Where to sleep in New York

You want to know where to sleep in New York !? You want to know in which neighborhood to stay in in New York be close to the sites to see? In this article, I will guide you to find the accommodation in New York that suits you best. I will also tell you about the subway line that allows you to be close to the heart of New York without being in the middle of Manhattan .. Come on!



1) What neighborhood to sleep in in New York

Before giving you the list of good places to sleep in New York (shared by Internet users, by the way, do not hesitate to share yours), there are three four things you should know to avoid wasting time. for your research.

  • First of all, keep in mind that it is very difficult to find accommodation in a great location at the right price without compromising. When I speak of concessions, I simply speak of comfort or distance.
  • We often waste a lot of time carrying our bags to the hotel, so it is best to get rid of them as soon as possible. The location of the hotel (by means of the connection with the metro / shuttle that allows you to get to the airport) is therefore an important advantage to not lose half a day ... I will give you in this article the average (s) (s) for getting to New York from the airport.
  • So whether you stay in Brooklyn, stay in Queens, stay in Harlem or New Jersey… you can imagine that the prices will be much cheaper than in Manhattan.
  • However, accommodation is a key factor in discovering a city, so I think it is important that your hotel is well positioned. So I looked for addresses located in Manhattan.

That is, housing in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood, housing in the Times Square neighborhood, as well as in the Midtown or GreenWich Village neighborhood.

  • Because here?

Because if you don't know New York, I think the best thing is to be in a good position, so you don't waste time traveling to the center of the city. If, on the other hand, it is not the first time and you know New York a little, it would be good to look for a more remote neighborhood, less touristy and, therefore, more local.

Some addresses are a little further but close to a metro station, allowing you to reach the center in 10-15 minutes maximum.

Once again I thank Internet users for sharing their good addresses.

2) Where to sleep cheap in New York

So here are some addresses that Internet users have shared. Count all the same 90 and 140 $ per night for a double room.

  • The Belnord Hotel, very clean and close to the metro and central park.
  • Next to him you have the Broawya Hotel proposed by Julien. Good address. There is a metro station right next door.
  • Are you a small group of 4 to 6 people? Therefore, a very nice hotel that allows to compensate the Airbnb, the Best Western Plus Hospitality House. Very well located, the apartments are spacious and the breakfast is at the top, in short to see !!
  • Marie's Address: A good address located in Central Park, West Side Ymca. There is a good quality price relation. 50 meters from the central park and near a metro station. Very, very good address. The location is great. Free wifi, hammam and pool open at night, very valuable to relax.
  • The Vanderbilt YMCA is also a great address, very well located. Clean hostel with single, double and quadruple rooms.
  • A youth hostel, the Harlem Ymca, located next to the subway and not very expensive.

3) Where to stay in Manhattan

If you have the means a little more (€ 100 - € 250 a night). Take a look at the following hotels:

  • Pod 39 or Pod 51: 2 modern hotel addresses with small rooms
  • Aloft Brooklyn - Located in Brooklyn, this hotel is good value for money
  • Room Mate Grace: recently renovated, the rooms are nice and the hotel is well located

4) Sleeping in New York - Greenwich Village side

The Greenwich Village neighborhood is a very nice neighborhood to stay in New York. As you can see on the map below, it is ideally located, allowing you to be close to the sights of New York.

  • You have the Four Point, which often offers discounted prices, so a must see!
  • Address given by Audrey: We stayed at Hotel Jane, which is a clean, nice neighborhood and they also offer bikes, which is really nice! However, the metro station is 200 meters away. Take a look anyway because it's a good plan.
  • The Chelsea Inn, on the outskirts of the Greewich Village district, is a good plan, because it is well located and the area is nice to see.


5) sleep in New Jersey

Before giving you directions, you should know that I do not recommend sleeping in New Jersey, because the level of transportation is not good. If you absolutely want to stay in this area, find accommodation between NewPort Station and Exchange Place Station.

Between these two stations, you have two districts, Hudson and Paulus Hook, so this is where I advise you to stay:

  • You have the DoubleTree hotel that offers discounted prices.
  • CandleWood is also a good plan.

6) An AirBnb in New York?

You are more Airbnb and have questions about Airbnb legislation in New York, read the comments at the end of the article. There are many concrete cases when it comes to booking Airbnb in New York.

When it comes to AirBnbs in New York, the question of legality comes up a lot. In fact, what is illegal is for the owner to rent his apartment for less than 30 days if he is not present on the premises. If you are present and therefore rent a room with the locals, it is legal. In short, you should not rent an empty apartment because it is illegal.

Well here it is, I think you have all the information to know where to sleep in New York, I hope you find your happiness!

  • And you, where did you stay in New York?
  • What district do you prefer?

If you find other good plans, please share !! ;)

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