Nathan's Famous: the best hot dogs in New York

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Lunch break at Nathan's Famous

Nathan's Famous is an American fast food chain specializing in the preparation and sale of hot dogs. there are many restaurants all over the united states. The first Nathan's Famous hot dog house opened in 1916, on Coney Island, in the borough of Brooklyn, New York. We owe this restaurant to Nathan Handwerker, a Jewish immigrant from Poland who never imagined that their hot dogs would become a true American tradition.

If all of Coney Island's attractions have whetted your appetite or if everything you had for breakfast didn't fill your stomach, take a trip to Nathan’s famous to taste the delicious hot dogs, they will surely be able to satisfy your small appetite.

Nathan's Famous hot dogs really have a flavor of their own that is totally different from others. For some, they are even the best hot dogs in New York.

When you go out of the metro, you will directly notice the establishment thanks to many signs with a yellow background. For my part, the poster on the competition for the number of hot dogs swallowed impressed me a little, when I think that I have trouble swallowing 3 or 4 hot dogs. 🙂


  • Hot dogs sold in supermarkets under Nathan's name don't have the same flavor at all, I guarantee that.
  • Nathan's Famous doesn't just make hot dogs, there are many menus, I haven't tried them but I'm sure you'll find what you are looking for if you're sick of hot dogs like my girlfriend.
  • Tradition has it that you soak the bread in water, which makes it easier to swallow hot dogs.
  • At Nathan's Famous you can find classic hot dogs with sauerkraut, ketchup, mayonnaise, a little cheese ...

For more information you can consult the Nathan's Famous website.

Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Prices

This fast food chain's hot dogs aren't the cheapest, but if you want to eat a bit of history then indulge yourself. Bread, a sausage and a good shot of mustard, for only 3 dollars, go for it !!!

Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Contest

Nathan's Famous is world famous as the organizer of the very famous international hot dog eating contest. Every year on July 4, you can go to the beach promenade to attend (or participate, if your stomach holds up) in this special but so fun event… The Competition will start as usual with the championship of women at 11:30 am, followed by the men's championship at 12:00 pm.

Where is Nathan's Famous?

Do not hesitate to take a walk in this temple of hot dogs located at 1310 Surf Avenue Coney Island, Brooklyn.

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