Where to sleep in Prague

Searching where to sleep in prague to easily visit the city? Cheap hotel in Prague? How to get to your hotel in Prague from the airport! In this article I tell you everything you need to know to visit Prague easily.

For those in a hurry, I recommend 2 areas of accommodation in Prague, the purple area (old town side) and the orange area (Mala Strana district). These 2 areas are connected by the magnificent Charles Bridge.

In this article "where to stay in Prague"Discover:

  • Where to find a hotel in Prague
  • Some ideas for a trip for your stay (the one I recommend is at least taking a small boat cruise on the Vltava - more information here).
  • Directions to find out where to sleep in Prague, where to stay in Prague
  • How to get to your budget hotel in Prague from the airport
  • Where to go out in Prague

Upon my return, I created a FREE Prague guide to receive it directly to your mailbox. In this Prague guide, you will find my GoogleMap of must-see sights, neighborhoods, and addresses for the night, and this is ready to print:


1) What neighborhood to sleep in in Prague

Prague is a city steeped in history with impressive architecture. But it is also a city with a warm atmosphere where life is good.

Before counting where to stay in Prague, here is a map of your Prague districts to locate you a bit. Please note that the must-see places in Prague are in the Old Town and the Mala Strana district. Therefore, it is in these districts where we must sleep in Prague.

If you have time, you can take a walk around the Smíchov neighborhood and Nové Město / Vyšehrad (the new town). Furthermore, it is in Smíchov, where Mozart lived, that the Staropramen brewery is located.

It may be worth organizing a guided tour with a host who knows Prague. If you like guides, here is a link that can help you in this research.

2) Where to stay in Prague to be close to everything

It is between the old town and the Mala Strana district where the Charles Bridge is located, and you will pass it more than once. I will give you good hotel addresses right after this part, so that you understand why I advise you to stay in this or that district in Prague:

  • Here is the GoogleMap of visits to Prague, Old Town side (to enlarge this GoogleMap):

Here are some must-see places in this district:

  • Old Town - Old town district

Staré Město is the old town and the ideal place if you want to know where to sleep in prague if you want to be in the middle of the action. In Staré Město you will find the medieval astronomical clock, designer shops and something to liven up your evenings.

  • Old town square (where the astronomical clock is located, built in 1410)

This square is really a very nice place, do not hesitate to take advantage of one of the many terraces.

Now we cross the Charles Bridge to reach the Mala Strana district which is called the "little quarter", it stretches below the Prague Castle (Pražský hrad) and the Cathedral of St. Vitus.

Here is the GoogleMap that allows you to see what to visit on the other side: to enlarge this map

You have many things to visit on this side such as:

  • Prague Castle (Castillo de Praga)

Pražský hrad, is one of the must-see monuments to do when you go out visit plagueIt completely overlooks the old town and the Little Town.

This castle is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest ancient castle in the world!)

If you visit the interior (the exterior is free) you can admire the Crown Jewels of Bohemia. for a guided tour of the castle and the Cathedral.

  • Catedral de San Guy

Incredible Gothic-style cathedral and is the largest and most important church in the country.

Its construction lasted almost six centuries from 1344 to 1929. The cathedral is located within the walls of Prague Castle. The entrance is free but to get closer you will have to pay. for a guided tour of the castle and the Cathedral.

3) Directions to know where to stay in Prague

Here we are, where to sleep in prague, where to stay in Prague to be close to the places to see.

The following addresses are in the purple area, so they are ideally located!

Where to stay in Prague, Old Town:

Here is a cheap accommodation in Prague that I was able to find and that Internet users have advised me (feel free to leave a comment or send me an email to share your good addresses).

  • A stone's throw from the old town square, very well located, you have the Leon d'Oro residence, a must-see!
  • One (rather fancy) hotel that often offers discounted rates is the Umalvaze residence. Super well located!
  • Another good address, Pension U Lili, perfect location. Pension Karloka, which often offers attractive prices and is located a stone's throw from the Charles Bridge.
  • You are more Airbnb, search in this same area.
  • The Cloister Inn Hotel is also a tip to see! They also offer discounts.
  • If what you are looking for is very very elegant, you have the Pachtuv Palace hotel, and its beautiful view of the Charles Bridge, here we are at the top of the top! More info here.

Where to stay in Prague, Mala Strana district side:
Another place you can stay in Prague is in the Mala Strana district. It is very quiet and ultimately not far from the city center. Here is a small selection:

  • The Charles Bridge eco is a very good plan, quite elegant. Have a look!
  • You also have the U Krise, which is just down the hill from Petrin.


A good tip (private apartment), which has been gaining momentum for some time, is Airbnb! Take 5 minutes to compare the prices of these apartments and hotels (it is often much cheaper)!

