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Looking for information for visit new york ? Where to sleep in New York? Where to go out in New York? Getting downtown from the New York airport? Information about the New York City Pass? In this article, I'll give you everything you need to know to visit New York easily, because trust me, this city is great!

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  • A small section on the history of New York.
  • New York neighborhoods with GoogleMap map
  • Get to Manhattan from the airport
  • The places to visit in New York with the GoogleMap to facilitate their New York tour.
  • Part "Hotel in New York" to be well located. But you can read my very complete article: "Where to stay in New York".
  • How transportation works in New York
  • What to visit in New York (The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn ...)
  • Where to go out in New York
  • What pass to choose to discover New York. My most complete article here: City Pass New York
  • What building to see in New York
  • If you are looking for a guide in New York, please contact Laurène or Sébastien (link)

/! In part 8 of this article I tell you about the different passes in New York and the one that I highly recommend. I have never had a negative comment and God knows there are many Passes in this city, so it is not easy to know which one to choose.

1) New York History

It doesn't seem like that, but did you know that New York is at the same latitude as Rome or Madrid? New York is 160 miles from Philadelphia and 430 miles from Boston. It's also called Big Apple "Big Apple".

The history of New York City dates back to Native American times, long before the arrival of the first settlers. It is in the district of Manhattan everything have finished. Looking at the topography of New York, with Manhattan right in the center, it is not surprising that this district has been the center of much friction. History has meant that today, New York is divided into five boroughs:

  • Manhattan neighborhood
  • The borough of Queens
  • Brooklyn neighborhood
  • The Bronx District
  • And the Staten Island neighborhood

There are approximately 5 million residents in these 8,7 districts (not counting New Jersey).

This division only dates back to the late XNUMXth and early XNUMXth centuries.

Despite multiple conflicts, New York gradually grew in importance, to the point of becoming the largest city in the United States and one of the most important metropolises in the world. New York has become a leading decision-making center and a financial and stock capital of the world.

More information in the Wikipedia article: History of New York.

  • Cartoon video on the history of the United States of America:

More serious video about New York:

Do not hesitate to contact Laurène and Seb ,, living in New York and offering guided tours ().

2) What to visit in New York - The Neighborhoods

To keep it simple and have an overview, these are the different neighborhoods in New York. I gave you the JFK airport, as well as the location of the Statue of the Liberté (offered by our Gaulois Eiffel). I also added a little caption at the bottom of the image to give you an idea of ​​the greatness of this city that never sleeps.

As you can see here, Manhattan is made up of several small neighborhoods. During our visit to New York, I will make my visits by neighborhood to optimize time and not tire your calves :)

  • JFK Airport Transfer Information to Get to Manhattan:

If you want to know how to get to Manhattan from JFK airport, I can only advise you to read my article dedicated to this question! -> Transfer between Manhattan and New York airport.

Now let's go visit New York!

3) Visit New York

The fact that visit in New York? In this part I will introduce you to the must see places in New York! I will show the GoogleMap maps to facilitate your visits.

It can be nice to discover New York through an expat guide there (like Laurène)!

  • A New York City Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

To discover New York with sympathy and ease (especially the first time), I advise you to take a tour through the tour buses, they will allow you to have a good overview of New York City and therefore allow you to orient yourself . (and can go up and down at will). And then instead of using the subway, you are outside, which is even better.

In short, if you do, I advise you to do it from day one. In addition, the route used by the bus passes through tourist spots ...

  • Here's a video of Alex's presentation from Bons Plans New York:

Here is the plan to visit New York by tourist bus (or in the image to enlarge the map). With this ticket you can also take a boat trip.

  • Visit the Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is located on the small island of Island of freedom (to the left of Manhattan, see map above). And then, from this island, you will have a magnificent view of the Manhattan skyline. Adjacent to Liberty Island is Ellis Island, an island famous for being the main gateway for immigrants to the United States. Here is also the Museum of Immigration.

Accessible through the New York CityPass (or at this link). If you need more information about this pass, I have created an article to explain the advantages / disadvantages / benefits of this pass: New York City Pass.

The statue was donated by the French, as a token of friendship, but also to celebrate the centenary of the Declaration of Independence of the United States. Today, in addition to being a very important monument in New York, the statue has become one of the symbols of the United States, it represents freedom and emancipation from oppression.

