Le Melting pot in New York

Neighborhoods according to their ethnicity

- Traditionally Russian immigrants live in Brooklyn in the Brighton district,

- The Chinese community is installed in Chinatown in the middle of Manhattan or in the flushing in Queens

- The Poles when they had live in Green point in Brooklyn

- The old district of Little Italy, which the Italians long left to migrate to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, is now eaten away by the Asian community.

- The Hispanic community, very present in the Lower East side, fights the Bronx and harlem with the African American community.

History: Old and new minorities

In 1945, nine out of ten New Yorkers were white. The immigrants came almost exclusively from Europe. In 1965, when immigration quotas were lifted, nearly 3 million immigrants arrived in New York: Jamaicans, Dominicans, Mexicans, Koreans, Pakistanis and Indians. Today New York is the most mixed city in the world, one in 3 people is born abroad.

The imprint of the Jewish community

Precedent Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, New York is the first Jewish city in the world, to the point that across the United States the word "New Yorker" often means Jewish. So you will find many kosher food shops. In the 1950s, many Jews left Manhattan neighborhoods like the Lower East Side to settle in Brooklyn and Long Island.

Minority Communities Agenda

- End of January or February (depending on the full moon)

Chinese New Year in Chinatown (it lasts 15 days)

- March :

Saint Patrick March 17, patron saint of the Irish, parade on 5th Avenue from Saint Patrick's Church to 86th street

Green day Parade: March 25, 5th avenue, dance and parade in folk costumes

- April:

Passover, the Jewish Passover

- June:

Israel parade on 5th Avenue (early June)

Puerto rican day parade, Puerto rican parade

- July

Harlem Week is the biggest Black and Latino music festival (Music, dance, cinema…) harlemweek.com

- August 

St stephen's day parade, mid august, parade of the hungarian community on horseback. on the 86th

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