New York nightclub: the best places to go out

The Marquee, for all tastes

First of all, there's Marquee. This club is one of the most famous of the big apple, and for good reason: it offers a huge choice of music to seduce everyone. Thus, the different musical styles are distributed in several rooms with the program of R&B, techno, rap or even house.

Do not hesitate to walk from room to room to vary the pleasures!

Huge and high ceiling, the Marquee even has a mezzanine, which will allow you to contemplate the entire club from above.

Note that the Marquee welcomes DJs from Thursday to Saturday from 22 p.m. and until 4 a.m. Entrance will cost you between $ 5 and $ 20 about.

This is really an unmissable address, especially if you are a large group of friends and have different musical tastes. But be careful not to lose sight of you!

To get there, you can take the C or E lines to 23rd Street, then walk to 289 10th Avenue.

The Provocateur, the hyper-trendy

The Provocateur is undoubtedly one of the hippest places in the Big Apple and it is actually rather difficult to enter.

The public? A large majority of wealthy young workers, even famous. So make a dress effort if you want to walk through the door!

Once inside, admire the luxurious place and especially the interior terrace. The latter particularly appealed to me. Indeed, what better way to rest for a few moments between two fiery dances?

To get to the Provocateur, go to the Meatpacking district, at number 18, 9th Avenue.

The Bath, for the panoramic view

I had already told you about the Bath when I mentioned New York rooftops. Having said that, it is such an institution that I must mention it again.

Located at the top of The Standard hotel, the Bain offers varied evenings on electro notes, and a gay party on Thursday. The atmosphere is classy while being relaxed and pleasant.

Once at the top, take the opportunity to admire the breathtaking views of all of New York, or even bathe you in the bath, precisely!

In my opinion, the Bath is to be done at least once during your stay in New York. So meet at 848 Washington Street, you won't be disappointed!

Do not hesitate to consult the Bain's Facebook page to keep you informed of upcoming evenings and events.

Le Lavo, after a luxurious dinner

Located below the Italian restaurant of the same name, at 39 East 58th Street, Lavo is a typical New York club. Very trendy and frequented by an audience rather young, this nightclub is very lively. His prices are rather high, but the place is worth it.

For the occasion, do not hesitate to dress extravagantly (while remaining classy). Indeed, we sometimes have the impression that the place looks like a real fashion show !

The good plan? Dinner at the restaurant du Lavo just before: the latter offers refined dishes including lobster, and a fine selection of Champagne… Enough to spend a very pleasant evening!

Find out in advance about the planned evenings: the Lavo regularly hosts big names in electro!

L'Avenue: for hip hop lovers

At 116 10th Avenue is this New York nightclub which offers a very classy and subdued, the Avenue. Take care of your outfit to ensure entry, and then enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. Parquet, furniture luxurious and comfortable, you will be comfortable there very quickly!

The type of music? Rather house or hip hop, and very nice. It is also a popular place for some celebrities ... Keep your eyes open!

The Cielo: the great must-have

Open for ten years, Cielo is a benchmark in terms of electronic club. While getting in can be difficult at times and not a huge box, it is definitely worth it. It's one of my favorite clubs in town. And I'm not the only one: the Cielo got the price of best club in the world in 2005, 2006 and 2008! A must, therefore.

If you are looking to have a nightclub in New York City, Cielo is a place that is sure to blow your mind. You will listen several types of music, and enjoy pleasant benches and a rather classy decoration. The average age is around 25 35-years and the audience is varied.

Do you like it? So do not hesitate to consult its website to inform you of the next planned evenings. Indeed, each evening offers a different type of evening.

Located in the Meatpacking District, you can get there by taking line A, C, or E to 14th Street, or up to 8th Avenue if you take line L. Then walk to 18 Little West 12th Street.

Count between 10 and 20 $ for entry, and between $ 9 and $ 12 for drinks.

The Griffin: lounge and luxury

You are a lover of luxurious places to perfection, or better, you are a fan of Gossip Girl ? Go for the Griffin. The first time I walked in, its huge chandeliers and large old sofas amazed me. Parquet, candlesticks, moldings on the columns… Everything is there to make you pass for a prince.

The atmosphere is there rather lounge at the beginning of the evening, which is not unpleasant, before slipping more time ahead. You may even find yourself there dance on the tables ! And you won't be alone.

Le Pink, for house music fans

New York nightclub very trendy, the Pink (formerly the Pink Elephant) offers house and good DJs. The place attracts everyone from the local to the tourist to the celebrities.

The entrance is there sometimes difficult depending on the evenings offered, but not impossible! Once inside you will enjoy a beautiful place and undoubtedly have a very fun evening.

To get there, take the C or E line and stop at 23rd Street or Penn Station, before continuing a bit to 527 West 27th Street.

The Sounds of Brazil, for a Latin evening

You are quite latin music and are you looking for THE nightclub in New York that will satisfy you? See you at Sounds of Brazil, or SOB for close friends!

You can dine there while enjoying a show, and taste delicious exotic cocktails. After the meal, get up and dance to the rhythm of salsa, reggae, samba or Indian music.

If you like the place, I even advise you to go there on Friday at 19 p.m. to enjoy a free dance class or on Sunday to taste a succulent brunch «Bossa Nova».

New York nightclub: practical tips

Now you have a few ideas that should help you choose a nightclub in New York. Now here are some tips to optimize your night out and have worry-free fun.

First of all, never forget your ID card. As I already mentioned in the blog, no need to present your French driving license at the entrance, you will be refused most of the time. Also leave your passport in a safe place (hotel safe) and prefer to have your identity card.

You must of course have over 21 years in order to go to nightclubs in New York and consume alcohol in a bar, or buy it in the supermarket.

Then, as in most nightclubs in general, avoid groups too large, at the risk of being refused entry. If you are with a lot of friends, prefer to split up into several small mixed groups to facilitate entry.

If you are among girls, you can also try to come to a nightclub with a sponsor, which will ensure you a crazy evening at a lower cost!

Also remember to always take care of your outfit and behavior, and don't arrive too late, a little before midnight. This will avoid long queues or even a crowded place.

Are you ready to ignite the dance floor? Perfect. Have fun and do not hesitate to try out several nightclubs to vary the pleasures. However, do not forget: alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health! And then it would be a shame to end your night in police custody, right?

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