  • Times Square - New York

It can not visit new york Without going through its mythical crossroads, Times Square! It made me think of Shibuya when I went to Visit Tokyo. Every day millions of tourists and New Yorkers pass by. When you arrive, you will think you are in a movie, it's crazy.

  • Climb to the top of the top of the rock

Here is a panoramic view to do. Unlike the Empire State Building, it has a view of all of New York and Central Park. Access with the citypass (or at this link), otherwise count $ 32 to go up to the 67th floor.

I advise you to do this skyscraper first and after the Empire State Building (ESB), and also to go there when the sun starts to go down, the contrast is great.

Accessible through the New York CityPass (.

  • Take a walk through Central Park and feed the squirrels

A break in the heart of Manhattan is a must during your stay in New York. Take a walk, feed the squirrels, admire the migratory birds, take a bike ride, relax. A morning walk counts well.

In summer, if you head to The Great Lawn, in the heart of the park, you may have the opportunity to enjoy the free outdoor cinema. And that's still the class. Take a picnic with you, sessions start at 17pm throughout the summer. A good idea to rest your calves a bit ...

You have the Central Park Zoo, which is home to more than 130 different species. You will find monkeys, lions, penguins, polar bears ... The sets will remind you of the movie Madagascar. Hours: in winter from 13 to 16 p.m., in summer from 30 to 10 a.m. and weekends from 17 to 10 a.m.

Shakespeare's Garden! A very beautiful garden where it is pleasant to walk. It is located right next to the Delacorte Theater, known for "Shakespeare in the Park." From May to August, many shows are held there. Free tickets are available at the theater or online.

Find much more information about Central Park in this article.

/! Why not visit Central Park by bike?

  • Rockefeller Center - New York

Every year in Rockefeller center, takes place the famous kick-off of the Christmas tree lighting that is the delight of all New Yorkers. This event took place on December 2 of this year.

If you are going to visit New York during this period, take a walk to admire the New York Christmas tree, skate and enjoy the two hours of concert that the event offers.
Artistas como Sting, Andy Grammer, Carly Rae Jepsen, James Taylor, Mary J. Blige, Andrea Bocelli ...

  • Cross the brooklyn bridge

This bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the States. Connect Manhattan to Brooklyn. It is more than 1800 meters long. It was inaugurated on May 24, 1883. The works lasted more than 14 years. Before this bridge, Manhattan and Brooklyn could only be reached by ferry.

  • The 2 must-see museums in New York

You have the Solomon Guggenheim Museum the "Guggenheim" and the Museum of Modern Art the "MoMA", they present some of the best works of the XNUMXth century. The Guggenheim can be accessed through the New York CityPass (.

Board: Take the elevator to go up after buying your entrance ticket. This will prevent your little calves from getting tired.

  • Going to see an NBA game is quite a show!

In summer, that is, in July and August, the NBA is on vacation but you can still go see the 2 great teams in New York: The Yankees and the Mets! to read my article "Watch an NBA game in New York."

  • Or maybe you're more of a baseball game (MLB)
  • Otherwise there are hockey games (NHL)
  • A little shopping on your trip to New York?

First of all, know that prices are usually lower than in France, especially for Levis Jeans (count 25-35 €, it's a gift)! You have "Century 21" which is located at the tip of Manhattan (Google map link). You also have Canal Jean & Co or Macy's. Only with these three stores will you find what you are looking for;)

Also, in the United States, and suddenly New York as well, stores are on sale several times a year, so stock up if you can.

Converse (560 Broadway), the official Converse store, where you can customize your shoes. OMG jeans (678 Broadway), perfect for Levis. Macy's, an institution. By the way, if you show your passport you will get a 10% discount card in this store.

On Fifth Avenue, you will also find your happiness. Like Tiffany & Co, Saks, Cartier, Armani, and Bergdorf Goodman. Then take 5th Street through Central Park and continue on 59th Street.

  • A helicopter tour of New York

Of course, you don't need to get a pass during your trip to New York! Here are some ideas for activities that you can book on a case-by-case basis:

  • A helicopter tour of New York (day or night is up to you), or here for more information.

Do not hesitate to contact Laurène, she is French and offers guided tours ().

Other ideas for activities in New York:

  • A day trip to Washington
  • A trip to see Niagara Falls
  • A dinner cruise aboard a yacht in New York

4) An address for a pajama party in New York?

