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US plug vs European plug: what are the differences?

In France and the USA, the electrical outlets are therefore not the same. Indeed, instead of using plugs with round end and equipped with a voltage of 220 V, in America, you will have to resort to 110 V sockets with flat plugs. Newer sockets may also have a small round third rod.

To use your electrical appliances during your stay in New York (or in any other state), you will therefore need to plan a special United States power adapter.

Be careful though: check that your electrical devices support 110 V (indication given above). In general, they are compatible, but be sure to check to avoid a bad surprise.

Why buy an adapter for your stay in the United States?

If you have planned a trip to the USA, among the essentials to plan, an adapter should be mentioned on your checklist. And this detail is just as important as your ESTA application or the choice of a guide to New York. As explained before, the French and American plugs are different. If you forget an adapter, you will not be able to charge your electrical devices once there. If your phone, camera or other battery is empty, you cannot no longer use them during your stay. Which is rather a shame if you want to do some research and bring back as many photos as possible from your American adventure!

To avoid getting stuck and to use your devices as you see fit, an adapter is essential!

Where to buy an adapter?

You will easily find an adapter for electrical outlets. Before your departure, you will be able in particular to go to DIY stores like Castorama or Leroy Merlin. Otherwise, go directly toairport where you will find it too. Also on the internet, you will find outlet adapters at lower costs (on sites like Amazon, Ebay, etc.).

On the price side, adapters sold in DIY stores are inexpensive. Count a handful of euros (between 2 and 6 euros depending on the model). If you want to buy one at the airport, note that the price will be higher here.

And if you flew without your adapter in your luggage, don't panic. You will easily find one on the spot (in drugstores, for example).

Practical information for using your adapter

In some (recent) hotels, you will find a universal socket in the bathroom. Usually this indicates that it can only be used for a razor. But you can also use it to plug in your phone, for example.

In five-star hotels you can ask for an adapter directly at reception. In so-called economic establishments, this service is generally not offered.


If you plan to bring an adapter for your cell phone, one for your computer, and one for all your other electrical devices, forget about this idea. Just take an adapter and a French power strip. This will allow you to recharge everything at the same time!

So remember to bring an adapter to use your electrical devices in America!

As you may have seen, the American and French take is totally different. To use your electrical devices during your stay in America, you will therefore need to provide an adapter that will allow you to connect and recharge your various devices. If you forget it in your luggage, you can buy one on site, don't worry!

Besides an adapter,other elements are essential during his trip to the United States. To make sure you don't forget anything, check out the essentials list. This will allow you to fly to the USA with peace of mind and having in your suitcases all the necessary elements for your trip!

You now know everything about the American plug. All you have to do is go to a DIY store or a merchant site to find an adapter for a handful of euros. Thanks to this essential, you will fly to the United States with peace of mind without being afraid of running out of phone battery or other!

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