When to go to New York? Choose the season that suits you

Spring, a soft and calm season

The ideal season to discover New York on foot

You don't know when to go to New York, but don't like extreme climates like hot weather or snow? Maybe go for spring. In New York, the climate is mild, and the hordes of tourists have not yet invaded the city.

Also, temperatures are generally around 15 to 20 ° C between April and May. So if you like to walk, this is the perfect climate to enjoy the city on foot!

So walk from Midtown to Battery Park, passing through Chinatown and Brooklyn. Lose yourself in the streets and take your time. You will see many locals enjoying the ideal climate for jogging, walking their children or pets.

The return of outdoor events

Spring is also synonymous with the return of outdoor events! Picnics with friends, outdoor concerts and more will be on the menu.

There is also a parade on 5th Avenue taking place Easter day, between 10 a.m. and 16 p.m. What to do, especially if you are in New York with your children.

Regarding your suitcase, if you are leaving at the beginning of spring, prefer warm clothes: the temperatures are still quite low. If you are leaving later (around May) plan in particular light clothes, but do not forget a few warm pieces.

Good shoes will also be essential, as you can and will want to walk everything!

Summer: to enjoy New York's parks and terraces

A hot and touristy period

From June to the end of August, New York temperatures can be very high. They sometimes reach the 35°C ! With pollution, it is not always the most pleasant. So be aware of this, and plan on sunscreen and bottled water accordingly!

That said, New Yorkers are well organized: you will benefit from air conditioning in stores, subway cars, your taxi or hotel room. Don't worry about this.

Go for a picnic in Central Park, a boat trip to Prospect Park, or even a day at Coney Island to enjoy the beach.

Also, New Yorkers are rather rare in summer, and prefer to flee to rest. Because you know it: there are many vacationers in summer, no matter where! So if you don't know when to go to New York and are somewhat agoraphobic, avoid!

However, if you can handle the crowds and the heat then you will be delighted to stroll through the parks or discover many rooftop terraces. These, called "rooftops", are all the rage in the big apple! Rooftops are generally bars with an open terrace, offering a great view of the surroundings. They are as popular with locals as they are with tourists. Do not hesitate to discover a pair!

When to go to New York: what if you were partying in the summer?

In addition, the summer generally offers many events such as free concerts in Central Park, shows at the beaches of Brooklyn, not to mention the US Open (which begins at the end of August) or independence day. The latter takes place on July 4 and gives rise to many celebrations, including fireworks. A local experience not to be missed if you are in the area.

Finally, if you are in New York in June, you can experience the Swedish Mid-summer Festival which is held every year in June in Battery Park. You will spend a pleasant and festive moment while admiring the Statue of Liberty. Enough to make you beautiful New York memories!

To bring absolutely: a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, light clothes and a bottle of water!

When to go to New York? Fall may be the best season

A landscape sublimated by the colors

This is only my personal opinion, but it seems to me that fall is the perfect season for someone wanting to experience typical New York.

Let me explain: the temperatures are cooling down, which is nice when you walk a lot in the city. Then, the locals returned from vacation and slowly resume work, and many events mark the blow. In particular, many new exhibitions start in the fall.

In addition, the colors are of course sublime. Go for a bike ride at Central Park, or cross the Brooklyn Bridge to its park, and admire the leaves of the trees.

The perfect plan? Climb to the top of Rockefeller Center, and take in the colorful views from the Top of the Rock !

American Halloween

Finally, it is in autumn that takes place Halloween ! You already know, of course. But Halloween in the United States, and especially in New York, has nothing to do with Halloween at home! Here, the whole city is caught up in the game. Most of the shops, cafes and houses are decorated, and some restaurants even offer special dishes and menus for the occasion. My little favorite: the pumpkin ravioli, which you can enjoy in many restaurants at this time of year.

Also, feel free to play the game and buy yourself (or make) a costume before heading to a hosted party. 100% local experience guaranteed!

Winter: the magic of the holidays will captivate you

Freezing temperatures

Finally, the last season before the new year and renewal: winter. Temperatures can be low, very low. Sometimes going down to -30 ° C. Rest assured though, this is quite rare.

Also, it is sometimes a bit complicated to cross the city on foot during this period. Snow and cold will not be your best allies. Some will tell you that winter is the time to absolutely avoid, that your return plane will not take off, or whatever. Don't listen to them, New York in winter can be sublime!

This period is synonymous with cocooning, and you will have only one desire: to take refuge in a cafe and enjoy a « pumpkin latte » with muffins!

And then, in winter, you can indulge in ice skating in the Big Apple. Meet at the ice rink at the bottom of Rockefeller Center, or the one in Central Park. A very fun moment for young and old!

A festive period

Plus, winter in New York has that little something magic. The snow in the streets, the Christmas markets and its delicious scents… Without forgetting the essential Thanksgiving !

This quintessentially American holiday takes place towards the end of November, and if you're around at the time, take advantage! This is usually a family meal, but you can also spend it with friends or as a couple. Book a good restaurant, taste the typical dishes, and don't miss the show afterwards! Each year there is a Thanksgiving parade, covering 4 kilometers before ending in front of the famous Macy's store. Near 3 million viewers go there every year with family or friends to admire the balloons and fanfares. And then it's free, so take advantage of it!

Finally, you can admire in December the huge Christmas tree located in front of Rockefeller Center. It would be the largest Christmas tree in the world ! Also, don't miss the countdown to the new year in Times Square or the fireworks in Central Park!

And if you are in New York at the end of January, you can go to Chinatown and experience the unique atmosphere of Chinese New Year !

Note, however, that this period is generally quite popular with tourists, and tickets are therefore sometimes expensive.

A little later in the season, on March 17th precisely, the st patrick's day parade on 5th Avenue. Don't miss it, and enjoy the temperatures a little less freezing!

Finally, prepare yourself to make the most of this time. In particular, plan to wear a big down-jacket-style coat, as well as lined and waterproof boots. Scarf, hat and gloves are of course also required!

And behold, you should now have a little idea of ​​when to go to New York. Now, operation plane tickets and suitcase for New York!

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