What to do in New York at night?

Night walk and shopping

Whether you are a sports fan or not, going to a game in the United States is a local experience Do not miss. American football, basketball, ice hockey… You are spoiled for choice, Americans love sport!

And then if you are in New York at the right time, go see the Knicks (the New York NBA team) or that of the Nets, from Brooklyn. Do you barely know the rules? Do not worry, you will go especially for the festive and friendly atmosphere that reigns there. Choose your side, buy your T-shirt, cap or giant foam hand, a hot dog, and off you go!

Cheerleaders, giant screens zooming in on the audience, wild and dancing spectators… It's really fun! And then, it's not at all the same atmosphere as in France.

Moreover, during my first stay in the United States, I had even attended a marriage proposal during an ice hockey game! What could be more American?

Tickets for this kind of event will cost you around 35-40 $. Everything will of course depend on the matches in question and the teams playing.

New York bars and clubs where to go out

Majority at 21

Finally, the Big Apple has countless bars and nightclubs to have fun. However, remember that you must be over 21 years old in order to consume alcohol, to buy it, and even to enter a bar or club in New York at night!

Your “ID” (identity card) will always be required at the entrance to nightlife venues or in the supermarket if you buy alcohol. So take care to have it with you.

However, I recommend that you leave your passport safe at the hotel. This will save you many complications in the event of loss or theft!

Also, forget your driver's license three-page rose: there is a good chance it will not be accepted. Yes, it is considered as an identity document in France. That said, the driver's license is so different in the United States that Americans will find it hard to take you seriously with your pink slip of paper. I think it is also better not to rely on your license in "card" format. Have your identity card, it is the safest.

And then, in any case, drink alcohol responsibly, of course!

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