Are you looking for good directions for your trip to New York? I created an article that lists all the good addresses that Internet users who went to visit New York shared with me. And here are some addresses but the complete list with the information to know why it is necessary to stay in one district and not another and in this article: Where to sleep in New York?

Are you more AirBnb? If you're wondering how Airbnb works in New York, take a look at the comments in this "Accommodation in New York" article.

Count all the same 100 and 150 $ per night for a double room.

  • The Belnord Hotel, very clean and close to the metro and central park.
  • The Vanderbilt YMCA is also a great address, in a great location. Clean hostel with single, double and quadruple rooms.
  • Marie's Address: A good address located in Central Park, West Side Ymca. There is a good quality price relation.
  • For more directions, take a look at my article: Where to stay cheap in New York!
  • And of course you can also search AirBnb, TripAdvisor or!

Feel free to share your tips at the end of the article! Sharing is good!

You are more Airbnb and have questions about Airbnb legislation in New York, read the comments at the end of the article. There are many concrete cases when it comes to booking Airbnb in New York.

5) Transportation in New York - The point of the subway

Don't try to avoid taking the subway or the bus, New York is a very big city and you could waste a lot of time. Maintain your strength to really appreciate certain things that are important to you, like Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge ...

As you can see from this subway map, the subway lines in the heart of Manhattan run North-South, it is with the bus that you can go east or west. Here is the New York subway map in pdf.

Here is a very well done video that will allow you to understand how the New York subway works:

Here is the map of New York bus lines in pdf.

  • So what do we take as a transportation pass?

To visit New York for a week without complications, you will need to take the subway 5-6 times a day.

Then you better take the Unlimited Ride MetroCard (metro + normal buses). In a few words and I think you will understand, it is a card that allows you to travel unlimitedly (account for $ 32 for a week, and $ 60 to also have access to the Express Bus).

  • And what is the Express Bus?

Express buses are buses that only stop every 10 blocks. Useful to save time ... But I doubt you need it.

  • How do the buses work?

First of all, keep in mind that the buses run 24 hours a day. Buses in Manhattan have the letter M before the number (B for Brooklyn, Q for him Queens, Bx for the Bronx, S for Staten Island).

Please note that if you want to pay one way, please note that tickets are not accepted and you must pay in coins with exact change. Drivers do not give change.

6) What to visit in Manhattan

I advise you to get out of Manhattan, New York is not just Manhattan! New York is probably the best place to hear live music in America. Connoisseurs will be able to try a number of summer festivals (most of them outdoors).

  • Visit the Bronx Botanical Gardens (New York Botanical Gardens)

Why not breathe fresh air at the Bronx Botanical Garden? Obviously it is better to go in spring or summer.
Do not miss:

-The wrought iron greenhouse dating from the 1890s, made by Lord & Burnham,
-The Peggy Rockefeller Memorial Rose Garden (built by Beatrix Farrand in 1916), a Japanese-style garden with more than 150 m² of conifers.
-Enid A. Haupt Greenhouse, 11 greenhouses with different environments. Very nice!

-In its center you will find a forest of more than 160 m² that symbolizes the ancient forest that covered the city of New York before the arrival of European settlers in the seventeenth century. The forest itself is cut in two by the Bronx River and includes a small canyon and rapids, and the Lorillard Tobacco Mill on its banks dates back to the 000s.

More information about this beautiful garden in Marie's article.

For botanists, you can also find a library with more than 50 works, as well as herbarium archives that list more than seven million species of plants.
Hours: Every day in the garden from 10 am to 17 pm - Monday closed. Count $ 20 / pers and $ 8 for children.

  • Parque Le Brooklyn Bridge

Located on the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge, so not on the Manhattan side, you will find the famous Brooklyn Park. A beautiful walk, overlooking Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge awaits you.

Many New Yorkers go to this park to enjoy the views and sunshine along the East River. Also, do not hesitate to bring your picnic, do the same!

It may be smart to go there on Sunday, because the market is at that time.

During the summer you also have an outdoor cinema! Ask!

  • A walk through Queens, a market in Queens?

One cool thing you can do is take the metro, line 7 to be exact. This line is primarily outdoors so it will allow you to see the neighborhood.

