What is the origin of the flag of New York City?

The flag of New York City, an emblem!

Why is the flag of New York City tricolor? And why does it wear the blue-white-orange? Is there a link with the French flag? Fortunately not because these colors are indeed present to remind that the first colonizers come from the Netherlands.

The flag of the city of New York is tricolor (blue-white-orange) in the center we see the seal of the city.Here in detail the composition of the flag:

First, the date 1625 refers to the Dutch settlers, who founded New Amsterdam that year.

It is became New York in 1664 following the Second Anglo-Dutch War and in honor of the Duke of York (brother of King Charles II). She was rebaptisée «New Orange» and 1673 when a Dutch-Zealand fleet invaded the city. And it is with the Treaty of Westminster which concludes the end of the Third Anglo-Dutch War, that the city will definitively take the name of New York in 1674.

At the very top of the seal there is the bald eagle which has been the symbol of the United States since 1782 and not it is not the eagle as some might think.

Then there is two characters, Dexter, who represents a Dutch sailor / settler and Sinister an "American Native", together they hold the shield thus showing the union of the two peoples. For the little anecdote in Latin Dexter means right and Sinister, Left.

- two beavers are the emblems of the Dutch West India Company, this is the company that founded New Amsterdam.

The 4 wings of the windmill and the barrels of flour represent the New York industry which at that time had a monopoly on the manufacture and export of flour.

L'inscriptions "The seal of the City of New York» stands for "The Seal of New York". Eboracum being the Roman name for "York".

Good to know

  • The very first flag of New York City was all white and marked only with the seal.
  • New York City Hall also has the same flag with the difference that there are 5 stars above the seal.
  • With the last modification of the flag in 1977, the seal was modified by including the Latin motto and changing the date 1664 (date of the English possession of the city), by 1625 (date of the Dutch foundation of the city).
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