How to get to Boston from New York?

What are the different ways to get to Boston from New York?

To go to Boston from New York, several means are available to you: plane, train, car or bus. These four solutions have advantages and disadvantages. Anyway, if you want to visit Boston during your stay in New York, it is important to opt for a means of transport in accordance with your budget.

As a reminder, New York City is located 306 km (approximately 190 miles) southwest of Boston as you can see on this map:

Here is a quick overview of the different options available to go to Boston from the Big Apple.

New York Boston en train

Here is the first solution to get to Boston from New York: the train AMTRAK. Comfortable, the AMTRAK train will allow you to avoid traffic jams on the road and to take advantage of interesting facilities during your trip: power outlet for your phone and / or laptop, several storage spaces for your personal belongings and luggage. Everything is in place for you to travel in the best conditions!

The train journey is also fast: around 4h30 from Penn Station in New York to South Station in Boston (but multiple start and end points are available).

If you are interested in the AMTRAK train for New York - Boston, you can find all the trains, prices and timetables directly on the AMTRAK site in French; an interesting point if you don't speak English 🙂

Price side, it is necessary to count $ 100 - $ 120 on average for a return ticket in economy class (this price varies according to the schedule and the class chosen).

The pros and cons of going to Boston by train from New York


  • Comfort.
  • Quick.
  • Lots of equipment available.

Weak points

  • Expensive price compared to other means of transport.

New York Boston en bus

If taking the train does not tempt you, you can opt for the bus. This solution is the most economical, but the least comfortable. Several bus companies offer New York - Boston routes, but the most famous are and

The journey time is approximately 4h30, but this varies depending on the traffic.

To reserve your seat, all you have to do is go to the website of the chosen company, select your point of departure in New York and arrival in Boston. The date and the number of passengers must also be provided.

Regarding the price, it varies according to the company and the type of seat (economy or flexible class). But if you want to travel cheaply, know that tickets are available from $ 9 / person.

The pros and cons of getting to Boston by bus from New York


  • Affordable price.
  • Many equipment available on board (power outlet, Wi-Fi).

Weak points

  • Less comfortable than the train.
  • The journey varies and can be long if the road traffic is heavy.

New York Boston by car

To get to Boston, the car is an interesting solution if you want to drive on American roads or discover the east coast of the United States. On the other hand, if you are planning to rent a car, certain modalities must be taken into account : international driving license, rules of the road to respect… The prices of parking spaces in Boston should also be taken into account before leaving to avoid unpleasant surprises once there.

As stated at the beginning, the distance between New York and Boston is 306 km. You will therefore need approximately 4h20 to reach Boston, but this time may vary depending on the traffic on the road, whether or not you stop ...

For the budget, this also depends on the rental company. In the price, do not forget to add the price of fuel, parking, insurance ...

The pros and cons of traveling to Boston by car from New York


  • Ideal for visiting and discovering the eastern part of the United States.
  • Autonomous during your trip (you stop when you want…).
  • Unique experience of driving on American roads.
  • Cost-effective means of transport if you are traveling in groups.

Weak points

  • Additional costs (fuel, insurance, parking…) to be taken into account.
  • Importance of respecting the rules related to the highway code.

New York Boston by plane

If you want to do New York - Boston in plane, this is quite possible. Several companies offer flights at attractive prices and the flight is also very fast (barely an hour).

On the other hand, even if it is fast, the plane is not the best solution. Indeed, you may waste time when checking in your baggage, during transfer from the airport or during checks. So as not to waste your time, I advise you to opt for one of the means of transport mentioned just above.

And here. Now you know how to get to Boston from New York. Depending on your expectations and especially your budget, choose the best means of transport. Before leaving, don't forget to find out about the different timetables and to choose a time slot that suits you (for the bus and the train). Finally, do not forget to reserve your place or car in advance. So you are sure to visit Boston during your trip to New York!

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