Watch a basketball game in New York

New York basketball game: local teams

The Knicks and the Brooklyn Net are the two New York teams par excellence. While the former play Madison Square Garden, the Nets are of course training in Brooklyn.

It is difficult to advise you to go see one team rather than another. If you haven't already taken sides, you'll have just as much fun in both. That said, the Knicks are a favorite with many locals, so this is surely the team to watch.

I strongly advise you to book your tickets online to save time, money and make sure you get a seat! Indeed, it is very complicated to get tickets the same day at the box office, especially during major matches (play-off, derby, etc.). And even if you're lucky to get places, they will be expensive. Personally, I always go through Superbillets which is in French, fast, reliable and offers the best prices on the market.

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Les Knicks de New York

The New York Knicks, founded in 1946, are an NBA team and play in the heart of New York City, in Madison Square Garden.

The name of the team comes from Knickerbockers, symbol of the big apple. Originally, it refers to old New York families, and comes from a book written by Washington Irving.

Also, this famous team has very famous players, such as Amar's Stoudemire, Ronny Turiaf or Carmelo Anthony.

The Nets of Brooklyn

As for the Nets, they are the team belonging to the Brooklyn Borough. Its name literally means "nets", a little nod to the sport itself, but also to other New York sports teams of the time: the Jets (NFL) and the Mets (baseball).

Created in 1967, the team first settled in New Jersey, under the name New Jersey Americans. Soon after, she moved to Long Island, where she was renamed the New York Nets.

Since 2012, the Nets have been in Brooklyn, playing at the Barclays Center. Moreover, it is the famous Jay-Z, shareholder of the team, who decided that it would be called "The Brooklyn Nets".

If your camp is already that of the Nets, you can book your tickets for one of their match using the button below:

Madison Square Garden, my favorite stadium

My preference is probably for the Madison Square Garden (The Knicks Stadium) which not only hosts sporting events, but also musicals and circus performances.

In addition, with a capacity of 19,763 seats (for basketball), Madison Square Garden has also already hosted Mohammed Ali and Mike Tyson… What makes it a legend, isn't it?

Also, it is located right in the heart of the city, at 4 Pennsylvania Plaza, which is very convenient if you are staying in Manhattan. To get there, go to St-Penn Station or St-Herald Square Station.

And if you're going to New York with your girlfriends, why not go support the WNBA Women's Team? The latter also plays at Madison Square Garden. This could turn out to be very interesting, and will change a bit!

New York basketball game: how much does it cost, and how to book tickets?

New York basketball game: ticket prices

Regarding prices, it is generally necessary to count between $ 70 and $ 90 for a basic seat in a Knicks basketball game. To see the Nets you would have to pay less, with tickets starting around 40 $.

So prefer a Brooklyn Nets game if your budget for New York is rather tight, and indulge yourself by going to see the Knicks if it's not.

That said, prices vary mainly depending on the opponents. So everything will depend on the match you choose!

Finally, the price will of course also depend on the location you choose. The closer you are to the field, the more you will pay. That said, I reassure you, you will see very well, whatever your place.

Reserve in advance by purchasing your tickets online!

You have the choice between buying your tickets online in advance, or on site, the same day, at the ticket offices of the stadium of your choice.

That said, I strongly advise you to buy online in advance. Indeed, once at the counters, and if you are still lucky to find places available, they will certainly not be the best, nor at the optimal price! You certainly don't want to spend $ 300 for a seat that's worth $ 50, do you?

Find out as soon as possible on the internet about the various matches taking place during your visit to New York. Then book online to save time and money, and print your tickets directly which will be sent to you by email.

As I told you above, I recommend the site Super tickets which you will have the pleasure of reading in French. The prices are very advantageous, and the site is secure. Also keep on hand when looking for tickets to shows and concerts.

Upcoming New York Knicks games at Madison Square Garden

Here is the list of the Knicks' upcoming games at Madison Square Garden. To view all matches or select a specific date, click here.


New York basketball game: some local tips

Once you have your tickets in your pocket, try to provide yourself with some typical accessories. A team cap and t-shirt, a foam hand, flag… You will be spoiled for choice in many shops, and of course on site. That said, I recommend that you do your little shopping in advance at stores in Times Square. It will cost you less than in the official store!

Also, be early, at least an hour. This will allow you to avoid any unpleasant last minute surprises, and take your time to settle in. Because yes, you will certainly want a hotdog, a beer or some snacks, and you won't be the only one! So allow time to queue at food stalls or restrooms.

And then, you will undoubtedly want to go around the stadium and admire the places a little, and that is quite normal.

Finally, once properly installed, enjoy! Take pictures, sing theamerican anthem at the start of the match (if you know it), shake your foam hand… And don't forget to have fun! Good night !

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