Trekking in Mondolkiri, visit and where to sleep in Mondolkiri

Do you want visit Mondulkiri (Mondol Kiri or Mondulkiri, is it the same) in 3 days? Go trekking in Mondolkiri? You want to know Where to stay in Mondolkiri? In this article I will tell you everything you need to know to discover the largest province in eastern Cambodia, very close to the border with Vietnam.

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  • A little history of Mondulkiri, for your good :)
  • Where to go hiking in Mondulkiri ?
  • What to visit in Mondolkiri ? Do you see waterfalls, elephants?
  • Where to sleep in Mondolkiri ?
  • How to get to Mondolkiri from Phnom Penh? With GoogleMaps to facilitate your planning :)
  • How to get around Mondolkiri

1) The history of the province of Mondolkiri

Let's talk a little about the Mondulkiri region, which is the largest province in Cambodia, located on the border with Vietnam.

A few years ago reaching the Mondulkiri region was difficult and even very dangerous, it took us a minimum of 2 days to get there, we called it “the road of death”. Today we can reach this province in just 3 hours and continuing by road.

In this province, nature is preserved to the maximum, which makes it the wildest region in Cambodia. This place is little known and, therefore, little visited.

Therefore, the province is mainly inhabited by indigenous minority ethnic groups (Phnong, Bunong Kraol, Stieng).

The animal muse is the elephant, it represents its culture: elephants are trained. It is suggested that tourists walk them, some are against it, like me, others are in favor, it is quite subjective! What is impressive, however, is that it is possible to bathe with them, feed them and many other things. Incredible experience!

The most popular place is Sen Monorom, it is the only village in the region, which is why it is considered the capital of Mondulkiri. Around, there are only small villages very sparsely populated. to enlarge this GoogleMap - Mondolkiri Province

2) Reservar Trekking en Mondolkiri

In 2 or 3 days (more exactly 3 nights), we will say that you have the opportunity to discover the needs of the Mondulkiri region. It is up to you to see and assess their level of curiosity and adventure :)

  • Trekking in Mondolkiri

It was with a friend that I went to visit Mondolkiri, we did one of the wildest trekkings in Mondolkiri. Before heading out to explore this region, I advise you to put on good shoes and be in good physical shape, welcome to the jungle!

Don't panic, it is still possible to choose the level of trekking in Mondulkiri, from easiest to hardest (note that simplest is still a sporty minimum).

We went with a group of French, we had chosen the difficult route, so they served us!

The most important thing when you are in a group is to force ourselves to constantly motivate each other: what satisfaction to see other tourists asking to return halfway through the tour while we are holding on!

What satisfaction once the trip is over! It was one of the best experiences I had in Asia, after the Green House when I visited Kampot, of course.

As you can see in the photo above, we had brought a Cambodian guide to accompany us on the grand tour.

Fortunately it was there! We spent one night in hammocks with a resident, in a town that had just been connected to electricity only 2 months earlier.

I've never laughed so hard playing Rambo in the jungle, it was super realistic!

My goal is not to make you dream unnecessarily, so I might as well tell you that I have never moaned so much against slippery floors, against cold washing water or against roosters that crow at 4 in the morning ... but this does not detract from the beauty of the experience.

At least during this trip, I had time to rethink my life while looking at the stars (thanks the rooster)! In short, 2 days out of time to refocus, discover and rediscover yourself. It was still very nice.

If you have a little more time than 2 or 3 days, or if trekking just doesn't excite you, you have other options to rinse your eyes well.

  • The Green house-bar para reservar tu Trekking en Mondolkiri

When I went, the place was called Green House Bar, but today I feel like it has changed its name to “Scooter Rental @ Bamboo Cafe Patio”.

This is where you can reserve you Trekking en Mondolkire! para ampliar in GoogleMap - Green House Bar - Mondulkiri Trekking:

3) Visit Mondulkiri in 2 or 3 days

  • Mondulkiri waterfall

The Bousra waterfalls are by far the most famous and beautiful in Mondulkiri. They are located at the foot of Doh Kramom Mountain, in the Pich Chenda district. They are located about forty kilometers from Sen Moronom, so why not rent a scooter or motorcycle to take full advantage of the scenic beauty.

This place is perfect for swimming and having a picnic in nature! How about we go visit this waterfall?

To begin with, you will have to take the red dirt roads, but then you will not have to think about vertigo or you will have to force yourself not to think about it.

