Where to sleep on Reunion Island

You want to know where to sleep in Reunion ? In which city to leave suitcases and look for accommodation in Reunion? Wondering whether to stay in the same hotel during your visit to Reunion? How to get to your hotel from Roland Garos airport? In this article I answer your questions.

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  • How to get to your hotel from Roland Garros airport in Saint Denis?

1) Where to sleep during your stay in Reunion

Before advising you something, it is good to know how the island of Reunion is designed, know what there is to visit, and how we move with the travel times ... This will allow you to better know the typography of the island and therefore know where to stay in Reunion !

First of all, know that the island can be divided into 4 different parts:

  • North of Reunion, there are the most beautiful beaches, as well as many tourist activities.
  • The south, with wilder landscapes. Perfect to discover nature.
  • The central part: the Maïdo moat, the Mafate cirque (around Hell-Bourg, perfect for hiking) and the Piton de la Fournaise volcano, which allow for magnificent walks.
  • The east of the island, which has a lot of relief but which must be reached by passing through Saint André. This part allows you to explore the Cirque de Salazie that is located around Hell-Bourg.

I will not go into the details of your stay in Reunion, but know that I created an article on this topic that will give you an itinerary to visit Reunion in 2 or 1 week step by step, with GoogleMap maps. ...

If you are going to go to Reunion Island for a week, here are some essential points (once again I go into more details in the article "What to visit in Reunion Island"):

  • Whale watching excursion
  • Lagoon: Saint Gilles les Bains, the Hermitage beach
  • San Pablo Market
  • Walk in the Salazie circus
  • Maïdo walk
  • San José and surroundings: Grande Anse beach (a stone's throw from Saint Pierre) Grand Galet waterfall
  • Discovery of the Piton de la Fournaise volcano
  • Drink a Dodo beer and eat a cart at a local restaurant.
  • Ok, that's fine, but still haven't you told us where to put our bags in Reunion?

Yes, I can, but you have to understand why I recommend this or that city! Just read this part and you will understand:

Here is a map of the different travel times that await you on Reunion Island. You will see that distances can sometimes be misleading. Therefore, it may be interesting to change hotels during your stay in Reunion. Here are some examples of travel times in Reunion:

  • Saint-Denis - Saint-Paul: 25 minutos
  • Saint-Denis - Saint-Philippe: 1h45
  • Saint-Denis - Hell-Bourg (circo Salazie): 1 hour
  • Saint-Denis - Saint-Louis: 45 minutos
  • Saint-Denis - Cilaos: 2 hours
  • Saint-Paul - Piton de la Fournaise: 2h
  • San Luis - San Pedro: 35 min
  • San Pedro - San Felipe: 1h
  • Hell-Bourg - Saint-Pierre: 2 hours
  • Hell-Bourg - Cilaos: 3 hours
  • So, which city do you recommend to stay on on Reunion Island?

Well, it is in Saint-Gilles that I will advise you to find a hotel in Reunion! It is the central point of the essential visits of the island. So to answer your question where to sleep in Reunion, it's in Saint Gilles!

2) Where to stay on Reunion Island - Saint Gilles les Bains

Personally, I advise you to stay in St Gilles les Bains during your stay. It is quite a tourist city, close to beautiful beaches. It allows you to easily hit the road for your visits to the island of Reunion. This is why many of my GoogleMaps go through Saint Gilles les Bains.

  • Dónde sleep in Saint Gilles les Bains:

So the best is the purple area because it is the entire city center of Saint Gilles les Bains and the Roches Noires beach is accessible on foot, on the other hand we do not always swim there in my memory, there is a net for sharks and it must be checked to allow swimming.

When you sleep in the Hermitage, it is a bit far, there are only hotels and not necessarily shops or entertainment. Boucan Canot is fun to live in, but there is no lagoon and it is a little less lively than St Gilles.

You will have understood that it is rather in the purple area that I advise you to stay in Reunion, that is to say in Saint Gilles Les Bains.

  • The Grand Bleue hotel is very well located, in addition to offering good value for money, it is still a hotel of a good standard but they offer discounts, to see!
  • Otherwise less expensive and very good, you have the hotel on the beach, to see!
  • Even cheaper the Cocothim that does not offer anything exceptional, but is well located, which is the most important thing for me ...

Take a look at Airbnb if you can't find a place to sleep in Saint Gilles les Bains:

  • All right and can we party in Saint Gilles?

