Where to see the New York skyline? Here is the TOP 10 of the most beautiful panoramas

Skyline New York: the 10 most interesting places to admire and photograph it

1- Le Brooklyn Bridge

In New York, there is no shortage of iconic monuments. Among them is the Brooklyn Bridge (see our dedicated article), one of Big Apple's most famous bridges. Crossing it is an essential activity to plan on your list and for good reason! During your walk, you will have the chance to see symbolic monuments of New York such as the Empire State Building, but the best landscape is that of the skyline (to enjoy it, you have to leave Brooklyn to reach Manhattan).

The crossing of Brooklyn Bridge is free, so take the opportunity to contemplate the skyline several times! Moreover, to take beautiful photos, try to photograph it in the morning when the sun rises and lights up the landscape; the colors are simply beautiful!

2- Le Brooklyn Bridge Park

Romantic place, the Brooklyn Bridge Park is also the perfect place to recharge and escape the constant crowds of Manhattan. Very popular with tourists, this New York park is an interesting place to have a picnic on the lawn and along the East River when the weather is nice. But here you will also have the chance to contemplate the magnificent skyline and take beautiful photos.

So, after crossing the famous Brooklyn Bridge, linger a little while at Brooklyn Bridge Park (to learn all about this park, click here) and simply admire the breathtaking view of the skyline.

3- See the New York skyline from Liberty Island!

If you are planning to visit Liberty Island, it is undoubtedly to visit the Statue of Liberty, but once there, don't forget to take in the view of the skyline in front of your eyes. And if you have planned to climb to the top of the crown of Miss Liberty, the view will be all the more magnificent!

4- La Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Another great Brooklyn spot to admire the New York skyline is the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. Located on the banks of the Hudson River, this promenade (or Esplanade) is a popular place for locals and tourists wishing to stroll while contemplating NYC landmarks and the skyline. So, whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur, the Brooklyn Heights Promenade is the place for you to take beautiful shots of the "horizon"!

While waiting to visit it, here is everything you need to know about this walk.

5- Le ferry de Staten Island

Le ferry from Staten Island is a very practical and completely free means of transport. It connects Manhattan to Staten Island in about twenty minutes and during the crossing, you will see several symbols of New York such as the Statue of Liberty, but also the skyline. Do not hesitate to take the ferry during your stay and to take splendid photos of the skyline, try taking it in the afternoon; it is better highlighted.

In the meantime, here's a full article on the Staten Island Ferry to find out all about it!

6- Le Gantry Plaza State Park

Located in Queens, the Gantry Plaza State Park is a very pleasant place to walk on sunny days. But what makes it so fascinating is the stunning scenery it offers over the skyline and iconic Midtown landmarks. If you like to take pictures, choose the morning when the day breaks; the buildings have nice reflections, in the evening to enjoy a nice setting or at night when all the city lights are on.

Although less famous than Central Park, Gantry Plaza State Park is an ideal place to contemplate and photograph the skyline with a completely unobstructed view!

7- Skyline New York : le Manhattan Bridge

Le Manhattan Bridge is another New York bridge that connects Manhattan to Brooklyn. From this bridge, you will have a beautiful view of Chinatown and the New York skyline. Another advantage of this bridge: when you take your photos, there will be no steel wires in the middle unlike the Brooklyn Bridge.

8- L’East River Ferry

Here is another interesting way to see the New York skyline in its entirety: take theEast River Ferry. This ferry serves several stations and represents an economical and practical solution to reach Midtown. So, if you want to admire and / or take beautiful photos of the skyline, the ferry is another alternative to consider!

9- Weehawken

About twenty minutes from Manhattan, New Jersey and across the Hudson River, is Weehawken, whose boulevard is right in front of the New York skyline. Suffice to say that the view is magnificent, especially at sunset! To get there you can take the ferry that crosses the Hudson River from Manhattan Island and don't forget! During the crossing, keep your eyes open, because there too, the view is splendid!

10- Skyline New York : Paulus Hook

For this last place, I will also meet you in New Jersey, at Paulus Hook, located on the Hudson River just across from the Financial District. From here, you can see the One World Trade Center dominating the entire cityscape, but also the surrounding buildings. To get there, you can take the PATH (subway system that connects New Jersey to Manhattan). Once you arrive, sit on a bench or take a stroll along the Hudson River to take in the panorama before your eyes.

A word of advice: try to get there at the end of the day, the skyline will be all lit up!

With this top 10, you now know where to admire the New York skyline and take a picture of it. And if you can, don't hesitate to take a boat cruise (all the information is here); the skyline views are all the more impressive! Either way, don't forget your camera!

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