You can visit it yourself, to enjoy the beautiful air, but you can also see it from above! There are many services that offer zip line rides.

For example, Mayura Zipline Park (for more information) is seeing its zip line attraction become one of the most popular in the area, for a reasonable price of $ 45! And they are worth it, believe me!

  • The Elephant Valley (EVP)

Do you like animals and discovering elephants attracts you? If so, I advise you to participate in the "Elephant Valley Project" (click to discover the official site).

It is a very popular activity with tourism, it consists of being in direct contact with 10 elephants in captivity. Thus, you discover their natural habitat and show some support to the local people who care for them.

These are formerly domesticated elephants that you will meet, they have been provided with a natural habitat to ensure their well-being and are now respected.

To participate in this experience, you must go to the Elephant Valley Project store located in the city of Sen Monorom, the exact address is not indicated but you will find it in the GoogleMap - Elephant Valley Project store Mondolkiri below. (you can enlarge the image by clicking on the link)

The visit lasts one day. At 7:30 am, you leave the store in a ten-person van that takes you to the heights of Sen Monorom, where the valley is. The guide will gradually take you to the world of elephants, whom you will meet while they carry out their activities (eating, washing, etc.).

Before being reunited thanks to this project, the elephants were domesticated, so they are not afraid of visitors, but a word of advice, do not make any rough gestures! Anyway, you will feel very small in front of this robust animal, so make sure you do not irritate it, otherwise it could step on it ^^

The return is at 17 pm, the van will leave you at the store. A brunch is included in the price, as is a round trip by van.

Let's tackle the sore point: price. The visit costs $ 95, it is quite expensive but let's just say that it is not possible to do this experience every day! In my opinion, it's worth it!

Brunch is included in the price, as are trips by van. Elephants are only found in captivity in Asia and Africa, so unless you live there or go often, this experience is by far one of the best in the region.

4) Where to sleep in the Mondulkiri region

  • Where to stay in Mondolkiri?

It is important to note that to sleep in Mondolkiri, it is better to be in Sen Monorom, otherwise you will find yourself sleeping with the elephants, but you are not Mowgli. To be honest… hotel wise, it is not Las Vegas, we are here to walk in the jungle. The beach and the coconut trees were in Sihanoukville.

Although you have some that are still not bad. Let's look at this together, but know that you must stay in this area:

  • Pension Aguacate

This is the hotel I stayed in, and I found it downright comfortable and enjoyable. The owners are extremely friendly and helpful. They offer various activities in addition to trekking, cash!

The Avocado Guesthouse hotel and restaurant is located one block from the Elephant Valley Project boutique, that is, in the "city center" of Sen Monorom. Therefore, it is easily accessible on foot - practical! It offers a catering service, but therefore leaves the possibility to explore the surroundings to discover the local restaurants (and there are many!).

Its proximity to the city center is the reason this hotel is taking the Sen Monorom (!

This city hotel offers spacious rooms with air conditioning or with a fan (hanging on the wall, yes, not common, but a fan anyway!), Free Wi-Fi and access to TV.

Although you do not stay in your room using them, if in your daily life you are used to using them frequently, this represents a little more compared to other hotels that are a bit more wild and natural.

Each room has a small living room, to sit and read, for example, a bathroom and a desk.

Here are the locations:

Like any hotel, the price depends on the desired comfort but in general and contrary to what we know, it is not excessively expensive, the prices are around € 13, or about $ 15. Adequate, right? Not to mention the fact that parking is free if you come by car!

Small plus for the hotel, it also offers a splendid view of the mountains, to enlarge this GoogleMap - Vue Hotel Avocado Guesthouse Mondolkiri Sen Monorom

I really recommend this hotel, it makes your stay in Mondulkiri more enjoyable thanks to its comfort comparable to other hotels in the area. :)

  • Where to sleep in Mondolkiri - Le Nature Lodge

If you have a car or have rented a scooter or motorcycle, I can only recommend this Nature Lodge hotel and restaurant (parking is free!). It is a 10-minute drive from Sen Monorom Bus Station.

Or, if you take this trip with an adventurous mind, know that only 2 km separate the hotel from the city center. Also, there is still a paid shuttle service that performs the trip.

However, it gives you access to intense relaxation, thanks to its sublime greenery and its proximity to refreshing springs. From your room, or from your bungalow, you will have a magnificent view of the mountains.