If you want to visit Queens, go on Saturdays (from 10 am to 18 pm), because you can enjoy the pleasant LIC Flea & Food market or the Smorgasburg market (in Williamsburg more precisely in Bushwick Intel Park), a perfect market to eat. , so go between 12 and 14 pm.

You can find everything in addition to food, so I advise you to go between 12pm and 14pm. Go for a steak sandwich from the Butcher Bar's BBQ (it's a bit pricey, but worth it). Then head over to Gantry Plaza State Park, for a beautiful view of the Manhattan Sky Line.

That is, the market is open from April to November, on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 18 p.m. On Sundays, you can find this market at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge in Dumbo. So on the side of Brooklyn that is suddenly a neighbor of Queens.

You can also take a guided tour of Brooklyn with a French (.

  • Markets in Brooklyn

Good to know: Every Sunday from April to September you have a market that is really to do, the "flea food market". There you will find a large open air market with more than a hundred stalls that sell all kinds of food.

See on the map below: Smorgasburg (in Williamsburg, more exactly in Bushwick Intel Park), a great market to eat, so go between 12 and 14 pm That is, the market is open from April to November, on Saturdays 11 a.m. to 18 p.m. On Sundays, you can find this market at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge in Dumbo.

Next to Park Slope you have Prospect Park, where the Celebrate Brooklyn festival takes place. Lots of artists come to play, so feel free to ask (to see the show).

Brooklyn is for me the neighborhood you must visit outside of Manhattan, plus it is also a great neighborhood to find accommodation if you cannot afford accommodation in the middle of Manhattan.

In this neighborhood, you will feel more like a true New Yorker than just a tourist. Also, Brooklyn is very flowery but as safe as Manhattan.

Do not hesitate to contact Laurène, she is French and offers guided tours ().

7) Where to go out in New York, where to have a brunch, a show, an NBA game?

/! Don't forget your passport if you want to go out. Without a passport, you will not be able to enter the clubs and this applies to all ages.

  • Go see a musical in New York!

Musicals are a true institution in New York, so you will inevitably have a musical or a show that will play during your stay: Mary Poppins, Mamma Mia, The Lion King ...

These are extraordinary shows, so treat yourself! to see the upcoming shows.

For that, you have to go to Broadway. Broadway Avenue is one of the main north-south axes of the Manhattan neighborhood, it is the capital of theater and musicals and is known throughout the world.

The part of “Broadway” Avenue between 42nd and 50th streets constitutes the theater district.

Tip, book your tickets before your trip to New York. Click on this site. to know the program. Otherwise, you can buy your tickets at the TKTS stand, it is a good plan to have tickets defying all competition (reduction from 10 to 50%).

However, places are limited, the risk is not going to see the comedy you want because everything depends on the degree of occupation of the theater. To avoid any inconvenience, please go to the booth in the morning.

You cannot miss the booth, it is located on Time Square Avenue under the red exterior staircase. Address: 47th Street & Broadway, New York 10019 (Manhattan, Midtown, Theater District - Times Square). To buy your tickets in advance or see the next shows.

  • A festival in New York

Madison Square Park also hosts its own festival, the Oval Lawn Series, which brings together folk, jazz and soul artists. Iconic songwriter Suzanne Vega opens the festivities on June 19.

If classical music is your thing, you're in luck: The New York Philharmonic continues the tradition of Concerts in the Park this summer by hosting four open-air concerts in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan and Queens.

  • Having a rooftop (a bar on the roof of a building with a crazy view!)

You should know that many hotels have transformed their roofs into a bar (my favorites are 230 XNUMXth and Rare View Chelsea). Spectacular view!

You also have the super Rooftop the One Brooklyn:

On the fifth, they even have weekend brunch to make! On the other hand, it's not cheap, $ 15 for a cocktail and $ 25/30 for brunch.

  • An Evangelical Mass in the heart of Manhattan

On Tuesday nights at 7pm (19pm) you have Time Square Church, which is located at the intersection of W 51st Street and Broadway. The place is in fact an old theater. Go 15 min before.

The mass lasts about 1h30, it's a bit long, but the atmosphere is great! Then you have the Swing 46 jazz club nearby, ideal for dining with a real band.

  • Attend a Gospel Mass in the Harlem district

Why not attend a gospel mass in Harlem before or after your visit to the Botanical Garden? The Harlem neighborhood is known to be the birthplace of New York Jazz. It is often Sunday when this type of representation takes place, the Lord's Day my children!

