Visit Tokyo in 5 days

Looking for information for visit Tokyo in 5 days? What districts of Tokyo to visit? Where to sleep in Tokyo? Where to go out in Tokyo? In this article I will tell you all about my trip so that your stay in the land of the rising sun is easier :)

Here is the plan of this article to discover Tokyo, use the menu on your right to go directly to the part that interests you:

  • A short interlude on the history of Tokyo
  • What to visit in Tokyo in 3 days, what to see in Tokyo, the districts to visit in Tokyo
  • Getting to Central Tokyo from Haneda and Narita Airport
  • A point in the districts, the subway / subway of Tokyo
  • An update on the Japan Rail Pass and what you absolutely must not forget during your trip to Tokyo
  • Accommodation in Tokyo ?
  • Pocket Wifi Japan
  • Are you looking for a guide in Tokyo for a morning, a day, to visit such or such a district ... (and contact a guide like Shotaro, Tatsuo or Ayaka who speaks French):

1) History of Tokyo

Tokyo means capital of the East (7 times bigger than Paris, it's crazy), it is the largest city in Japan with more than 13 million inhabitants right in its center, and there are more than 40 million in the metropolitan area. Located to the east of the Japanese archipelago, this huge capital is also the main political center of Japan. Tokyo was formerly called Edo, which means "the estuary."

There are most political institutions such as the residence of the Emperor of Japan, as well as the Prime Minister, but also the Japanese parliament and foreign embassies such as that of France (also, here is the access map to the French Embassy if you have a problem , and the contact page here).

Here is a video that I think may interest you:

In the old days, Tokyo was just a small fishing village called Edo. It was during this period, that is, the Edo Period, from 1603 to 1868 that Edo (Tokyo) developed. Tokyo will expand around a large central green space (Chiyoda). On the site of a former castle, you will find in this green space the imperial palace.

The place has only a symbolic role, although it still fascinates the Japanese. You should know that the emperor no longer intervenes in politics but rather symbolizes national unity.

During World War II, Tokyo was largely destroyed by the United States and its aerial bombardments. From 2-1950 due to strong industrial development, mainly in electronics, Tokyo saw its population multiplied by ten in the space of fifty years.

More information on Wikipedia Japan.

2) Visit Tokyo in 5 days

Here we are, let's go together to visit Tokyo in 5 days. For starters, here is a GoogleMap that I customized to highlight the different districts of Tokyo. This will allow us to have an overview of Tokyo and will allow us to better locate ourselves.

To keep it simple, I am going to list the visits I have made, district by district. First of all, know that Akihabara (located between Ueno and Chiyoda), Shibuya, Ueno and Shinkuju are four of the must-see districts when visit tokyo.

A really cool activity to do and visit Tokyo with a local guide for one morning, one day ... (and contact a guide like Shotaro, Tatsuo or Ayaka who speaks French).

  • Shinjuku District Tour

Shinjuku is one of the most famous districts in Tokyo for a number of reasons. In the first place because it is in the Shinjuku district where we find the “skyline” of the capital, a show of completely crazy skyscrapers, it is really futuristic you will see it! And then because the government of the metropolis is installed in this economic lung.

Shinjuku is one of the must-see neighborhoods.

But Shinjuku itself is divided into several colorful neighborhoods (including Kabukicho, Okubo, or Takadanobaba) and is home to one of Tokyo's largest parks, Shinjuku Gyoen.

It is very nice to get lost in this park for 1 hour, you will see that after a while it feels good to find a bit of nature ...

I went to discover Tokyo during the month of December, the fall colors were still there, wonderful.

Day or night, there is always something to do in Shinjuku. Please note that Shinjuku Station / Station is the busiest station in the world, handling several million passengers a day. Shinjuku also lives at night, you will have no problem finding a bar, a disco with all kinds of shops and nightlife ...

If you want to visit this neighborhood (or others) with a local guide for one morning, one day… (contact a guide like Shotaro, Tatsuo or Ayaka).

  • Okubo district, the Korean district

Okubo is a very lively little neighborhood, I recommend that you take a look. There you will find music and cosmetic stores. It is very nice to venture there to eat something in a Korean or Japanese restaurant, also, the prices in this area are much cheaper compared to other areas of Tokyo, and the food is very good.

