. Owned by the eclectic French singer and local legend Manu Chao. It is known to play there. Have a beer, a vermouth, a michelada and a jar of the house's special olives. A place of improvised concerts.

Sor Rita

€€ | Calle de la Merced 27 | Metro: Drassanes (L3) | 19 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.

Un crazy retro bar with strange decorations. Headless Barbie doll lights and shoes on the ceiling. Many programs like cabaret shows, karaoke,free aperitifAnd including lecture the tarot. Good cocktails. Really busy on the weekends. Spanish music and 80s pop.

Polaroid bar

€ € | Bowling Street 29 | Metro: Shipyards (L3) | 19 p.m. a 2:30 a.m.

Un stepped bar for the nostalgia of 80s cinema and video games. VHS tapes and figurines. the retro decor make this bar really único. Projections of cult movies. Free popcorn, cheap beer, good people. A good place to have fun without going into party mode.

The best restaurants in the Gothic Quarter


€€€ | Calle del Caputxins 37 Metro: Liceu (L3) | Varied hours

The Louro is probably the only restaurant I would go to on the famous Rambla. This is one of my favorite modern Spanish restaurants in the entire city.

La Galician cuisine rich in seafood, give it a touch creative and avant-garde with the added advantage of one of more concise and friendly services From the industry.

Smoked sardines, crispy octopus, the scallop gratin, the Galician beef tenderloin and the highly underrated calamand sandwich are one of the highlights of the night. Without forgetting your exceptional cocktails like the blackberry mojito.

As this restaurant is always very frequented, Configured a quick booking system directly with the restaurant.

By booking via the blue button below, you benefit from a reservation priority but also froma free glass of cava:

Milk Bar & Bistro

€€ - €€€ | Gignas Street 21 Metro: Jaume 1 (L4) | 09 am to 02 am

This Irish cafe and cocktail bar elegant and shabby is famous for its quality y generous portions. Many people say it is the best brunch in Barcelona and it is difficult to say otherwise.

Hearty burgers, shakes, and Eggs Benedict are the highlights. Brunch is served every day from 10h to 16h.

Can Culleretes

$$ - $$$ | Quintana Street 5 | Metro: Liceu (L3) | 13:30 pm to 16:09 pm (Tuesday to Sunday), 11:XNUMX am to XNUMX:XNUMX am (Tuesday to Saturday)

By a classic spanish cuisine, go to one of the oldest restaurants in Barcelona. The traditional decor is a throwback to a more peaceful time. Try them Shrimp with garlic o beef and mushrooms, then finish with one of the typical local dessert dishes: the Catalan cream.

Advance booking is highly recommended.

Sports Bar

€€ | Calle Ancha 51 | Metro: Drassanes (L3) | 13 p.m. to 16 p.m., 19 p.m. to midnight

Don't be fooled by the name: this is the best pizza in Barcelona. The chewy sourdough crust and premium ingredients come directly from Nápoles. You can't go wrong with the pasta dishes. A comfortable, lively and authentic place. Go early.

Tips: pan di stelle dessert (a tiramisu based on Nutella and cookies instead of dressing table) is to die for.


€€€€ | Of Workshops 15 Loft | Metro: Shipyards (L3) | 19:30 pm to 23:30 pm (Tuesday to Saturday)

Un intimate dining experience. Here you will eat tasting menus based on the freshest from local markets. theExplanation Every dish from the chef is a gourmet's dream come true. € 70 for the aperitif, 4 starters, fish, meat and dessert.

Sushi Ya 2

€€ | Calle del Cometa 3 | Metro: Jaume 1 (L4) | 13:30 p.m. to 23 p.m.

In a world of cheap Chinese knockoffs, it's hard to find authentic japanese sushi they don't cost an arm and a leg. the combined menus here is good value for money. All ingredients come from Japan. There are also some japanese cocktails interesting. Clean and well decorated.

Vasconia Winery

€€ | Carrer d'en Gignàs 13 | Metro: Barceloneta (L4) | 12pm to 00am

I recently tried this winery traditional spanish It has been feeding the locals since 1905. Here the authenticity of the dishes stood out, a rarity in such a touristy region.

Here you can taste typical tapas such as albondigas (meatballs), squid (fried baby squid) and jamón (serrano ham).

If you're looking to indulge yourself, there is also a really good paella.

Please note: it is closed on Mondays.

Gothic Quarter Clubs


Plaza Real 17 | Metro: Liceu (L3) | 12h00 to 6h00 | website

Right next to La Rambla you will find this combination of jazz concert hall and hip hop club.

So few places offer you the opportunity to attend international jazz and blues concerts In a cave-like basement, then get ready for hip hop, funk, and R&B later in the same room. Take one or both.

