Le Bon plan du Roosevelt Island Tramway in Manhattan

An unusual ride over the East River with the Roosevelt Island Tramway

The story of the Roosevelt Island Tramway

The initial device was built in 1976. It was originally an interim transport solution for Roosevelt Island but the success of the streetcar remained open and still operates today. Despite the arrival in 1989 of the ligne F du metro (orange line) serving the island, the Roosevelt Island Tramway has survived. In 2010, the French Pomaa replaced it with a new device made up of two parallel single-channel wide-track cable cars. Thus, each track now operates independently of the other and the spacing of the two supporting cables of 4,2 meters ensures maximum stability in the wind.

How much does a Roosevelt Island Tramway ticket cost?

For 10 years, the Roosevelt Island Tramway has been part of the New York Transit System and you can therefore use your MetroCard to pay the price of $ 2.5 one way. If you have the 7-day Pass, the journey is "free".

Where is Roosevelt Island Tramway?

The Tramway departs from Tramplaza, at the corner of 59th street and 2nd avenue. The cabins fly over the East River, along the Queensboro Bridge and land 1 km and about 3 minutes later on Roosevelt Island. Once there, you can take the red minibuses that take you around the island for 25 cents. In order to enjoy a magical moment on the Roosevelt Island Tramway, I advise you to take the ride at sunrise and sunset, for exceptional views of Manhattan. 

Opening Hours: there are departures every 10 minutes approximately ...

Address : 59th Street and Second Avenue, New York, NY 1002

For more information, here is the Roosevelt Island Tramway website: Rioc.ny.gov/tramtransportation.htm

Do not hesitate to download timetables and prices: Roosevelt Island Tramway

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