As in any hotel, the price varies according to the comfort you want. This hotel is known in the region for its excellent value for money, on average a night costs between (approximately) $ 10 and $ 15, or € 9 and 13. The catering service is appreciated by tourists, as is the quality of the welcome.

I have not stayed at this hotel, but I would recommend it. In this hotel you will not only enjoy the beauty of the surroundings, but also the calm character that the establishment offers.

  • Cerro Le Mayura

The Mayora Hill Resort, offers spacious bungalows, a very nice pool, a very friendly staff, in short it is a good address, to see!


Otherwise, you also have or TripAdvisor. Take a little time to compare, there are other hotels in Sen Monorom city. Do not hesitate to share your opinions and experiences!

5) How to get to Mondolkiri from Phnom Penh

A few hundred kilometers separate the two destinations, but don't panic, I have the solution for you!

  • Únase in Mondulkiri desde Phnom Penh

The provinces have installed an express bus (that is, a minibus) available for extreme travelers like you. Thus, in just a few hours, you can reach Sen Monorom, the trip takes 5 to 6 hours to be more precise.

Most buses leave in the morning, so you have the opportunity to admire the sunset from the first night and even to enjoy the afternoon, it all depends on the time you board. by bus!

The three main companies offering minibus services are located in the city. The fee is between $ 11 and $ 15. A smart little tip: consider withdrawing cash if you don't want to incur additional costs when paying by credit card;)

Here are the addresses of the companies in Phnom Penh, to expand this GoogleMap - Minibus Companies Phnom Penh to Mondolkiri:

  • TCT Mondulkiri Express (red pointer on map) - 168E Street 169, Phnom Penh
  • Kim Seng Express - 1 Rue 336 (detrás del Sokimex), Phnom Penh
  • Estación Virak Buntham Express Van - Rue 199, Phnom Penh

TCT Mondulkiri Express and Kim Seng Express have buses leaving Phnom Penh at 7:00 am and 13: 7 pm, and Virak Buntham Express at 00:13 am and 30: XNUMX pm The choice is yours now!

  • Get to Phnom Penh from Mondolkiri

As for Mondolkiri, the companies are closer together, to extend this GoogleMap - Mondolkiri Minibus Companies to Phnom Penh:

  • TCT Socheetaa Mondulkiri Express - in front of Sen Monorom market, near Prasac Bank, Sen Monorom, Mondolkiri
  • Kim Seng Express (branch of Mondulkiri) - ruta 76, cerca del banco Acleda, Sen Monorom, Mondolkiri
  • Oficina de Virak Buntham Mondulkiri - ruta 76, junto a Peace Cafe, Sen Monorom, Mondolkiri

If you plan to visit during the high season, I advise you to remember to book in advance, to ensure that you will have your place in the minibus you want to take.

The times to get to Phnom Penh from Mondolkiri are the same as in the hall, that is, 7:00 am and 13:00 pm for TCT Mondulkiri Express and Kim Seng Express, then 7:00 am and 13:30 pm for the Virak Buntham Express company.

To finish with our minibuses, they usually stop halfway to allow passengers to eat! Time to taste the specialties! If I can recommend a sandwich (over there, it's different from what we have here ^^), it's sticky rice and grated coconut cooked in bamboo, we call it “Kralan” (Or “Khao Iam”)! I found it delicious!

(For those who prefer it, they can also take the taxi, it seems quite expensive to me but for this trip you may pay between $ 80 and $ 100, and it will take about 5 hours. But be careful and try to plan your return with less than one day in advance ... unless you want to take the minibus, you can get information in the tuk tuk)

6) How to get around Mondolkiri

  • Getting around Mondolkiri

Smartly, I think the best way to enjoy and visit Mondulkiri is to rent a scooter or a motorcycle.

So you can enjoy the fresh air and especially move more! You can make a stop to admire an atypical landscape and especially outside of our urban habits. Ask at the reception of your hotel, it is always safer.


Well there you go, I think you have all the keys in hand to visit Mondulkiri - 2 or 3 days as it should be

Do not hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom of the page to give me your impressions, share a good address, a hotel, a bar ... Sharing is good;)

  • And you, what do you prefer to Mondolkiri or Sen Monorom?
  • Do you have an interesting address to share? A roadmap for Cambodia to share?
  • Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

See you soon!


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