Niketown in New York: the place to be for all sportswear enthusiasts!

Brief history of the Nike brand

Created in 1971, the Nike brand is specialized in sporting goods (clothing, shoes and materials). Its founders are William J. “Bill” Bowerman (American businessman and sports trainer) and Philip Knight, who became the brand's general manager in 2006.

The Nike brand has ensured its notoriety thanks to its easily recognizable logo: the swoosh, a comma upside down and positioned horizontally. The latter was created in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson, an American graphic designer. But why this logo? Because this one is a representation of the wing of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory able to move at high speed and whose name Nike draws its inspiration. As for the slogan, everyone knows it: Just Do It (do it in French).

Good to know: today, Nike is the largest sports equipment supplier of the world.

Niketown in New York: a tall department store

The Niketown in New York is a huge store consisting of five floors (ground floor included) all specialized in a particular sport:

  • The ground floor is dedicated to: Men's Golf, Tennis and Women's Tennis. On this floor, product presentations also take place.
  • The first floor specializes in: Men's Soccer (European football items can be found), Baby, Jordan, Men's Athletic Training and Team Sport.
  • On the second floor, you will find articles dedicated to: Nike Running Club, Men's Running and Women's Running.
  • On the third floor, products for Women's training and Kids can be found.
  • The fourth floor is dedicated to Men's Nike Sportswear, Women Nike Sportswear and NikeID Studio.

On all floors you will find a multitude of different items and at the last level in the NikeID Studio department you will have the opportunity to customize your sneakers ! You will be able to customize the design of your shoes as you see fit: color of the sole, fabric, tongue, you can choose what you prefer! And to go further in personalization, you can even add an inscription (first name, preferred number…). Everything is achievable on your sneakers!

What to find at the Nike store in NYC?

It's simple : any ! In fact, at the Niketown store, you will find all sports articles: from running sneakers to baby shoes, football t-shirts and custom sneakers, you will have a wide choice!

An attractive store in terms of price?

In addition to the choice, you can enjoy interesting prices. On average, it takes several tens of dollars for a jogging or even a sweatshirt.

At Niketown, you can treat yourself and give a nice gift to the most athletic people around you!

And if you don't want to buy, do not hesitate to take a tour anyway ! You will be surprised by the vastness of the store and gain a better understanding of the Nike phenomenon in New York. Indeed, in NYC sportswear occupies an important place; sneakers and jogging are a real fashion and it is common to see New Yorkers wearing beautiful Nike sneakers 🙂

Practical information for a successful Niketown visit

The New York Nike store is huge and if you're worried about getting lost between floors, fear not! A Description is visible at each level to help you get your bearings.

As you might expect, the Niketown Store is popular, especially on weekends. If you are planning to go on a Saturday or Sunday, then be prepared for the crowds!

Good to know: the Nike brand organizes several times a week Nike Running Sessions which are free sports sessions taking place on the streets of Manhattan. Anyone can participate, regardless of their level of sport and to support them, coaches are there (all the information on this event is in this article)!

Nike Store opening hours and address

The Niketown store in New York is open every day : 11 p.m. to 20 a.m. Monday to Saturday and 11 p.m. to 19 a.m. Sunday.

The latter is located in front of the Louis Vuitton store on 57th Street not far from Fifth Avenue. So you will find it easily!

Its full address is: 6 E 57th St, New York, NY 10022:

After discovering the Nike store, do not hesitate to walk the Fifth Avenue ! Other stores await you such as the Apple Store and some iconic monuments such as the Flatiron Building deserve to be photographed (go here to learn all about this atypical building).

A little trip to Niketown in New York is therefore to be expected, even if you have nothing to buy. You will live a pleasant experience there and you will discover an incredible store!

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