Long Island City: an evolving and cosmopolitan neighborhood

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Long Island City: a bit of history

As noted, Long Island City is a neighborhood located in the Borough of Queens. If once this district was a industrial place and rather greyish, today Long Island City is a evolving area renowned for its artistic atmosphere and for its waterfront parks (Long Island City is next to the East River).

Long Island City used to be independent and this district was not part of New York. It was not until 1898 that it was integrated into the city.

Today, Long Island City is an increasingly popular area and it represents an ideal solution to stay at a lower cost during your stay in New York. It is located at 15 minutes from Manhattan via line 7 from the subway and it is also a quiet area compared to central New York where the hustle and bustle are perpetual. During your walk, you will also discover that the old docks of the district have been preserved and these are now classified as historical monuments.

Why visit this neighborhood?

Why discover Long Island City? What are the attractions of this rapidly developing district? If you have planned to visit this district, here is an overview of the main things to do and see in this district.

Enjoy the Gantry Plaza State Park and admire the beautiful views

Le Gantry Plaza State Park is an old port which was rehabilitated in promenade and which offers magnificent view of Manhattan and on certain emblematic monuments: Empire State Building, UN building, Queensboro Bridge or the Chrysler Building. To enjoy this pretty landscape, benches have been installed as well as pontoons, chairs, armchairs and picnic tables; ideal for resting and / or for eating by the water. And if you want to admire the skyline, Gantry Plaza State Park is also the place for you!

For fun, fields for playing American football or soccer are also available as well as sandboxes for children.

The Gantry Plaza State Park is therefore an ideal place to to walk and to photograph pretty New York landscapes. And if you can, do not hesitate to go there at sunset or after dark; the skyline will be all the more beautiful!

Set out to conquer cultural spaces

In Long Island City, many buildings have been transformed into art galleries, institutes or exhibition halls; an interesting point for people who love art and want to see the work of designers.

By the way, did you know that the MoMA PS1 was located in Long Island City? This museum dedicated tocontemporary art is an annex to MoMA in Manhattan and exhibits works by American and international artists. It also organizes several events during the year: the Sunday Sessions, the MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program or the Warm Up. The MoMA PS1 also houses a restaurant: the M. Wells Dinette where the “classroom” decoration will not fail to amaze you!

The full address of this museum is: 22-25 Jackson Avenue, Queens, NY 111010.

Cross the Pulaski Bridge

Le Pulaski Bridge is a bridge that connects Long Island City to another New York neighborhood: Greenpoint in Brooklyn. Less famous than the Brooklyn Bridge or the Manhattan Bridge, the Pulaski Bridge still has a nice surprise in store for you!

Indeed, if the architecture of this bridge is quite classic in itself (its red color makes it easy to spot it), once on it, the landscape is simply magnificent. You can admire the skyline and the view of the neighboring district. Enough to make beautiful photos!

Where to eat in Long Island City?

Like Queens, Long Island City is a cosmopolitan district where you can taste all kinds of cuisines. Among the most famous restaurants you can find Tuk tuk (49-06 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, NY 11101), an establishment that offers affordable Thai cuisine. The service is also very fast and the plates plentiful.

If you like burgers, I recommend the restaurant BareBurger at 48 - 19 Vernon Boulevard which offers many delicious burgers. The service is also quick and pleasant.

Want to eat Mexican? Choose the restaurant Casa enrique (5-48 49th Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101) which serves tasty and well seasoned food as well as delicious cocktails.

And if you want to eat Italian, go to Manetta's where pasta, pizzas and other specialties are served!

Another good plan to eat: the LIC Flea & Food, a friendly market where you will find local specialties, but also clothes and other vintage items. It is located a stone's throw from Gantry Plaza State Park: 5-25 46th Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101.

Geographical location of this district

Long Island City is located in the district of Queens, on the banks of the East River. Here is a map to give you a more precise idea of ​​its location:

As stated at the start, it is 15 minutes from Manhattan via the metro line 7. But if you want to do Long Island City - Manhattan in a more original and friendly way, take the Roosevelt Island Tramway, a very practical and above all inexpensive means of transport. To do this, cross the Roosevelt Bridge to reach Roosevelt Island (see the article on this island). During your walk, don't forget to take pictures of the water's edge. It looks nice !

Once on board the Roosevelt Island Tramway, you can also enjoy a beautiful view of New York!

Long Island City is a nice, quiet, and affordable place to compare to other New York neighborhoods. There are some pretty vantage points for you to take wonderful souvenir photos! So take your camera with you and capture some beautiful New York scenery!

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