/! It may be wise to find accommodation in this area. to access the section "Accommodation in Tokyo"

Here is a small Google map of the Shinjuku district:

  • Shibuya district visit

You cannot go to visit Tokyo without taking a tour of the Shibuya district. At first glance, it looks a bit like the Shinjuku district, especially when you arrive in front of the famous crossroads where thousands of people cross at the same time. You've certainly seen this crossroads in the movies.

Anyway, in this neighborhood they put neon lights on your face. Do not hesitate to get lost in the alleys and above all do not forget to look up.

If you want to visit this neighborhood (or others) with a local guide for one morning, one day… (contact a guide like Shotaro, Tatsuo or Ayaka).

  • Visit the Harajuku district in Shibuya

Very close, you have the Harajuku district which is part of the Shibuya district, it is located right next to the Meji-Jingu park. I advise you to go there because one, this small neighborhood is very beautiful (ideal to do after visiting the Meji-Jingu park), two there are many stores, as well as a store where everything is 100Y (€ 1)!

This street is called: Takeshita dori

You will undoubtedly meet many Japanese dressed in a little freestyle ... one of the charms of Harajuku.

If you want to visit this neighborhood (or others) with a local guide for one morning, one day… (contact a guide like Shotaro).

  • Parque Meiji jingu en Shibuya

Take an hour to visit this magnificent park, it is truly splendid.

It also has Omotesando Street, which can be nice to see. But above all you will find luxury boutiques there. You can still take a little tour though, just to see what it looks like! To you to see.

  • Visit of the district of Ueno

One of my favorites during my trip to Tokyo was the Ueno district. It is the popular district of Tokyo. The atmosphere is warm so get lost in the alleys and enjoy.

Feel free to have a little aperitif in this pleasant neighborhood. You will find many interesting little bars.

If you want to visit this neighborhood (or others) with a local guide for one morning, one day ... contact a guide like Shotaro, Tatsuo or Ayaka, he knows his city like the back of his hand.

  • Visit Ueno Park

A very nice park to do, I recommend it. You also have a zoo with pandas. I have not been there but you may be interested!

  • Akihabara (galleries, maid cafe, Pachinko, candy stores, etc.)

Akihabara is a small neighborhood located south of the Ueno neighborhood. I don't know if we can really say that it is part of this district anyway, Akihabara is not far from Ueno district. You'll also find arcade rooms on the 10/20 floors and crazy shops.

In this neighborhood you can find everything I-Tech, it's still pretty crazy so check it out, it's a must! You also have stores that sell old games. In short, a neighborhood to do.

If you want to visit this neighborhood (or others) with a local guide for one morning, one day ... contact a guide like Shotaro, he knows his city like the back of his hand.

  • Mercado Ameyoko o Ameya Yokocho

Located south of Ueno Station, near Okachimachi Station, you will find Ameyoko Market. A very nice market to do, because it is very popular. There you can find everything, that's the interesting thing. if you want more information about this market

  • Here's the GooogleMap map of the Ueno district:
  • Visit of the Asakusa district

So I must admit that this district didn't really pique my curiosity. I went there to visit it and see the Sensoji Temple and its Kaminaremon gate, but otherwise it really wasn't my favorite area.

And I didn't understand the why of this big golden foam ... placed in the Asahi building. I think Philippe Stark smoked before he quit ...

  • Le temple Sensoji

At night, the atmosphere is magical. The district is older than the center of Tokyo and the atmosphere is fascinating and pleasant. Access to the temple is free and the shopping street opposite is always bustling with life during the day.

The shopping streets in front of the Sensoji Temple:

  • The famous Kaminaremon gate (door of thunder):

Here's the Asakusa GoogleMap of these different places:

  • Boat trip on the Sumida

A pretty nice idea is to take the boat on the Sumida, it will allow you to go from Asakusa to Odaiba (or vice versa). For my part, I took the boat after spending 2 hours in an Onsen located in Odaiba (Oedo Onsen Monogatari that I recommend).

I stopped at Hinode station then went to the station that allows to take the boat.

The walk takes about 30 minutes. In December, the night falls very quickly, at 16:30 p.m. I think the best time to take the boat is at 16 pm For my part it was XNUMX in the afternoon, it was already very dark ...

See Symphony Cruise ship station, I don't know if it's called that, but that's where I took the boat to Asakusa. So I stopped at Hinode station. Account 600Y or € 5.

If you want to visit this neighborhood (or others) with a local guide for one morning, one day ... contact a guide like Shotaro, Tatsuo or Ayaka, he knows his city like the back of his hand.

