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  • What to see in Miami
  • Visiter Miami Beach, Coconut Groove et la Villa Vizcaya, Wynwood Art Distric, Little Havana
  • Where to find accommodation in Miami
  • Where to go out in Miami
  • Activities in Miami (boat, tourist bus, alligator ...). Otherwise, you can read my article “Miami Tourist Bus and Miami Boat Ride”.
  • See the surroundings of Miami, the Everglades, Biscayne Bay ...
  • Transfer to Downtown Miami from Miami MIA Airport

1) Visit Miami

Miami has 430 inhabitants and is the second most populous city in Florida. It is a great city in a privileged geographical environment.

For a 3- or 4-day stay, a guided tour of the track by bus, boat or even helicopter for the more motivated is an effective way to offer yourself a glimpse of the city and embrace the essential things to see. You can read my article "Miami Tourist Bus and Miami Boat Ride".

  • Visite Miami Beach

A bit secluded from Miami (Downtown) and linked by impressive bridges, Miami Beach (the large island to the right of the Google map below) is an island and a bit like a postcard of Miami, with its fine sand beaches, palm trees, clubs, VIPs, restaurants, entertainment.

Simply put, everything happens on Ocean Drive. to extend this GoogleMap - Visit Miami Beach:

But beyond the cliché of the sun, surf and sand dyed blingbling, it is discovering and not getting lost (this is also where I advise you to stay, I give you good directions a little further down in the 'article).

First of all, you won't escape the art deco district, which runs between 5th Street and 23rd Street, along Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue, and Washington Avenue.

It includes more than 800 architectural buildings protected from the 1930s and 1940s and restored in the 80s. On the verge of being demolished due to lack of interest and maintenance, it is to Barbara Baer Capitman that we owe the conservation and renovation of this art heritage. déco now under national protection.

The set offers a whole palette of pastel colors displayed throughout the buildings in the purest retro and art deco style.

Here are some activities you can do during your visit to miami Beach and more particularly in the Art Deco district:

  • You can drink information on the subject at the Art Deco Welcome Center, a museum that, through videos, photographs and other illustrations, recounts the work of Barbara Capitman and Leonard Horowitz. To him, designer, we owe the range of pastel colors.

In addition, the Miami Design Preservation league also offers guided tours for $ 25 or € 20.

  • Another museum to visit in the art deco district is the Wolfsonian-FIU, which offers an immersion into American and European art and design produced between 1885 and 1945.
  • In another genre, very close, the World Erotic Art Museum that contains a collection of erotic art from around the world.

Nearby is Lummus Park Beach, which runs from Sixth Street to 14th Street. You shouldn't miss the white sand and gorgeous blue sea that would almost make you doubt you're in the US until you rent your chair anyway (around $ 10 or 8 euros).

Of course, South Beach is also a huge number of shops and boutiques, spas, hotels (often expensive), fashion parties, festivals.

Lovers of shopping, restaurants and bars will find their account on Lincoln Road, a street also called Lincoln Road Mall for which there are so many shops; It is one of the most popular shopping places in Miami. It is located between 16th and 17th streets (on Lincoln Road).

As you can see, Miami Beach is connected to Miami DownTown by bridges. Miami Beach's fun corner is located along Ocean Drive.

  • Coconut Grove neighborhood and Vizcaya village

Originally the first to arrive in the Miami area, Coconut Grove is now a trendy and rather bohemian neighborhood, popular with locals and tourists alike.

It is the old hippie haven from the 60s that has become the haven for intellectual artists.

Above all, don't miss the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, a true curiosity built in 1916 by a wealthy American industrialist.

It is magnificent. This Italian Renaissance style villa is impressive. With its 34 rooms arranged around a courtyard, the villa is filled with furniture and works of art from the XNUMXth to XNUMXth centuries.

The walk also takes place outdoors among gardens, fountains, swimming pools, a casino and a labyrinth of plants ...

  • Coral Gables

Nicknamed "The Beautiful City", Coral Gables is a very popular area, at the same time a business center, a bustling downtown and a very elegant residential area.

It is a bit of a "garden city" with art galleries, gastronomic venues, very Mediterranean architecture, manicured lawns and lush vegetation.

