The new Statue of Liberty Museum has been inaugurated!

New Museum of the Statue of Liberty: a place rich in discoveries

Housed in a futuristic building west of Liberty Island, the new Museum of the Statue of Liberty covers 2 m400 and revolves around three rooms. In the first, you will access an immersive theater where a visual experience lasting ten minutes awaits you. This introduction will take you inside the monument.

The second room (the Engagement Gallery) invites you to dive into the workshop of Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, the one who built the Statue. During this immersion, you will discover all the stages in the creation of the famous monument through photos and objects.

In the third room (the Inspiration Gallery), you will be invited to participate in a multimedia workshop in order to share your own perception of freedom. You can also create your self-portrait and add it to the participatory mosaic nicknamed "Becoming Liberty".

Your visit will end with a historical symbol: the original flame of the Statue (after being erected for 100 years, it was dismantled and replaced).

Bonus of the visit: access to the museum roof which offers a panoramic view of the Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor and the famous Manhattan skyline.

How to visit this new museum?

The new Statue of Liberty Museum was built at the tip of Liberty Island near the monument. This new building with large bay windows and surrounded by a garden was built to welcome more and more visitors. Indeed, the Statue of Liberty receives more than 4,5 million tourists per year. However, not everyone can enter the pedestal of the Statue, which until now housed the Museum of the Statue of Liberty.

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To visit the new museum dedicated to "Miss Liberty", you must take the ferry to Liberty Island. Once you arrive, the museum will be on your left (and the Statue on your right). The entrance is included in the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island ticket. You do not need to reserve your entry.

Do you have the New York Pass, New York City Pass or New York City Explorer Pass? The entrance is also included in that for the Statue.

And here. All you have to do is plan a visit to this new museum to discover everything about this famous Statue of Liberty!

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