Where have the limousines gone in New York?

New York: a fascinating city!

New York is a city that is constantly evolving, reserving you nice surprises Everytime. For example, new skyscrapers just as impressive as the already iconic ones are being built to please the eyes.

On the museums side, the MoMA, the Natural History Museum, the MET ... All are home to impressive collections and always attract many visitors.

The big brands are also the joy of fashions-addicts who always find their happiness among the many collections.

In the streets of New York, astonishment is also at its height: the traffic is dense, the famous yellow taxis are still present in the New York landscape and white smoke escapes from the sewers ...

New York is therefore a bewitching city synonym of surprises ! You will also be amazed by the culinary journey offered by the Big Apple! Indeed, between the typical restaurants and those offering cuisine from elsewhere, you will take a tour of the world of flavors: American, French, Italian, Thai, Chinese cuisine ... Excite your taste buds and discover new tastes!

On your next trip, you will also notice a detail: the black limousines with driver that are missing. But where are they?

New York limousines: a missing element in the NY landscape

The huge black cars with driver are missing ! This disappearance is due to several reasons: the development of Uber which makes it possible to move easily in New York, their difficulty in slipping into New York traffic and their high fuel consumption.

Limousines, thanks to which you could move in extreme comfort while giving your directions to the driver and while drinking a glass of champagne, therefore no longer seem relevant.

New York City therefore seems deprived of its black limousines. This means of transport, which made it possible to discover the city in a different way, has therefore disappeared and is missing from the final picture. To travel through the city, other means of transport are available to you. Metro, bus, yellow taxi… Choose the one you need!

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