If you are driving, it is worth driving through the residential area of ​​Coral Gables, getting lost in the alleys and let yourself be admired by the rows of magnificent houses that are quite typical of Miami.

The opportunity to stop by the famous and historic Biltmore Hotel. The imposing building of this luxury hotel has been included in the National Register of Historic Places since 1972.

Also worth seeing is the Fairchild Tropical Garden, the largest tropical garden in the United States, 8 miles south of the district. This botanical garden has an extensive collection of rare tropical plants, including vines, flowering trees, and cycads.

/! Of particular note is Richard H Simons' Rainforest, which was built with a generous donation and enhances the habitat of often threatened tropical forests around the world.

The gardens are open all year round except on Christmas Day.

Another Coral Gables attraction is the Venetian pool. It is a huge semi-natural municipal swimming pool excavated from an old quarry in 1923.

It was designed to resemble the Venetian lagoon. It is amazing with its coral rock, its spring water, its fountains, its Venetian bridge, its waterfall, right in the center of Miami. In short, a cool stop in addition to the beach not to be missed.

  • Little havana

Without being an obligation, a walk through Little Havana, the Cuban neighborhood of Miami is pleasant. The city hosted many Cuban refugees after Castro's revolution. The main attraction is walking down Calle 8, commonly known as Calle Ocho.

Spanish is clearly the second language spoken on this street full of Latino shops.

Go there if you can on the last Friday of the month, during “Cultural Fridays” or “Cultural Fridays” (click on the Google map above to see where this event is located). They are parties organized with exhibitions, music, dance and traditional dishes.

Calle Ocho is also called Calle Ocho Walk of Fame. We know the Hollywood Walk of Fame with its cast of stars and famous stars. We know less, proportionally that of Little Havana.

There are about thirty stars embedded in the ground and adorned with the names of Cuban celebrities. It is not the most recent generations that appear there; not finding Enrique there, we found his father, Julio Iglesias.

To see as you walk, murals, some depicting Cuban political figures, including the nicknamed Héroes de Cuba, but not only; we also find Bill Clinton, Abraham Lincoln. Finally, take the opportunity to take a trip to the Little Havana Tobacco Factory.

The name of the factory is a bit of a stretch, it's more of a boutique. But this is the chance to witness the making of unrolled cigars before your eyes and a wide selection of authentic Cuban cigars is for sale.

  • The Wynwood art district north of Dowtown

North of downtown, the Wynwood Art District is Miami's rebirth district. A notorious neighborhood yesterday, Wynwood has become Miami's street art district, not to be missed!

It includes a lot of old warehouses, many abandoned and brought to life thanks to magnificent frescoes painted on its walls. The district is now home to the best works in the world and the largest outdoor concentration of urban art.

The neighborhood owes a lot to Tony Goldman, a real estate developer who had the gift of seeing the potential of this idle neighborhood. Passionate about contemporary art, he decided to give life to this desolate neighborhood, which he bought in 2006.

He legalized art inscriptions and brought in some thirty artists from around the world to create the Wynwood murals. Of the art galleries (no less than 40), creators and artists studios are installed there. It is Miami's arts district where creation is launched and played across borders.

Among American artists, Shepard Fairey, author of the famous painting "Hope" depicting Obama. Wynwood has clearly become a fixture in the street art world and elevates Miami to the rank of its world capitals.

The heart of the district is the Wynwood Walls, which house a permanent exhibition of murals featuring the most renowned artists. But Wynwood stretches for more than 2,2 km where many other works are scattered that are not necessarily easy to find.

It can be interesting to take a guided tour so as not to miss any of them.

Guided tours of Wynwood, you are here:

Another original way to discover Wynwood is the Cycle Party Tour. You pedal to the rhythm of the music with 15 of your companions around a mobile bar and tour the city. The ship's pilot acts as a guide, taking you to key locations while providing information.

  • Le Downtown

Apart from some museums, the center is not of great interest. First of all, it is the office district and therefore somewhat devoid of soul. However, you can take the sky train, called a metromover, to enjoy the panorama of the city. The mixture of skyscrapers, sea and river makes this high and aerial walk interesting.

The tour is completely free, no ticket required. Open every day from 5 am to midnight.

