The best gluten-free restaurants in Barcelona + tips

The doorman at the building I work in doesn't usually have much conversation other than the weather, but one day he looked at me and said.... "You don't have any gluten-free tips on your blog!"

What surprised me was when I came downstairs later that day: I had prepared a little note with a list of The best gluten-free restaurants in Barcelona.

And so another post was born, sorted by type of restaurant.

Spanish and Mediterranean gluten-free restaurants

Gluten free

Restaurant Gut

Neighborhood: Gracia : Carrer del Perill, 13 : Métro: Diagonal (L3/L5) : Site Internet

Opening hours: Opens at 13:00


1301 Reviews

With 90% of its Mediterranean menu with Asian influences completely gluten-free, you'll be spoilt for choice at this charming, modern restaurant.

The grilled octopus in cod brandade or eggplant and quinoa burger are a good start. They have excellent vegetarian options, although carnivores won't be disappointed.

the Mussol

€ : Most neighborhoods : Most neighborhoods : Several locations : Internet site

This very popular Catalan restaurant chain is known for its local classics such as croquettes, salted cod and quality grilled meat dishes that stay true to local tradition.

They are true pioneers of the gluten-free scene in Barcelona, offering since 2012 a completely gluten-free menu, with more than 30 dishes ranging from starters to dessert.

Xàtiva rice field

Quartier: Gracia : Torrent d'en Vidalet, 26 : Métro: Fontana (L3) : site Internet

The menu for people sensitive to allergens of one of the best "arroceros" in Barcelona will allow you to enjoy top quality Spanish cuisine without worries. I've even heard of cooking at the gluten-free bread place.

From authentic gluten free paella to the famous variety hastaeltintade calamar.

the Moon

$$ - $$$$ : Zona: Gótica : Calle Santa Anna 20 : Metro: Urquinaona (various) : Internet Site

What's so strange about this? A traditional Spanish restaurant thatonly became a gluten-free restaurant about 10 years ago. Why? The restaurant is located near theCeliac Associationof Catalonia and the clientele has pushed it that way.

Gluten-free bread and gluten-free beer are just the beginning. What you will like here is the 3-course specials menu, good value for money, full of gluten. The veal carpaccio is divine and the gluten-free brownies are the icing on the cake.

The small spotlight

€€ | Zona: Hospital San Pau | Dos de Mayo 268 | Metro: Encants (L2) | Sitio de Internet

A classic pizzeria with a touch of originality. Here you can enjoy a gluten-free pizza because the dough is made of rice flour and potato starch (for non-celiacs, they also have a traditional dough).

Also perfect for gluten-free pasta and some good quality gluten-free desserts. One of the advantages of this restaurant is that it is located near the famous Sagrada Familia.

Gluten free tapas


Quartier: Born : Calle Montcada 29 : Métro: Jaume I (L4) : site Internet

From classic Spanish tapas to more modern. Barcelonians go crazy in front of this tapas restaurant located a stone's throw from the Picasso Museum.

The servers here are ready to help you navigate a menu full of gluten-free tapas options. Get them veal cheeks or Iberian pork ribs Miel.

Floor level

Quartier : Gotique : Rue Palau 5 : Métro : Liceo (L4) : site Internet

This tapas restaurant has all the options: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, organic, locavore. Who says you can't have a real Spanish tapas night?

You'll find gluten-free bread and two varieties of gluten-free beer. They even note how far the products have traveled to get to your plate.

Gluten-free breakfast, sandwiches and pastries.

Copasetic Barcelona

: Quartier: Eixample : Calle Diputación 55 : Métro: Rocafort (L1) : site Internet

Who better to trust than the celiac restaurateur himself? The gluten-free pancakes, crepes and burgers offered here are perhaps as good as their gluten-filled counterparts.

The fruit smoothies and almond milk are also the center of attention. A great place to eat gluten-free in Barcelona, but also the best choice in town for hangover-fighting cocktails.

Amiette Gluten Free Bakery

Quartier: San Antonio : Calle de Calabria 65 : Métro: Rocafort (L1) : site Internet

A bakery Bakery as we love them so much with more being 100% gluten free, enough to offer you a very gourmet breakfast.

A few steps from the Plaça d'Espanya, the Magic Fountain and Montjuic, this place will delight everyone with its great choice of breads, pastries, churros and cakes of all kinds ?


? Neighborhood: Raval : Barbera 24 : Metro: Drassanes (L3) ?

This delicious place is located a few steps from La Rambla. This trendy place, famous for its gluten-free breakfast or brunch, aims to take consumers on a trip around the world using tropical ingredients.

Highlights include the acai bowl and the delicious colorful smoothies with dragon fruit.

Gula Sana

: Quartier: Eixample : Calle Diputación 361 : Métro: Tetuán (L2) : site Internet

Whether you want a snack with tea or coffee or a full gluten-free meal, this café that doesn't look like much on the outside really packs a punch.

It's known for fooling non-celiacs with its indistinguishable cookies, pastries and baguettes.

There is also the option to sample classic Spanish dishes such as croquetas (a ball of quality mashed potato chips) and patatas bravas. Some readers have raved about their eggs Benedict.

Bland food and boring presentation? Not here!

Gluten-free ethnic restaurants

Monster sushi

: Quartier: Gracia : Plaza de Gala Placidia 25 : Métro: Fontana (L4) : site Internet

This modern sushi restaurant with a Latin twist is one of the best restaurants in Barcelona even before tackling the menu that includes 30 gluten-free options. Here you will find some of the freshest fish.

Get all your typical nigiri combos and some creative rolls, as well as delicious cooked dishes like ceviche or grilled fillete.

Outside China

: District: Eixample : Carrer Muntaner 100 : Metro: Clínica hospitalaria (L5) : Web site

Stop by the Xian Warrior guarding the entrance of this restaurant and step into one of the best Chinese food experiences in Barcelona: gluten-free!

Whether it's Chinese dumplings, fried rice or pork with sweet and sour sauce, you won't miss any of the traditional Chinese menus.

Tips for eating gluten-free in Barcelona

To begin with, I want to give you a very important phrase: I can only eat gluten-free dishes.

It means "I can only eat gluten-free dishes". By notifying your server in advance, you will avoid any problems.


You'll be happy to know that the largest supermarket chain in Barcelona, Mercadona, offers a full line of gluten-free products, from pizzas to chicken nuggets, etc. If you've decided to rent an apartment and cook for yourself, this is the place for you.

Most other supermarket chains will also sell gluten-free products from the brand. Dr. Schaer's.

Your best bet for a gluten-free supermarket is the organic supermarket chain called Veritas: there are about a dozen in Barcelona, in virtually every neighborhood.

Gluten-free Spanish dishes

The good news is that celiacs already have natural culinary allies in Spanish cuisine. In Barcelona's best restaurants you can find many dishes that are naturally gluten-free.

  • Paella (a rice dish with seafood or meat).
  • Tortilla de patatas (a hearty type of omelette with potatoes and eggs).
  • Patatas bravas (fried potatoes with spicy sauce).
  • Pulpo a la gallega (boiled octopus with potatoes, paprika and sea salt).
  • Escalivada (cod and roasted vegetables).
  • Boquerones (anchovies marinated in vinegar).
  • Jamón serrano (classic Spanish prosciutto).

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