Great deals from Grand Central Terminal in New York

Grand Central Terminal, the largest station in the world

You may know this gigantic station without knowing it thanks to the cinema or television (Alfred Hitchcok filmed "death on the hunt" there): Grand Central Terminal, the emblematic central station of New York is the one of the ten most visited places in the world, with 21 million visitors per year and 500 New Yorkers use it daily. Observe the comings and goings of Travelers when the trains arrive ...

Grand Central Terminal is not only the largest station in the world by its number of platforms: 44, which overlook 67 tracks. It is an incredible Beaux-Arts style building, with its stairs, its chandeliers and this ceiling. starry representing the constellations of the Zodiac.

A little history 

The first Grand Central Terminal was built in 1871 by Cornelius Vanderbilt. However, the station quickly became obsolete when steam locomotives were banned after a catastrophic train collision in 1902, resulting in numerous deaths and injuries (17 dead and 38 injured). In a few months, engineers and architects had to review their plans to demolish the existing station and rebuild a new terminal adapted for electric trains. The new Grand Central Terminal was officially opened on February 2, 1913. When the current building was erected, the streets surrounding it were also supplied with electricity, making the area one of the most popular places for tourists. commercial offices. 

Namely : Grand Central Terminal had to be destroyed, luckily the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission designated Grand Central as a symbol. And by the end of 1976 Grand Central became a Historic Site in the National Register of Historic Places.

What to do and see in Grand Central Terminal

Next to the quays, there is a shopping arcade, with several restaurants (the most famous being the Oyster Bar, the restaurant of the famous Michael Jordan), fast food restaurants, newspaper kiosks, or more than forty shops.

  • Main Hall is the heart of the station, where the ticket offices are located, although these have been partially replaced by vending machines. In the center, there is an information desk, whose four-sided clock is one of the major symbols of this station. don't forget to admire the ceiling. After 12 years of restorations, a magnificent ceiling adorned with a starry sky dotted with constellations has been revealed to the public, to the delight of visitors.
  • The gallery of murmurs “Whispering Gallery” located in a hallway in front of the Oyster Bar is a magical place, stand with your face turned to a corner of the vaulted room. The person in the opposite angle will hear the whispers perfectly. explanations: the ceramic vaults make the murmurs resonate so much that they seem like cries. You will be surprised!

  • Restaurant hall (Dining Concourse) is located under the main hall, to which it is connected by numerous stairs and elevators. There are mainly fast food restaurants.
  • L’Oyster Bar is a very nice restaurant, if you are visiting Grand Central Terminal during the lunch break, I recommend you to eat there. It is located in the basement of the station and offers a very surprising setting with beautiful vaulted ceilings. I recommend you try the famous Lobster Roll, a lobster sandwich.

  • Grand Central North is a modern extension that provides access to the station from 47th and 48th streets. From there, you can reach the main hall by two galleries that run along the tracks.
  • L’Apple Store de Grand Central Terminal, for fans of the apple brand I can only advise you to go for a walk on the Balcony of the main hall to visit the Apple store, for others go your way ...
  • Hall Vanderbilt : although part of the station, this prestigious hall is rented, used for various private or public events. You will find all the details of these events on the Grand Central Terminal website in order to check if an event is taking place there during your visit to New York.

Additional information about Grand Central Terminal

Address: 87 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017, USA

By metro: take lines 4, 5, 6, 7 and S and get off at Grand Central Terminal

Hours: The station is open every day from 5:30 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

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