View of the DownTown desde Miami Beach:

Watch an NBA game in Miami:

A great first experience! The atmosphere in the stadium is crazy, but also during game breaks (baby races, cruises to win, etc.)

If you like basketball or just want to enjoy the atmosphere of an NBA game, do not hesitate to reserve a ticket for a Miami Heats game (to see the schedule).
You can buy tickets online or go to the American Airlines Arena in Miami Downtown (near Bayside).

See a concert in Miami:

A nice thing to do and also go see a concert, on the menu: Celine Dion, Ariana Grande, The Rolling Stones, Andrea Bocelli, Shawn Mendes, Elton John… (See program).

Here are some interesting museums to visit in Miami:

  • Pérez Miami Art Museum (PAMM)

It is housed in an impressive modern building designed by Herzog & de Meuron architects. It houses Miami's first contemporary art collection, which includes many Latin American works,

  • For history buffs, History Miami

One of the largest private and regional history museums in the southeastern United States. It brings together more than 13 artifacts dating from pre-Columbian times.

  • For children, a great museum, the Miami Children's Museum

Located next to the water and in front of the center. An educational museum that educates in a fun way about everyday life (eg "I open a bank account in a real banking environment") and opens up to the professions of tomorrow.

  • Finally, the Frost Museum of Science opened in 2017.

An ultra-modern science museum, with superb architecture with a futuristic look and lots to see for adults and children alike. It houses a planetarium, an aquarium and is one of the most sophisticated science and technology museums in the United States.

Better to get to the opening to suffer less from the queue.

What are the most popular activities in Miami?

  • You can read my article "Miami Tourist Bus and Miami Boat Ride".
  • Everglades Airboat Tour and Alligator Interaction - Departing from Miami. / li>
  • Airboat ride through the Everglades and visit to Sawgrass Park (40 minutes from Miami / 20 minutes from Fort Lauderdale). / li>
  • Everglades Airboat Tour and Biscayne Bay Cruise - Departing from Miami. / li>
  • Key West Day Trip - Leaving Miami. / li>
  • Florida Pass: Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and The Keys - Choose 3, 4 or 5 attractions. / li>

Watch an NBA game in Miami:

A great first experience! The atmosphere in the stadium is crazy, but also during game breaks (baby races, cruises to win, etc.)

If you like basketball or just want to enjoy the atmosphere of an NBA game, do not hesitate to reserve a ticket for a Miami Heats game (to see the schedule).
You can buy tickets online or go to the American Airlines Arena in Miami Downtown (near Bayside).

See a concert in Miami:

Something nice to do and also go see a concert, on the menu: Celine Dion, Ariana Grande, The Rolling Stones, Andrea Bocelli, Shawn Mendes, Elton John….

(watch the show)

2) Accommodation in Miami

Here we are, in which neighborhood to stay in Miami, in Biscayne, in Miami Beach in Wynwood? Well, I'll tell you right now, I advise you to look in Miami Beach but more exactly in South Beach, here is why:

  • Accommodation in Miami Beach

Even without being a fan of the clubs, the excitement of the South Beach district, both day and night, is excellent and you can easily sleep in places protected from the noise of the party.

  • So there is the Freehandhotel, which is very nice and can suit all budgets. In fact, the hotel combines a classic hotel offer with a more youth hostel concept.
  • More elegant, the Viscay hotel is very well located with in each room a microwave, refrigerator ...
  • An excellent address, Casa Grande Beach House, offering large rooms at a reasonable price, while being ideally located, a must see!

You have the Freehandhotel, very nice and that can satisfy all budgets. In fact, the hotel combines a classic hotel offer with a more youth hostel concept.

So you can sleep in a room with a king size bed or prefer a mixed dorm with 4 or 8 beds if your budget is tighter. The decoration is very nice, the hotel is 5 minutes from the beach, there is a super nice outdoor pool and the staff is friendly.

  • Accommodation in Biscayne (Bayside Marketplace)

We were at the Hilton Downtown, just behind the Marriott Miami. We stayed there only one night as we had training in the same hotel. We were able to go out at night and went to Bayside Market, but we allowed a 20 minute walk anyway ... So the best thing, if you have to stay in Miami on the Biscayne side (see red dot on the map below), is find accommodation closer to Bayside Market (nice area overlooking the bay, bar, restaurant, shopping…).