  • Odaiba district visit

Odaiba is a huge artificial island. You will arrive by taking the Yurikamome line (again, do not hesitate to ask for directions at the metro information points). You cannot use your metro / metro pass, but the ticket price is not too expensive. Once on the ferry, try to get to the front of the monorail.

In fact, there is no driver and therefore you will have a magnificent view of the artificial island of Odaiba. Ok, this photo is not at the top, but you see where I'm going ...

And on the Rainbow Bridge:

Photo taken around 16:30 pm in December. Night falls rapidly in Japan.

If you want to visit this neighborhood (or others) with a local guide for one morning, one day ... contact a guide like Shotaro, he knows his city like the back of his hand.

  • Le Oedo Onsen Monogatari en Odaiba

For my part, I didn't visit Odaiba too much, I went to take it easy at Oedo Onsen Monogatari, a traditional and really very nice spa complex (count 2500Y or € 20). It was my first Onsen and I became a huge fan!

In fact, the Japanese take great care of them, and you will find that the baths are as pleasant as the ritual of the later toilet. You are sitting, with a mirror in front of you, refined products for the body, a razor… Anyway, it is really very, very nice.

On the other hand, I want to tell you that to enjoy baths you have to undress. In Japan it's normal so you don't have it a priori, all naked !! So you don't need a swimsuit, just keep your briefs / panties / thong ... under your kimono.

Ps: And for the record, it's not mixed.

I also tried the Onsen that is located in Tokyo Dome city, it is called Aqua, and it really is the best of the best! I will return to this in the section "What to visit in Tokyo Dome City".

  • What to visit others in Odaiba

When you get off at Odaiba Kaihinkoen station you have many attractions, shops, restaurants ... Here you have a small list of things to do / visit:

The Decks, the Fuji TV building, the Diver City, the Aquacity, the Palette Town, the Statue of Liberty, the Tokyo Joypolis.

  • Visit of the district of Ginza - Chiyoda

I didn't get to visit the Imperial Palace (Edo Castle), but it seems worth checking out. On the other hand, there is a procedure to be carried out on the Internet and schedules to respect. In addition, the visit is free. If you don't do the procedure, all you will see is this view. Frankly, uninteresting.

I took a walk around Ginza and frankly I stayed there for 30 minutes. It is the business district and the luxury shops. In short nothing extraordinary (after you can't know everything, there may be something to see). I know there is a great game and candy store called Hakuhinkan.

I walked past this building and found the contrast quite pleasant.

  • Visit Tsukiji Market

One thing you must do is take a tour of Tsukiji, you have the great Tsukiji fish market and the great Tsukiji halls where tons of fish are cut (which you can also visit, I advise you to do it elsewhere).

If you would like to take a guided tour with sushi tasting at Toyosu (the new great fish market) and Tsukiji (the old fish market), this is Ayaka, who offers to show you these markets (to make contact with she).

Salas Tsukiji:

In the corridors, as well as around the corridors, you will find small restaurants where you can eat excellent sushi. I must admit that I have never eaten such good sushi. To do!!!

Get in touch with Ayaka, she offers private guided tours of the two Tokyo markets with tasting, she's really cool;)

As you can see in the photo, this is a restaurant located in the covered market. And what you see is the tail. I think this was where the holy grall of sushi is. But next door there was another little restaurant with no queue so I went there and frankly it was very good. He couldn't see me waiting 1 hour ...

PS: It can also be nice to go and eat sushi out of the box. You can imagine that the cut starts very, very early ...

If you would like to take a guided tour with sushi tasting at Toyosu (the new great fish market) and Tsukiji (the old fish market), this is Ayaka, who offers to show you these markets (to make contact with she).

  • Visit the beautiful Hamarikyu Garden

A magnificent garden that I recommend is Hamarikyu. Perfect after a sushi tasting!

The contrast is quite crazy as the Hamarikyu garden is surrounded by buildings.

Count 500Y or € 4 to enter the park. At the bottom of the park you have a station to take the boat. Ask at reception, I wanted to join Odaiba but on Monday it was not possible. In short, a very nice garden to do!

  • GoogleMap plan to visit Chiyoda District, Ginza and Tsukiji Market:

If you would like to take a guided tour with sushi tasting at Toyosu (the new big fish market) and Tsukiji (the old fish market) markets, this is Ayaka who offers to show you these markets (to contact her) . To see all tours in Tokyo.

