Manhattan Bridge: cross this bridge over the East River to enjoy a beautiful view of New York!

Brief historical reminder of the Manhattan Bridge

The Manhattan Bridge is the most recent of the three spanning the lower East River. It connects two famous districts of New York: Manhattan and Brooklyn. It rises 41,1 meters above the East River and offers a crossing of just over 2 kilometers.

Work on the Manhattan Bridge began in 1901 and its opening took place 8 years later, in 1909 although its construction was not fully completed. The latter was fully completed in 1912.

In total, the Manhattan Bridge counts two levels of circulation : at the lower level, a pedestrian alley, four lanes for the metro and three for vehicles have been fitted out. On the upper level, four vehicle lanes were built.

Manhattan Bridge data

The Manhattan Bridge is part iconic New York bridges. A little more modern than the Brooklyn Bridge, it is just as imposing. Here are some numbers on the Manhattan Bridge:

  • Total length: 2 meters
  • Total height: 102 meters
  • Width: 36,6 meters
  • Number of cables: 4

Take a walk on the Manhattan Bridge to be amazed!

If you enjoyed crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, then there is a good chance that you will enjoy the ride offered by the Manhattan Bridge! Even if it is less historic than the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge has some great surprises in store for you! During your walk, you can admire the skyline of the Financial District and le Brooklyn Bridge. You can also spot the Dumbo district and the East River.

Want to photograph the skyline? Here are our top 10 of the best places to take a picture.

Note that the footbridge reserved for pedestrians is at the same height as that of the subways. Therefore, the Manhattan Bridge is more noisy than the Brooklyn Bridge, but its crossing is worth a look. Also, even if the gateway is protected by barriers, you will have no trouble passing the lens of your camera through the fence. You will be able to take beautiful pictures!

To take in the view, it is advisable to cross the Manhattan Bridge in the morning and / or at nightfall. In the morning, you can enjoy the magnificent view with the added bonus of the sunrise. The landscape is therefore well highlighted by the scintillating colors of daybreak. At night, you can enjoy New York all lit up!

Combine a ride on the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge

If you want to enjoy these two iconic bridges, this is of course possible. To do this tour, you can first take the Manhattan Bridge in the Manhattan-Brooklyn direction, then take the Brooklyn Bridge direction to City Hall. This course is a little more than 5 kilometers. By doing this tour, you will be able to enjoy these two New York bridges and take a multitude of pictures: Empire State Building, iconic monuments of Midtown and many more!

During your walk, take all your time to make the most of the landscape!

Where to access the Manhattan Bridge?

To access the Manhattan Bridge, go to Chinatown in Manhattan or the Dumbo neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Don't forget to explore the Brooklyn neighborhood!

If you cross the bridge in the Manhattan-Brooklyn direction, don't hesitate to spend some time in the Brooklyn neighborhood, a district where many cultures are represented.

Among the must-see places in this neighborhood, you can find Brooklyn Bridge Park where it is pleasant to rest and Prospect Park, known as Brooklyn's Central Park.

The neighborhoods of Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights are also one of the iconic places of the Brooklyn neighborhood. They are surprising and have great surprises in store for you.

And if you have a little hunger, go to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory to enjoy an ice cream (1 Water St, Ste A, Brooklyn, NY 11201-1335). 

If you plan to cross the Brooklyn Bridge during your stay, also plan a ride on the Manhattan Bridge. The latter offers a breathtaking landscape and is ideal for taking magnificent souvenir photos. To cross it, you have two options: from Manhattan to Brooklyn to admire the view in front of you or in the opposite direction to then continue with a crossing of the Brooklyn Bridge. If you don't know which direction to choose, plan both, you won't be disappointed, plus it's free!

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