BD FRESCOES in the streets of BRUSSELS

If you come to visit Brussels, you will inevitably come face to face with one of the many comic book frescoes painted on the walls of the buildings. Then, one thing leading to another, we see a second, a third… and we feel like we want to see “all” of them! We made you a small compilation of our “route-frescoes” in the streets of the Belgian capital.

Comics in Brussels

La Belgium, the cradle of the 9th Art, gave birth to a number of comic strip characters such as Tintin, Spirou, the Smurfs and Lucky Luke, to name only the best known. In Brussels, we are very proud of this breed and we find it almost everywhere in specialized shops, in hotels, in the metro, in museums and even in the street!


Comic strip frescoes in the streets of Brussels

Here is another nice surprise as only Brussels has the secret: to bring the 9th art to the surface in the public space, on the walls of buildings! It's unexpected and pretty, quite simply. To not miss any of these walls decorated by the most illustrious names in Belgian comics (there are nearly 50!), download the complete map of the Brussels comic strip route. But in my opinion, the best is really to walk there, to get lost and to fall, randomly on the streets, on one of them to savor each fortuitous discovery. And then, if you don't see them all… it's not that bad, is it?


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