In fact, aside from Bayside Market, I found the area not particularly attractive, not creepy at all but lacking atmosphere. Staying in Miami Beach is more pleasant when you are a tourist.

Anyway, if you need to stay in Biscayne (Biscayne is along the coast, see the red dot on the map below), try to find lodging near Bayside Market (see the red frame on the map below).

  • The Ive Hotel Miami is ideally located and sometimes offers discounts - a must!
  • Much cheaper, but less fancy ... You have the Leamington Hotel, look at the reviews anyway.

FYI, Bayside Market looks like this:

3) Where to go out in Miami

If you are a party lover and a night owl, you have come to the right place on earth! Miami is known for being the city of clubbers and "fun animals." Playgrounds of this level are concentrated in Miami Beach. Here is a short list that will give you some ideas:

Rooftop bar and side:

  • The Broken Shaker Bar - A beautiful wooded place with an interior patio, a small garden where you can have great cocktails by the pool.
  • Le Sugar: a super rooftop with an Asian atmosphere and 360-degree views of Miami, one of the most popular bars in Brickell on top of the East Hotel.
  • Area 31, a rooftop with a view of downtown that is hard to beat. 270 Biscayne Boulevard Way, Miami, FL 33131
  • Polynesian atmosphere and beautiful pool for the Rooftop Bar in 1 Hotel, another of the best referenced in Miami
  • The Ball & Chain in Little Havana, with Latin music, jazz, Cuban bites and cocktails. This historic place was home to artists like Billie Holiday and Count Basie. 1513 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33135
  • The Wood Tavern in Wynwood, with large wooden tables and a large patio, is the meeting place for locals, bikers and cyclists on Thursdays. Pretty American atmosphere and cheap drinks. 2531 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127

Restaurant side

  • The Byblos in South Beach, Mediterranean cuisine in a charming and colorful setting. Quite a few vegetarian dishes are offered.
    1545 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139
  • Chez Marion, if you miss French cuisine, especially southern France, located in the Brickell financial district
  • To enjoy with a breathtaking view across the bay, the RustyPelican. Elegant place, priced accordingly. 3201 RickenbackerCwy, Key Biscayne. Florida
  • A Cuban restaurant on the famous Calle Ocho in the heart of Little Havana, Le Versailles. An iconic venue, a local hangout not to be missed! Very good value for money, warm welcome, good and abundant cuisine and surprising decoration: a huge and lively room, somewhat canteen in style and adorned with large "Versailles style" mirrors. 3555 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33135
  • Another Cuban restaurant, affordable, friendly and good food, Havana 1957-1410 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Side of dance floor, club ...

  • The LIV. Club: Rather select, it is located inside the prestigious Fontainebleau hotel. The music is varied except on Sunday nights when it is mainly hip hop-R & B. There are locals, tourists and the elite of Miami. Correct dress is required and it is best to arrive before 23pm to ensure you can enter.
  • Another club, the Mokai Loung: younger population, we dance where we can, there is no real dance floor, a guaranteed reinforced atmosphere in house and R&B.
  • A dance cruise offered by Island Queen Cruises: an evening return boat trip between Bayside Market and Miami Beach with a dance floor on the deck and the best hits mixed by a professional DJ. An original way to have fun while enjoying the view of the city at night. The tour lasts only 90 minutes, but the price is 19 dollars or 15 euros.

Watch an NBA game in Miami:

A great first experience! The atmosphere in the stadium is crazy, but also during game breaks (baby races, cruises to win, etc.)

If you like basketball or just want to enjoy the atmosphere of an NBA game, do not hesitate to reserve a ticket for a Miami Heats game (to see the schedule).
You can buy tickets online or go to the American Airlines Arena in Miami Downtown (near Bayside).

See a concert in Miami:

A nice thing to do and also go see a concert, on the menu: Celine Dion, Ariana Grande, The Rolling Stones, Andrea Bocelli, Shawn Mendes, Elton John… (See program).

