New York State: guide to this state in the northeastern United States

History of New York State

In 1609, Henry Hudson's exploration along the Hudson River prompted the Dutch East India Company to establish Fort Nassau and Fort Orange near the town of Albany. These as well as the Connecticut River counter merged with New Amsterdam created in 1826 on what is now Battery Park in Manhattan.

During the War of Independence, the British withdrew to New York and in 1788, New York ratified the American Constitution and joined the Union.

Along the Hudson River, agricultural estates were developed by wealthy settlers. The population of New York also increased during the century.

In 1797, the capital of the state of New York passed from Kingston to Albany because of its historical prestige. Albany was also a heavily populated city (in 1810 it was the tenth most populous city in the country with over 10 inhabitants). In addition, thanks to the boring of the Erie Canal (this allowed navigation on the Great Lakes (lakes located near the border between the USA in North America and Canada) and therefore reduced transport costs), New York State experienced rapid development.

Want to learn more about New York's past? Here is its history from 1524 to the present day.


The state of New York covers 128 km² and is divided into 62 counties. It is home to the famous city of New York, the most populous city in the USA. As noted, the capital of this state has been Albany since 1797; an allocation due to the prestige of the city, but also:

  • To its geographical location : Albany occupies a strategic position in central New York State. It is also at the crossroads of major highways and on the Hudson River, the port of Albany is the last port on which large boats from the Atlantic Ocean can access.
  • Formerly, Albany was a city just as important as New York. It was also one of the most populous cities in America and the development of trade gave it great importance. Since then, the number of inhabitants in New York has increased, the city has grown considerably and has overtaken Albany.

What to do in New York State?

The state of New York has a multitude of activities and sites with magnificent landscapes in store for you. Here is an overview of the main places to discover.

New York, the essential

Of course, you can visit New York and its countless must-see places. Among them ? Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, One World Trade Center or even Rockefeller Center. Do not miss a stroll in the city's parks either: Central Park, Battery Park or even Bryant Park are ideal places to relax and get some fresh air in the middle of the Big Apple. Do not forget to visit the museums of the city: Metropolitan Museum of Art, museum of natural history… and to attend a musical on Broadway.

So during your stopover in New York, you will never be bored. Renowned as the city that never sleeps, Big Apple will amaze you! And if you want to discover all the facets of New York, know that this city is divided into five unique main districts !

Other unmissable places not to be missed

Buffalo is the second largest city in the state of New York. Located on the shores of Lake Erie, you can visit the Buffalo Museum of Science, a science museum and discover the Buffalo City Hall, an office skyscraper in the Art Deco style.

In upstate New York you will find the Hudson Valley and its beautiful area. Along the Hudson River you will spot some pretty picturesque villages (you can access them from Grand Central Station in Manhattan). Among the cultural places to visit, there is the Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site, the president's residence transformed into a museum.

South of Albany and north of New York, you can also discover the mountains Catskill, a relief region renowned for its ski resorts.

During your trip to New York State, also take the road that leads to Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls) whose reputation is well established. The landscapes are simply breathtaking.

In northeast New York state, the monts Adirondacks are a massif of crystalline rocks which will delight all hikers.

- Finger Lakes (a collection of elongated lakes of glacial origin) are also among the attractive places of the state of New York.

Finally, the city of Rochester also deserves a short stop. To the southwest, the waterfalls and cliffs surrounding the Letchworth State Park (also nicknamed the "Grand Canyon of the East") are sure to amaze you.

This list of activities is of course incomplete. The state of New York concentrates many other interesting cities which reserve nice surprises for their visitors!

What are the main festivals in this state?

Throughout the year, New York State is also punctuated by many festivities. There is in particular the parade of Saint-Patrick or the Veterans Day, a commemorative day during which a parade takes place in New York. Rochester's Lilac Festival in Rochester is also a flagship event in New York State. During this festival, many concerts are organized.

You now have everything in hand to discover New York State and its wonders!

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