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Little reminder on the story of Aladdin

Aladdin is a young boy living in the popular districts of Agrabah and who dreams of marrying the beautiful Jasmine, the daughter of Sultan Badroulboudour. Unable to offer him emeralds and rubies, Aladdin is however very brave and wishes at all costs to gain the affection of Jasmine, her father and her royal subjects. But one day, Aladdin's life changed: he discovered a magic lamp in the Cave of Wonders. The latter contains a genius capable of fulfilling the wishes of the one who possesses it. But very quickly, this find aroused much envy and the sorcerer Jafar, Grand Vizier of the Sultan of Agrabah wished only one thing: to recover this famous magic lamp to become Sultan. However, few people are allowed to enter the cave and Jafar is one of them.

Aladdin will then be arrested; he will be accused ofkidnapping Princess Jasmine and Jafar will decide to use it to retrieve the lamp. Fortunately for the latter, nothing will go as planned. Aladdin will rub the lamp and release the genie who will now be able to make three wishes. Among his wishes, he will have that of becoming a prince to become a suitor of Jasmine. But will his wish be granted? Will Jasmine fall in love with the latter? Will Jafar achieve the title of Sultan? Will Aladdin win Jasmine's heart?

Attend the Aladdin show to dive into the heart of the Thousand and One Nights

If you've ever watched the Aladdin movie, you can't help but be won over by the musical! The latter is as magical as the movie and it includes all the famous objects of the latter like the famous flying carpet!

During the show, the costumes will not fail to amaze you either and the incredible sets will immerse you in the atmosphere of the Thousand and One Nights. The colors or even the materials recall this atmosphere and will allow you to escape for a few hours! And if you are not surprised by the sets and disguises, it will probably be thanks to the Genie 😉

The musical also takes up the hit songs like Prince Ali or A Whole New World.

By attending the performance of Aladdin on Broadway, you will therefore be immersed in the heart of this great classic suitable for young and old alike!

Aladdin Broadway: where to buy tickets to attend the performance?

Aladdin is a highly coveted show; it is therefore advisable to buy tickets in advance to be sure of having a seat. For this, the best option remains the online purchase on the site (I use this site personally). In addition to being in French, the prices applied are very affordable and the performance dates as well as the times are clearly highlighted; which facilitates research.

Did you choose the day to go see your show? All you have to do is click on "buy ticket", choose the area where you want to be placed in the room, the number of tickets and order them. The procedure is therefore simple enough !

See show dates for Aladdin

If online shopping is still the best way to order tickets for Aladdin, you can also order them. buy at a TKTS stand directly to New York. The show tickets offered are sold -40%, even -50% cheaper and correspond to unsold items. On the other hand, don't forget that Aladdin is a very popular show that draws a large crowd. It is therefore almost always full and finding a ticket is quite rare. But if you want to try your luck, here are the addresses of the TKTS stands where you can buy your entrance ticket:

  • Times Square (Father Duffy Square, Broadway and 47th Street): open daily from 10 a.m. (except Sundays, it opens at 11 a.m.) for afternoon shows and at 15 p.m. (Tuesday 14 p.m.) for performances from evening.
  • South street seaport (corner of Front Street and John Street): open at 11 a.m.
  • Lincoln Center (at the David Rubenstein Atrium at 61 W 62nd Street): open at 12 noon.
  • Downtown Brooklyn (1 MetroTech Center): it opens at 11 a.m.

At Times Square TKTS, it is always very busy. It also opens later than the others. If you can, choose from the other three to avoid queuing.

Finally, the lottery is another solution to get his tickets for Aladdin. These tickets are sold at very attractive prices and are a real good plan! But the main disadvantage of the lottery is that the tickets are sold the day before or the day of the show ; so you cannot play a week before. Must wait.

With the lottery, you can also win two tickets, so it is a good solution if there are two of you, but if there are more of you, go for another purchasing alternative.

As for the price of tickets for the Aladdin show, this is 30$, which makes a nice reduction (for a ticket, you usually have to count more than $ 100). The lottery begins at 19 p.m. the day before the show.

Among these three solutions, personally I advise you to opt for the purchase on the Internet ; this is the best way to be sure to find tickets for the show.

See show dates for Aladdin

More info on the musical Aladdin on Broadway

The Aladdin show is played on the stage of the New Amsterdam Theatre located in the heart of Times Square (214 W 42nd Street):

The show lasts 2h25 about and the minimum age to see him is 6 years old.

Very good show and let yourself be transported into the universe of Thousand and One Nights to discover the story of Aladdin as you have never seen it!

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