4) Activity to visit the surroundings of Miami

  • Visit Miami by tourist bus

A fun way to explore the city is to use the Hop On Hop Off tour buses (hop on and off whenever you want), so you can visit some of Miami's must-see places, like Coconut Grove and Little Havana, Downtown, South Beach and more. .

In total, there are 40 stops along the route and buses run very regularly. Each bus is accompanied by an English-speaking tour guide, but recorded commentary is available if you prefer. or to see more Bus + boat activity ...

  • Otherwise, you can read my article “Miami Tourist Bus and Miami Boat Ride”.

You have two different routes, Beach Loop and City Loop; this gives a good overview of the city in its two main geographic layouts, the South Beach side and the downtown side.

  • Visit Miami by hovercraft

I can personally recommend Miami Double Decker (as it also offers an Everglades hovercraft tour.

I tried the day package which includes a Miami tour, a Biscayne Bay boat tour, and the Everglades tour. The total price is 75 dollars (or 61 euros), a promotional rate shown on the site that I was able to benefit from, instead of 133 dollars (or 108 euros).

Frankly, it's worth it. Departure is at 9:30 am. There are many starting points available. If you stay at the hotel like me, the bus picks you up at the place which is very appreciable. What to do with the company because I suppose that the hotel must remain central in order to benefit from this service.

5) How to get to downtown Miami or South Beach from the airport?

Miami Airport (also known as MIA) is located 13 miles northwest of downtown Miami. You will see that everything is indicated in English and Spanish, the second most spoken language in Miami. It is quite large and provides much of the transit to South America. Also, I invite you to click here, if you have any questions about the ESTA USA application.

  • Get to downtown Miami from the airport by taxi

The easiest way to get to Miami, of course, is by taxi. You have to count in the $ 30, or 24 euros to get to the Center and in the $ 45, or 36 euros to get to South Beach. Do not forget the tips (tips) between 15 and 25%.

The least expensive solutions are the rental of cars, trains, buses or shuttles. For the first three, you will have to get on a small tram at the airport exit, the MIA Mover (not to be confused with the Metromover, which is the Miami cable car) located on the third floor of the airport. It's free. It will take you to Miami Central Station, where the car rental companies, train and bus stations are located.

  • Car rental (from Miami Central Station)

The Miami Rental Car Center (RCC) ( is a 4-story parking lot inside Miami Central Station that brings together 16 car rental agencies.

It is better to reserve your car in advance to avoid long lines. In Miami, in fact, it is difficult to get around without a car, travelers know this and flock to rental companies right off the plane.

  • The Metrorail to get to Downtown Miami (from Miami Central Station)

From Miami Central Station, you can take a train to Miami (however, there is no service to South Beach by train). These trains run from 6 am to midnight, every 30 minutes on weekdays and every 15 minutes on weekends). Depending on your destination, take the green line or the orange line. The price is only 2,25 dollars or 1,8 euros.

  • The Miami Beach bus to get to Miami Beach (from Miami Central Station)

To get to Miami Beach, there is a bus service available every 30 minutes from 6 am to 23:40 pm, 7 days a week. Serves stops between 41st Street and South Pointe Drive. The price is only $ 2.65 or 2,15 euros.

  • The Metrobus (from Miami Central Station)

This is the name of the local bus system.
Depending on your destination, Miami or Miami Beach, take lines 37, 42, 57, J, 150 Miami Beach Airport Express, East-West Connection.

  • Tri-Rail in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach (desde la estación central de Miami)

This is the Miami regional rail line. 118 km long, it serves 18 stations along the South Florida coast. This is the best way to reach the resorts in the north of the metropolitan area, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach.

  • The shuttle service, the Super Shuttle to get to Miami

A very practical way is the shuttle transfer, more reliable than the bus and that leaves you in front of your hotel. The shuttle does not drop off at a private address.
He is waiting for you at the airport exit. It takes from 14 to 21 euros depending on your destination.

The buses run 24 hours a day and can transport 24 to 7 people.

Well there you go, I think you have all the keys in hand to visit Miami.

Do not hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom of the page to give me your impressions, share a good address, a hotel, a bar ... Sharing is good;)

  • And you, what have you visited in Miami?
  • Do you have an interesting address to share?
  • Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

See you soon!


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