  • Visit the city of Tokyo Dome

A mini district that you must do is Tokyo Dome City. You will find many activities there, including a roller coaster that goes between the buildings, it is quite crazy. Count 1000Y or € 8. Frankly, do it if your little bunny hearts can :)

This is the official website of Tokyo Dome City.

  • El Onsen Aqua

Let's start with the crazy Aqua Onsen. You will have no problem finding it, there are signs everywhere.

The entrance fee is not given, count 3000Y or € 26 to be able to have access to the different hot baths. And if you want to access the floor that is reserved for the special big siesta with a crazy view of the city of Tokyo Dome, as well as the roller coaster, count 800Y more. For information I went there once at 17 pm then I went upstairs to go see, I had a kiwi pineapple juice (very good), 600Y or € 5, I went to bed and woke up at 20 o'clock.

A great experience, to do and redo !!!! I went back there on the last day, just before my departure, to tell you how happy it is! More information on the Onsen Aqua website.

  • Tokyo Dom Baseball Stadium

Count 2500Y or € 23 for the place. It's really interesting, the atmosphere is very nice. This is where we realize the influence of the United States. Between the halves, I don't know if you too will have the opportunity to see it, but more than a hundred cheerleaders did a show for almost 20 minutes, what happiness :)

This is the stadium from the outside, you can't miss it.

You will also find many shops, restaurants and galleries. This is where Tokyo Dome City is

  • Visit Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is located more than a hundred kilometers from Tokyo. However, it is still clearly visible from Tokyo. Mount Fuji is the symbol of Japan, it is also one of the favorite tourist sites for tourists. Take a tour of the Chureito Pagoda.

If you wish, you can stop by a travel agency for the excursion to Mount Fuji from Tokyo ...

Yes, visit mount fuji, it is best to go to Shinjuku station and then:

  • Take the JR Chuo Line to Otsuki (1h10) - Allow 1h15
  • Then take the Fujikyu railway line towards Kawaguchiko and stop at Shimoyoshida - Wait 40 minutes
  • Once in Shimoyoshida, walk for 5 to 10 minutes to the Chureito Pagoda, which will be signposted

Here I think you have something to do with this part! If you have other places to see (and God knows there must be), feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

If you want to visit neighborhoods with a local guide for one morning, one day… contact a guide like Shotaro, he knows his city like the back of his hand and you will really learn a lot about Japanese culture. Not to mention the good addresses to discover…!

3) Accommodation in Tokyo

Looking for accommodation in Tokyo? In which neighborhood to look for a hotel?

For my part, I found accommodation in Akebonobashi, which is east of Shinjuku, in a subway station. The price is lower than in Shinjuku district. The downside is that the last metro to get to Akebonobashi is at 1 in the morning, so if you miss the metro you will have to take a taxi, count 1300 yen, or € 10.

I think the Shinjuku district is ideal to stay because you are strategically close to everything. You are in the center of the sights to see. As you can see:

Accommodation in Shinjuku - Les Capsule district:

  • You have the capsule hotel Ace Inn Shinjuku, which is located near Akebonobashi station. The price is relatively low, after having to be ready to sleep in boxes / capsules. Look at the photos.
  • It also has the capsule hotel Kuyakusho-mae and the Booth Nestcafé, fancier than the Ace Innest in the Shinjuku district.
  • Dalila's comment: For information, the Ibis hotel in Tokyo is very well located (3 minutes from Shinigu station exit B 14), friendly staff, clean but a little small room.
  • Bouch's comment: A great address in Tokyo, the Shinjuku New City Hotel, a 10 minute walk from Shinjuku Station, BUT and that's the wonderful thing, they have a shuttle that leaves 3 times an hour, the return trip from the hotel to the station. We take it through the west exit of the station.
    Excellent location hotel, large enough room, fridge, kettle for morning tea, clean, affordable.

Other addresses in the same Shinjuku district:

  • The super hotel Shinjuku Kabukicho, ideally located with a really nice service, to see because they often offer discounted prices.
  • In the same price range you have Sunroute.
  • A well located and reasonably priced hotel, the Nishitetsu Inn.
  • A good address, the Tokyo Plaza Hotel, very well located.


I will not advise you to take a Ryokan, personally I do not find that a Ryoka in Tokyo is actually on the city line. Going to a Ryokan in Kyoto or a Ryokan in Takayama makes a lot more sense to me.

Anyway, if you have any good addresses, let me know at the bottom of the page!

