How to play sports in New York?

Running in Central Park

Many New Yorkers love to run. Ideal for staying healthy and getting some fresh air, this activity is also the cheapest and the most pleasant. It can be practiced in many green spaces including Central Park, the emblematic park of New York where many locals and tourists like to jog.

Running in Central Park is a real experience for all athletes! In addition, the park offers several courses and another advantage: the landscapes are magnificent! So don't forget to plan a little workout!

Other activities to do in Central Park

In Central Park, you can also walk, cycle or rollerblade. In this park, there is no shortage of activities!

And if you are in New York during the winter period, do not hesitate to launch out on one of the skating rinks in Central Park ; another good way to play sports in the middle of this park!

Other places to run in New York

If Central Park is a popular place for jogging, know that others are also essential. This is the case of Brooklyn Bridge which offers you a beautiful view of the skyline. Otherwise, direction along the Hudson River, another pleasant place to run!

Another good plan for running in New York: the Nike Running sessions, supervised running sessions in Manhattan which welcome amateurs and professionals.

Do yoga at Bryant Park

In the summer, yoga classes are held at Bryant Park, another famous New York City park near Times Square. For these courses, Everyone is welcome ; whatever your level, you can therefore participate!

How to exercise in New York: straight to the gym

Here's another way to exercise in New York: go directly in a gym. In New York, these rooms are not lacking; you will easily find one! On the other hand, prices vary and depending on the establishment, the prices can quickly climb. But if you want to practice without spending a lot of money, halls with more affordable entry prices can easily be found. Among them, there are NY Room Club rooms. Their main asset? They are all over New York. To access all the rooms, it takes approximately $ 100 and between $ 60 and $ 90 for unlimited access to a room.

Another way to exercise without paying an excessive price: locate "recreation centers", complexes created by the city and offering several services and amenities at an unbeatable price (approximately $ 150 per year). In these centers, you can do weight training, jogging and even swimming, depending on the recreation center.

For more information on weight rooms and how to build muscle, visit

Let off steam on one of the city's sports grounds

How to play sports in New York? Right on one of the city's sports grounds!

In New York, many sports fields are available : in parks, but also along the Hudson River. So, if you like basketball, baseball, football… you can play sports without any problem! Another advantage of sports fields: you can meet locals who have also come to train!

Participate in the New York Marathon

If you are wondering how to play sports in New York that rhymes with originality, take part in the New York Marathon! This event taking place the first Sunday of November offers you to run a distance of more than 40 kilometers. During the course, you cross different neighborhoods of New York (Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Manhattan), but not only! You'll cross the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, the Queensboro Bridge, pass Fifth Avenue, and loop around Central Park. During the race, you will also see iconic New York landmarks, so remember to keep your eyes peeled!

The New York Marathon is a very famous sporting event in which thousands of people set off. To participate, it is necessary to register (don't forget to plan ahead to maximize your chances of participating).

Fair you scooter

Do you like rollerblading? Participate in a roller skating outing organized by the Empire Skate Club, a non-profit organization.

If you are interested, know that Wednesday and Thursday evenings take place "Wednesday Night Skate" and "Tuesday Night Skate". For more information, visit the Empire Skate Club of New York website.

If you are athletic, now you know how to exercise sports in New York on your stay. All you have to do is choose from this list of sports activities, equip yourself and plan your sports sessions!

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