What are the best wine bars in New York City?

Do you miss France? Discover the best wine bars in New York!

Are you looking for the best wine bars in New York for a drink or a good bottle with friends at all prices? From the great vineyards of Bordeaux to the small independent Californian or Italian winegrowers. White, red, rosé, organic, biodynamic wines, wines from around the world, wines for aging, full-bodied, full-bodied, light, fruity, dry, sweet, sparkling wines… Does your palate like diversity? Take your pick from party wine bars or luxurious wine bars. In short, all types of wine bars for all wine lovers.

Here is a selection of the 5 best wine bars in New York to try during your stay. This selection is obviously very subjective, so share your good addresses in the comments!

1) Racines New York

The restaurant "Racines NY" was set up by a French oenologist and the cooking is carried out by a French starred chef Frédéric Duca very nice wine list with excellent wines and high quality cuisine an excellent welcome. For people still new to wine, the sommelier is most helpful and gives valuable recommendations. One of New York's hottest wine bars right now. 

 2) Humboldt & Jackson

3) Mulino to Wine

You wouldn't expect to encounter food from a two-star Michelin chef in a basement of one of the buildings in the Tribecca district. This restaurant where the wine and the food are excellent will transport you to the heart of Italy. At Mulino we choose the wine first and then take the dish, that's the rule! 🙂 If you are a lover of good wine, you cannot miss this bar. Without doubt one of the most secret places to drink a good bottle with friends. 

 4) Corkbuzz


5) Aldo Sohm Wine Bar


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