La young crowd here it is quite local although you meet people from all over.

Price: € 7,00 in advance, € 10,00 at the door.

To view the guest list before 2 am (except Friday, Saturday and Sunday), click here.


Calle Escudellers 49 | Metro: Liceu (L3) | 23:00 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. | website

This welcome and unpretentious Burst funk and soul with some Latin rhythms.

If you are looking to dance without pretensions this is the place. The value for money is excellent, as your € 10,00 admission includes a beer or cocktail of your choice. People are having a good time, good atmosphere, good bartenders.

Le jam session el funk Sunday night starts at 23:00 pm and is the highlight.

Price: € 10,00 drink included.


New Street of San Francisco 5 | Metro: Drassanes (L3) | 23h00 to 5h00 | Internet site

This renovated flamenco bar is now a small electronic corner in the heart of Barcelona.

Lovers of royal nightclubs You would do well to go here, where the small room is mainly dedicated to dancing and where there is only one bar. A great place to deep house and the electronic house. A cool environment and metro.

Be careful, there is a dress code, sneakers and jeans may not fit.

Price: from 2 am, € 5,00 for men, free for women.

Shopping in the Gothic Quarter

In the Gothic Quarter and its surroundings you will find some of the best shopping areas in Barcelona.

Right next to Plaça Catalunya is the famous pedestrian street Portal del Angel: the equivalent of Oxford Street in Barcelona. Not only is it full of shops, but it connects the square with the historical Center de la ciudad.

Here you will find all the big names like H&M, Zara, Bershka, Benetton, Mango, Pull and Bear, etc.

At the same time, you will find another street full of department stores: Porta Ferrissa.

By a more vintage and handmade atmosphere, don't miss a walk through it Calle Avinyó to get to the many shops. Picasso's controversial painting of five naked prostitutes called The ladies of Avignon It was inspired by a brothel located on Calle Avinyó 44.

Squares of the Gothic Quarter

Royal Square

Palm trees and lanterns designed by Antoni Gaudi make this lively square full of restaurants and discos, one of the most beautiful and unique in the city.

Have a drink here for the atmosphere but not for your wallet! The clubs Sidecar et Francachela They are flooded with tourists but they are good places to let yourself go and not take yourself too seriously.

Don't get cold, find one of the promoters for the best deals.

If you absolutely must eat here, then Les Quinze Nits is your best option.

Pi Square

It's hard to believe that this relaxed place It is a stone's throw from the chaos of La Rambla. the antique stores and decorated facades singularly beautiful, but the highlight are the craft market and the beautiful church Santa maria del pi.

Plaza Sant Felip Neri

To one side is the former home of the city's goldsmiths and shoemakers, which now houses the Barcelona shoe museum, with a relief in the shape of a lion, representing the patron saint of shoemakers San Marcos. On the other hand, an aptly named elementary school the school of San Felip Neri.

In the center of the square is thebaroque church of Sant Felip Neri and its remarkable façade, heavily marked by bullet holes from the Spanish Civil War. Unfortunately, the story is just beginning.

The square was the scene ofexecutions led by the fascist Franco regime ... which explains the bullet holes in the facade, but the history of the Plaza de Sant Felip Neri is that of a mass bombardment in 1938 that would change the face of the square forever.

A plaque commemorates the 42 people, mostly schoolchildren seeking shelter in the bomb shelter below the church, who lost their lives that day.

Some say that the Plaque Sant Felip Neri is strangely quiet. They say that time stands still. While this may be true especially at night, the square is a major social hub for locals and wandering tourists. People love to sit and chat by the fountain. You will even find school children playing there in the early afternoon.

If you are looking for tranquilityyou can get there soir.

Beware of pickpockets

Especially along La Rambla, the Gothic Quarter is one of the pickpocket hot spots de la ciudad.

In order not to let fear win, I will remind you to get away with using common sense. Pay special attention when walking around the neighborhood at night.

For more help, read my tips for avoiding pickpockets in Barcelona.

General information about the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona


Born from the ashes of Ginger, the ancient Roman colony of the region dating back to 15 ans av. J.-C., the Gothic Quarter still exhibits some classic urban structures associated with theRoman empire.

It's not just the historical Center from Barcelona, ​​but the heart and soul of the Catalan capital and the center of Barcelona's political and religious life since the Middle Ages.

As you walk around, you will easily come across huge Gothic churches and Roman walls dating back to the XNUMXst century AD.


Today the Gothic Quarter is a playground for pedestrians (largely) car-free and the beating heart of the city and thetourism industry. Is completely practicable, but if you need to rest, settle into one of the many bars.

As night falls it becomes a little mysterious: the play of lights in their places creates shadows that will give you the impression of being the protagonist of a horror movie, but much more realistic.

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