When to go to New York?

1) Go to New York in Spring

From mid-March, the freshness is very pleasant and the sun which points the tip of its nose announces some increases in temperature. With the arrival of fine weather returns the pleasure of going out and reappropriating the outside world, New York being a city that can be explored on foot.

This is the best time for me to walk around and visit the parks and zoo.

2) Go to New York in summer 

In June, it is already much hotter. The months of July and August are known to be the most painful of the year, because the moist heat (temperatures approaching 40 ° C can be reached) is difficult to bear.


- If you decide to leave during this period, it is vital to bring rain gear, because you may encounter some thunderstorms.

- The infrastructures are relatively well equipped to cope with this heat: the buses or metro cars are air-conditioned (the stations are not), so are the shops, restaurants and hotels.

3) Go to New York in Autumn

Autumn gives the city a special charm (the temperatures are mild and the light is beautiful). it's Thanksgiving time the city has a magical side.

4) Go to New York in Winter

Winter in New York is harsh (for those with the cold to refrain), temperatures can drop below 0 ° C. A dry and cutting wind will make you want to take a stroll in the streets of New York. However the Christmas period can be the occasion of a stay, because the city is wonderful with all decorations. Lots of fun events and activities take place during these winter months.


- Winter is the period when flights, hotel rooms and other stays are the cheapest

- Many people around the world come to admire the shop windows and the city shines brightly ...


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