Top 10 New York Parks

New York Parks: our top 10 for a quick getaway

1- Central Park

The first New York park in our top 10 could not be other than Central Park, Manhattan's green lung, very popular with locals and tourists! This green space of 341 hectares is located in the heart of the city and offers its visitors multiple activities in order to have a good time, and this, at any time of the year: a cycle path for cycling, rollerblading, running, an ice rink from October to March, a lake for a short ride. boat ... During your stay in this park, do not forget to explore the Central Park zoo, the Sheep Meadow (a famous green lawn), the Belvedere Castle and explore the flora and fauna of the place. .

Central Park is also an ideal place for picnic. If you like to take photos, the park also offers magnificent views !

2- Bryant Park

Here is another must-see park in New York: Bryant Park. Also located in the borough of Manhattan, this green space is a calm place that calls for rest and conviviality. This small French-style garden is also an ideal place to relax while admiring the buildings all around. Popular with locals and tourists alike, Bryant Park is also a great place to read. Moreover, do not hesitate to go to the New York Public Library or Bryant Park reading room located nearby to borrow books.

If you wish, you can also have a picnic and / or enjoy the numerous installations at your disposal: ping-pong tables, pétanque grounds, chess tables ... Whatever the time of year, you will always find something to do! Television Bryant Park Summer Film Festival offers you to watch movies outdoors.

3- The High Line

This is New York's third park in our top 10: the High Line, located in the Chelsea district. This old railway rehabilitated as a green promenade is located at 10 meters high and spans 2.3 kilometers. Redesigned in an industrial style, the High Line is adorned with sculptures and gardens and has picnic areas, benches, restaurants ...

From the High Line, you will also have the chance to contemplate magnificent views, observe the plants and birds that are there or even relax on one of the deckchairs in the sun.

Delivery charges free and paid activities are also offered: guided tours, town planning courses and many more!

4- Prospect Park

Central Park landscaper Frederick Law Olmsted also left his mark in Prospect Park, a 213 hectare green space located in the district of Brooklyn.

This park is very popular with locals who flock to enjoy Long meadow, a very large meadow, with bandstand and quiet woods. In Prospect Park, adults and children alike can to entertain thanks to the play areas installed, baseball fields, paths dedicated to hiking, cycle paths ... During your stroll in the park, you can also find a zoo, an observation post to watch birds, a carousel and an ice rink open in winter.

If you are hungry, you can either have a picnic or eat in one of the open restaurants or snacks.

5- Battery Park

Here's another interesting New York park: Battery Park located on the southern tip of Manhattan. Covering an area of ​​10 hectares, this park is convivial and very popular.

Delivery charges landscaped gardens are offered throughout the park and restaurants are located to restore you. From Battery Park, you can also enjoy views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the water. This green space is also the starting point for ferries to Liberty Island.

6- Brooklyn Bridge Park

Considered a romantic place, the Brooklyn Bridge Park is located next to the Brooklyn Bridge. This green space has an area of 34 hectares and represents the ideal place to rest away from the urban bustle while contemplating the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan or the Brooklyn Bridge. This green space is divided into 11 parts : Piers 1-6, Fulton Ferry Landing, Brooklyn Bridge Plaza, Empire Fulton Ferry and Main Street John.

In Brooklyn Bridge Park, you can find many playgrounds in the 11 sections of the park. All are equipped with facilities for children to have fun: swings, sandboxes… A carousel is also present.

If you want to do a workout, Brooklyn Bridge Park also offers sports grounds and tracks for cycling, walking ... Finally, you can find restaurants, picnic areas, barbecues.

7- Pelham Bay Park

Pelham bay park… This is New York's largest park (three times the size of Central Park)! It is located north of the Bronx district and has many sports grounds: basketball court, petanque, baseball, tennis, handball ... Play areas are also installed for children.

In Pelham Bay Park, you will also have the possibility of kayaking and visiting the Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum where you can discover historic houses.

This huge green space is also an ideal place for picnic. You can also find snacks and barbecues.

8- Hudson River Park

With its 223 hectares, theHudson river park is the second largest park in Manhattan. This green space is an interesting place to rest and stroll. From here, you can spot the Statue of Liberty, the Hudson River and New Jersey.

This park is also ideal for have fun with family or friends thanks to the various cycle paths, multiple fields and playgrounds available. The Hudson River Park is full of flowers and restaurants and cafes are open for dining.

This park stretches from Battery Park to 59th Street.

9- Flushing Meadows Corona Park

In the district of Queens, the Flushing Meadows Corona Park is an interesting urban park in terms of size (5.08 km²) and facilities. During your walk, you will also be surprised by the incredible constructions, including its immense Unisphère from a height of 42.7 meters! You can also find the Queens Museum of Art, a lake, a zoo, picnic areas, barbecues and many other facilities!

Other assets of this park: it contains the City Fields, home of the Mets-Willets baseball team and is located near theUSTA National Tennis Center (which hosts the US Open tennis tournament every year). In Flushing Meadows Corona Park, sports enthusiasts will be delighted!

10- Inwood Hill Park

THEInwood hill park lies north of Manhattan Island and spans 79 hectares. Some parts of the park have been left to thewild state and have not undergone any transformation for several hundred years. Keep your eyes peeled, because great surprises await you! You will be able to walk in the ultimate natural forest of the island and admire the grandiose landscapes formed by caves and cliffs.

A Inwood Hill Park, la modernity has not, however, been excluded: playgrounds, sports, picnic areas and barbecues have also been installed.

This list of parks is of course incomplete. Other green spaces like Washington Square Park, Madison Square Park or even Riverside Park are worth a look!

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