  • Even if I don't recommend it, here is a very good ryokan near the Ueno district, the Ryokan Asakusa Shigetsu.

Otherwise, you also have or TripAdvisor. Take your time to compare.

4) Tokyo neighborhoods

To keep it simple, here is my custom map of Tokyo districts that I made before my departure, I don't know if it will help you, but at least you will have a pretty clear picture of the different districts of Tokyo.

You will find this map in my free guide (ready to print) that you can receive through the form at the end of the article.

I hope this Tokyo neighborhood map, will help you better prepare your visits ...

5) Tokyo Metro

So here's a not-so-easy part. Some will tell you that it is best to take the minimum price. That is, take the cheapest ticket, from memory it is 130Y and once you arrive you go back to a machine and pay the difference before leaving. The machine will calculate the price by itself.

Personally, I find this solution very, very painful. Keep in mind that you will take the metro at least 6 times during the day, so 6 * 130 = 780Y, or € 7. You have to know that there are also different companies, you have the Tokyo Metro, Toei Subway, the JR, in short it is not easy to understand their system, so for my part I took the one-day pass that brings together the lines of the Tokyo Metro companies and Toei Subway. The price is 1000Y or 8-9 €. At least you're calm, you don't have to worry anymore.

First of all you put the screen in English mode unless you speak Japanese but I doubt it. Then click on Budget Day Pass

Then select Toei & Tokyo Metro and voila, you're on top of the day. For your information, if you take the pass at 10 am it will be valid for the day only, until midnight. So if it's 17-20pm and you're only going to do one round trip, you don't need to take this day pass, take a single ticket at 130Y, you will pay the difference on arrival (as I said). he said a little higher).

Otherwise, you have three options:

  • Tokyo Open Day Ticket: ¥ 710 (€ 5,3). All travel on Tokyo subway lines only. Valid all day.
  • Common one-day ticket for Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway: ¥ 1000. All rides on Tokyo Metro and Toei lines. Valid for one day. This is the one I used to drink all the time.
  • Tokyo Combo Ticket: ¥ 1590. All travel on Tokyo Metro, Toei, and JR lines in Tokyo, as well as buses. The JR, frankly, can do without it.

/! Please note that children (ages 6-11 inclusive) generally pay half the price.

  • Tokyo subway map

To realize the size of this city, (or on the map) to enlarge the full map of the Tokyo metro. The Yamanote Line is in the center of the map, green line (black dotted line):

This is your best friend. You will find this map at all the information points located at each station. Ask the Japanese and take the opportunity to ask for directions at the beginning.

/! Tokyo subway council

It is normal to get a little back the first time you use the Tokyo subway. The language is different, the city is huge… But here are some tips that can help you.

  • Each line has a color code, you can find this color code on the subway.
  • Each station has a number, for example on the Shinjuku line (the green one, which you will use almost every day, believe me), you can see that Shinjuku station has the number 2, and that the station right after (Akebonobashi) has the number 3. A form that will allow you to know the direction of the line.
  • One more thing to know if you are on the right track. Once on the platform, the names of the stations through which the subway will pass will be written. You just have to look on your map to see if you are on the right track.

I hope I was clear enough, if not, you will learn on the job, it is not super complicated either :)

To give you even more information about the Tokyo metropolitan network.

6) Where to go out in Tokyo

So for starters, know that in Japan, as far as hours are concerned, it is generally like in France, it fills up around 00:30 am and closes around 5:30 am. As for the dress code, on the other hand, it is much more free than in France, so you don't have to put on your 31 ...

  • Dating in Tokyo in the Kabukicho district in Shinjuku

You will find everywhere on the web that you have to be careful in this district, which is extremely hot, we can just kidnap you. It's a great joke, you risk absolutely nothing, unless of course you do something (avoid taking pictures entirely).

You will find many tourists walking around without even knowing where they are. On the other hand, in this district they will approach you every 2 minutes to offer you to go to a disco with one or two free drinks, or they will offer you the services of a masseuse ...


It's not something to be afraid of anyway, just don't reply or tell them you're not interested (okay, I'm coming home). You can also ask them for advice if you are looking for a sushi restaurant ... Don't hesitate, they have always helped me personally.

Personally I don't necessarily advise you to follow the many resellers (often of African origin but also Japanese), most of the time it is to lure you to empty places (or almost) whose prices are higher than 'elsewhere.