I also went through these types of sites to find my accommodation. Located right in the center, 5 minutes walk from the great astronomical clock maximum. For 3 people it cost me € 90 / night. Apartment with kitchen, 2 bedrooms and terrace.

4) Arrive at your hotel from Prague airport

You will land at Ruzyně International Airport (or Prague International Airport). for tips on finding a plane ticket.

  • Get to your hotel by taxi - approximately 25 min.

It will cost you 600 CZK (about € 20) depending on where in Prague you go. Be sure to take a taxi from the
exit (RadioTaxi AAA or 111, they are yellow). Normally all drivers speak a minimum of English.

For my part, I was fortunate to meet a resident of Prague, as he lived in Paris for a few years. The advantage is that you can pay it directly in euros without being taxed on the exchange rate. Here's your card, it's a gift;)

/! Some shops, restaurants or taxis offer you to pay in euros, but in general the exchange rate applied is not very good. When in doubt, it is better to always pay in Czech crowns, it will save you a very bad change!

It is best to pick up at one of the machines located on your right when leaving the arrivals hall (but it is better to pick up at the small central located in the city center. In any case, avoid the exchange office located in the corridor arrival with luggage ... you would have a very bad rate More information about the change on this page.

My advice (if you don't stop by my partner Michal Capek :)) is therefore to simply take out 1000 crowns (€ 40) for transport. You will retire once in the center.


  • Getting to Prague by public transport, the cheapest solution!

The ticket you buy directly at the arrivals terminal (or directly at the bus stop if you have change) will cost you 32 CZK. The stops are located in front of the main exit of Terminals 1 and 2.

Take bus 119 to your terminal "Nadrazi veleslavin", then take the metro or tram depending on your final destination. Travel: about 45 min.
You also have the slightly faster "AE" (airport express) shuttle service, which will cost you between CZK 40-60 depending on your stop in the city center (Dejvicka, Namesti Republiky, Masarykovo Nadrazi or Hlavni Nadrazi).

But if you don't want to worry and the language barrier scares you a bit, book now and a driver will be waiting for you with a sign like VIP :) / p>

  • € 1 = 27 Czech crowns (CZK).
  • € 40 = a 1000 CZK note.

5) Where to go out in Prague

  • Where to go out in Prague to see a show, concert, opera ...

If you prefer ballet, opera ... Find out about the program of the Prague National Theater! It is right next to the Most legii bridge. If you are looking for a concert, an opera.

You can also get information about the program at Rudolfinum. The Rudolfinum is located right next to the Manesuv Most Bridge. Many orchestras perform there. for the Rudolfinum program.

  • Where to go out for a drink in Prague?

Prague has countless interesting little bars. Therefore, you will have no trouble finding your happiness. Know that Prague ranks first on the podium of the world's biggest beer drinkers, so don't be surprised to see big pints of beer at 1am! Beer is not alcohol to them and the worst thing is that they seem to digest it well since they are all quite thin.

  • If you go with a friend and you don't want to worry, I can only recommend this little pre-night program that will allow you to warm up, a good way to start the evening;)
  • Riverside café Le Kristian Marco

To end a day I must admit that the cafe by the river Kristian Marco was my favorite, in fact I went twice. Situated between the Charles Bridge and the Most Legii Bridge (right next to the latter), this is a really very nice place, it is an open air bar on the river, offering magnificent views of the old town and the castle.

Sunset is a good time to be there. They have cheap beers, live music and 2 barbecues to nibble on. The atmosphere is very warm. Go! Address: Smetanovo nábřeží 995/6, 110 00 Praha, Czech Republic

  • Le Café Lávka (Novotného lávka 1 Prague 1)

Located right next to the Charles Bridge, Lavka Café is famous for its magnificent terrace in the sun with views of the Charles Bridge, Saint Guy's Cathedral… Ideal after long walks! Prices are reasonable, treat yourself.

  • Le U Maleho Glena (Karmelitska 374/23, 118 00 Praga)

A very good place to listen to jazz in a typical place, have a beer or cheap cocktails and have a snack at the bar. The atmosphere is very nice and the servers very friendly. Have a good night in Prague!

  • Le Zlaty Strom (Karlova 187/6, 110 00 Prague 1)

Located a stone's throw from the Charles Bridge, here is a typically Czech address, it is the place where the youth of the city leave. Composed of 3 levels. In the 1st, you will find a quite nice bar where alcohol is not expensive and the atmosphere is party. In the second, you will find a disco (techno). On the third floor, it is a strip club. It is up to you to choose which of the three levels you would like to spend the night on!

Well this is where the article ends, I hope it helped you to know where to sleep in prague!

See you soon!

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