The best place to go out on Reunion Island is still the north of the island, which concentrates the heart of tourist activity. Saint Gilles les Bains is the city with the most bars and restaurants. It is suitable for young and old (in short, it is best for everyone).

  • Bars and discotheques:

LeCubana Club, a small disco with a relaxed atmosphere and good cocktails. The Villa Club, known for being one of the best places to have fun on the island.

  • Where to go out in Boucan Canot?

Close to the beach, you will find many bars and restaurants in Boucan Canot. A lively and very pleasant place, perfect to admire the sunset. Le Kivala, restaurant and bar with delicious cocktails. Bambou Bar, with an original decoration, this restaurant and beach bar will make you have a good time.

3) Where to sleep in Saint Pierre on Reunion Island

But if you follow the itinerary I gave you (see my article “what to see in Reunion”), you may want to head south for a few days to make your getaways easier. San Pedro will then be a good alternative.

  • Where to sleep in Saint Pierre in Reunion

As much in the city center as you can walk to the seashore, you have the Caze du Lagon. The St Pierre hotel is more expensive but sometimes offers discounts. Remember to book in advance, as you can see there are not many hotels, suddenly the prices go up ...

You also have the Le Lagon Suffren apartment which offers discounts and is in a great location, a must see!

If you can't find what you're looking for, visit Airbnb!

If you are visiting Reunion mainly for hiking, you can also sleep two nights in the village of Hell Bourg. In fact, it is from here that most of the walks to the Salazie circus begin.

4) Where to sleep in Hell Bourg for a hike

  • Where to sleep in Hell Bourg on Reunion Island

You have the hotel room L'orchidée Rose, the rooms are comfortable, the breakfast abundant and the view of the Circus and the owners can advise you on activities. It also has the governors relay, 2 well placed addresses.

5) Information and security in Reunion

  • Do we have to have a passport, a visa?

You are entering a French apartment, so an identity card is sufficient. But if you want to visit Mauritius, you will need to have a passport with you.

  • Health on Reunion Island:

The sanitary conditions are similar to those in France, so there is nothing to report.

  • Safety on Reunion Island:

No perceived insecurity. Bear in mind that there are many stray dogs on the island but they are not aggressive, on the contrary, they are quite fearful.

The greatest danger on Reunion Island continues to be sharks. For your safety, it is advisable not to swim on beaches where swimming is prohibited, even in shallow depths.

  • Currency and payments

The currency of Reunion is the euro. Many distributors are located in cities and towns on the island. Payment by credit card is common in shops and restaurants. The tip is not mandatory.

  • Driving in Reunion:

The road infrastructure in Reunion is generally of good quality. A road allows you to go around the island: the N1 after St Denis, which becomes the route des Tamarins to the west, then the N2 between St Pierre and St Denis.

6) How to get to your hotel on Reunion Island from Roland Garros airport

  • Transfer from the airport:

Have you just arrived at St Denis de la Réunion airport, more precisely at Roland-Garros airport? If you want someone to wait for you with a sign with your Name + Surname.

  • Bus transfer

To get to Saint Gilles les Bains from Roland Garos airport, you can take the T line that connects Sainte Marie airport with Saint Pierre in the west of the island.

The trip takes about 1 hour and will cost you 2 euros. The ticket is sold by the driver. If you are staying in the south of the island, you can take the ZE line that goes from Saint Denis to Saint Benoît.

  • If you want someone to wait for you with a sign with your Name + Surname.
  • Taxi transfer

The trip to Saint Denis will cost you around 20 euros and 40 euros or more to get to Saint Gilles.

  • Car rental

This is undoubtedly the best solution for your stay. A rental car will allow you to move freely and visit places that are not accessible by bus. You will find many international rental companies (Europcar, Hertz, Budget) and some local agencies (Tropicar). The price varies between 30 and 40 euros per day for a small city car. The price / quality ratio seems particularly good at ADA. https://www.ada-reunion.com/

  • Airport transfer:

Available 24 hours a day, this service is available from 24 euros per person. The price increases according to the distance.

Well there you go, I think you have all the keys in hand to know where to sleep on Reunion Island !

Do not hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom of the page to give me your impressions, share a good address, a hotel, a bar ... Sharing is good;)

  • And where did you leave your bags on Reunion Island?
  • Do you have an interesting address to share?
  • Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

See you soon!


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