You can take a day to tour the Harlem and Bronx area with a guide (!

  • Attend a gospel mass in the Brooklyn borough

You can also attend a Gospel Mass in Brooklyn, a good address for that matter, the Brooklyn Tabernacle (17 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201). It really is to do, you are in a real theater, great atmosphere, laughs.

In short, the environment is nothing like the churches you know. Hours, Sunday at 9 am, 12 pm and 15 pm It is free.

  • Brunch addresses !?

New Yorkers are completely addicted to breakfast / lunch, that is, brunch. So why not have brunch with them on the weekends between 11am and 15pm? Brunch is still pretty expensive, but here are some good, inexpensive spots:

  • The Arlo and Esme - $ 15 and features a cup of coffee, mimosa or bloody mary and a starter. 42 E 1st St between First and Second Aves
  • Le Bar Breton - $ 15 - On the menu, traditional French pancakes with ham, cheese and eggs. 254 Fifth Ave between 28th and 29th streets
  • Canal de suero de leche - A good address. 524 Court St en Huntington St, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
  • Café Select - $ 13 - Eggs with Rösti, ham and cheese sandwich. 212 Lafayette St between Kenmare and Spring Sts
  • Char No. 4 - $ 16 - eggs, cookies, ham and applesauce, coffee and juice. 196 Smith St between Baltic and Warren Sts, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn
  • "Apotheke" cocktail bar in South Little Italy. To do !

8) What pass to choose for your visit to New York?

That is a question that many of you are asking, which is why I created a comprehensive article to answer this question: Information about the New York City Pass.

Keep in mind that you have multiple passes, the New York City Pass, the New York Pass and the Explorer Pass, here is a quick summary:

  • The New York City Pass - Count € 115 for 9 days

This is the one I recommend. This pass will allow you visit the main attractions of New York, while enjoying New York, the markets, the central park, the NBA games if that tempts you ... In short, I think visiting a city is not just about tourist sites ...

So this pass is a very good compromise. (Otherwise, I created an article to explain the advantages / profitability of this pass: New York City Pass.

In the menu you have access to 6 tourist attractions:

  • Empire State Building
  • American Museum of Natural History
  • Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center) o Musée Guggenheim
  • The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island (with the boat included in the price) or Circle Line Cruises (travels through New York by boat).
  • September 11 Memorial and Museum (9/11 Memorial) or Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum (in short, the Air and Space Museum).
  • All of this can be accessed through the New York City Pass (.

- to enlarge the Google page - CityPass Road Map.

  • New York Pass: count between € 100 for 1 day and € 400 for 10 days.

Do not buy it if you are going to visit only 2 or 3 attractions, it will not be profitable all of a sudden. Don't buy it if you don't want to visit touristy New York.

Buy it if you want to see as many as possible, but then prepare your schedule ahead of time to list all the activities you want to do.

In short, to be profitable you have to make the visits (that's why I don't like this pass very much, all these visits block us so that it is profitable).

  • L'Explorer pass

You also have the Explorer Pass which is very good because you choose the amount of activities you want to do and suddenly the price is in line, which allows you more freedom.

9) What buildings to visit in New York

As you know, there are many buildings in New York, and the idea of ​​going up to one of them can make you want to, by the way, I highly recommend it! Here are the 3 must-sees, the Empire State Building, the Top Of The Rock (Rockeffer Center), and the One World Trade Center.

You won't be doing 3 o'clock, so you have to choose! Regardless, the view is magnificent no matter which building you choose.

If you decide to go to the top of one building during the day and another at night, I recommend the Top of the Rock during the day. The view of Central Park from Top of the Rock is magnificent during the day, but be aware that Central Park is not illuminated at night.

In contrast, the Empire State Building offers, among other things, a beautiful view of the Times Square district, illuminated at night.

The One World Trade Center offers a beautiful view of New York Bay with the Statue of Liberty, but also a view of the other two towers and New York's business districts. In addition, there is no outdoor terrace so you are protected from the elements ... In any case, visiting the latter is cheaper than the other two, this may be a reason to opt for the latter.

  •   for Top Of The Rock (Rockeffer Center) - The one with the view of Central Park
  • Here by the Empire State Building

Well this is where our end is New York City Tour in 8 Days. I hope I have answered some of your questions!

See you soon!

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