  • Going out in Tokyo in the Golden Gai mini district in Shinjuku

Go for a drink at Golden Gai, a very nice mini neighborhood where it is good to eat some skewers and have a drink;)

FYI, even though it's called Golden Gai, it's not a gay neighborhood at all. There you will find many mini bars that give it a very warm atmosphere. Really ideal to meet people. I recommend it to you ;)

  • Dating in Tokyo in the Roppongi district

Roppongi is the district of clubs and bars (nearby you also have Kamakura). Located south of Shibuya, you will have a lot to do. Believe me For my part, I tried the V2 Tokyo box, located on top of a building, you have a crazy view of Tokyo. The box (although the entrance is expensive, € 20 with drink) is not bad at all, I recommend it. Don't forget your passport!

The atmosphere is really very nice!

Consumer price level, it is like in France, the derouille.


  • Dating in Tokyo in the Shibuya district

The Shibuya district is not bad for bars and clubs, but you will see that the clientele is quite young and does not speak English. That's weird already ...

Finally, if you are a big partygoer and you like big bad clubs, I recommend AgeHa, the biggest club in Tokyo in Shin-Kiba, but I didn't go so I won't give my opinion.

More information for ideas for outings / events / clubs by clicking here or here.

  • One night at the Onsen Aqua in Tokyo Dom City

Let's start with the crazy Aqua Onsen. You will have no problem finding it, there are signs everywhere.

Count 3000Y or € 26 to have access to the different hot baths. And if you want to access the floor that is reserved for the special big siesta with a crazy view of the city of Tokyo Dome, as well as the roller coaster, count 800Y more. Like I told you, you can also spend the night there, so don't stay in private. On the other hand they will not be 800Y but 1800Y I think.

More information on the Onsen Aqua website!

7) Tokyo city center from Narita and Haneda Airport

Travel time ?

Join Narita from Tokyo and vice versa

There are two ways to get to central Tokyo from Narita Airport:

  • The bus to get to Tokyo from Narita airport is the cheapest solution. To buy the ticket, go to the 'Limousine Bus' stop located on the first floor of the arrivals hall. The ticket costs about 1 yen (3,000 €). You have a bus every 22 minutes, so don't worry. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for plugs to exist, this is the great drawback of this solution. If there is no plug, count 20h1, but otherwise count 30h, and there it stings!
  • By rail:

Use the Narita Express to get to Tokyo (wait 2 hours). My accommodation is located in the Shinjuku district. Price 3.190 Y, or € 28. It is not cheap but it has the best value for money.

To purchase a Narita Express ticket, head to one of the JR East. Do not hesitate to ask for directions at the airport. Many Japanese are there to help tourists find their way.

Here's a map between Narita Airport and Haneda (to enlarge this map):

  • Rget to Haneda from Tokyo and vice versa

/! My flight left at 00:30 am, boarding ended at 23:30 pm I advise you to leave at 20:30 pm, that is, 3 hours before the end of the boarding time. In fact, although Haneda Airport is not as far as Narita Airport, it is not close either.

Don't be fooled by the grandeur of Tokyo. I almost missed my flight, because I left at 21:30 pm thinking that I will have a lot of time, big mistake !!

Something else you should know and that once again should force you to leave well in advance is that you have several stations in Haneda. The strange thing for me is that station 1 was written on my boarding pass when in reality my station was the International station.

And they don't sit close, so when you're in a rush it's a huge waste of time. See instead:

And on this map you can see that Terminal 1 and International Terminal are not close. So go early !! ;)

To get to Haneda Airport from Tokyo, you need to go to Hamamatsucho Station. Wait 25 minutes to get to the international terminal.

More information on canadainternational.

7) Useful information to visit Tokyo

Here is a little video that can give you some answers to your questions:

  • Advice on the JR Pass

You will find in my article: JR Pass 1 week, everything you need to know about the Japan Rail Pass and especially what you should not forget.

  • Food advice

One last little tip, or gift, to know that your rice is really very difficult to digest, for my part I had a hard time, so I had to make a little trip to the pharmacy to help my belly feel, let's say, lighter ...

So if you have this kind of problem, take this photo with your cell phone and show it to the pharmacist. Take just one, it won't work right away (within 24 hours), but it will at least help you. Don't worry, it's still controllable…;)

So there you have it, is this where this article ends? you're on top now. You are prepared for any eventuality!

The article was long, I admit it, but it is difficult to make it more condensed since Tokyo is gigantic. I hope your stay in the land of the rising sun is easier!

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