Visit Bali in 2 weeks and where to stay in Bali

Visit Bali in 2 weeks and where to stay in Bali
Visit Bali in 2 weeks and where to stay in Bali

Do you want to go to visit Bali ? To know what to see in Bali? You don't know how to get there or where to sleep in Bali during your stay? You need a 2 week roadmap in Bali? In this article, I give you all the good tips to know where to go in Bali, what to do or how to move when you are on the island so that you have a wonderful stay.

Here is the action plan of the article for your trip to Bali (feel free to use the menu on your right to access the different parts of the article):

  • The history of Bali, for your general culture, it is always good to take it :)
  • How to get around the island of Bali
  • Some references to assess your budget that you will need for these two weeks of travel in Bali
  • My Bali roadmap to visit Bali in 2 weeks
  • My good addresses where to sleep in Bali:
  • Visit Ubud and where to sleep in Ubud
  • Visit Kuta and where to sleep in Kuta
  • Visit Munduk and where to sleep in Munduk
  • Visit Balian Beach and where to sleep in Balian Beach
  • Visiting South Bali and Where to Stay in South Bali

My stay in Bali was really fantastic, the people are very welcoming and the landscapes really beautiful (like in the postcards). For me, 2 weeks is really the minimum time to spend on the island of Bali given the impressive amount of things to see and the distances to cover (they seem short on the map, but the Balinese drive at a fairly comfortable pace, like 80 in what serves as a highway).

So truth be told, if you have 3 weeks to visit Bali, it's even better (because you will have time to see Gili, Nusa and Lombok islands). Negotiations with your boss are likely to be tumultuous ...

/! Beware of speedboats to go from one island to another (see this comment).

1) Introduction and history of Bali

Bali is one of Indonesia's many islands, famous for its beautiful beaches, idyllic surf spots, and sumptuous temples.

In this country you will not get lost at all. Although the spoken language is Bahasa Indonesian, you should know that the Balinese speak English without any problem and therefore you will be able to make yourself understood if you master the Shakespearean language a little.

Bali is indeed a very touristy island that attracts thousands of travelers / surfers from all over the world (and in particular many Australians, for whom it is one of the most coveted holiday destinations).

Therefore, the local population had to adapt to mass tourism and that is why everyone speaks more or less English.

The Balinese are mainly of Hindu religion and have magnificent temples scattered throughout the island. Religion is an integral part of your daily life.

I put here a small YouTube video to give you an idea of ​​what your trip to the island will be like:

  • So how much is this story going to cost me, huh?

I give you here some references to estimate the budget you will need for 2 weeks in Bali.

In Bali, 1 euro is roughly equal to 15.000 Indonesian rupees. You will quickly get the impression of being very, very, very rich, but that doesn't mean you have to flambé, eh?

Your purchasing power, however, has nothing to do with what you might have in Thailand or India. For a two-week trip to Bali, count around 1000 euros (flights not included) if you want to do activities and not have to sleep in dirty hotels.

To give you an idea of ​​the prices there, you can eat in typical Balinese restaurants for 20.000 rupees (1,5 euros) or give yourself a massage for the modest sum of 60.000 rupees an hour (€ 4).

On the other hand, I would like to point out that alcohol is highly taxable and prices for alcoholic beverages are very high. In addition, the price of alcohol is almost the same in bars or supermarkets so for once you prefer to go to bars because you will also have the atmosphere and the meetings.

A pint of Bintang (local beer) costs around 35.000 rupees (2,5 euros). Beer costs you almost double the price of food….

Apart from that, also count a hotel budget of 250.000 rupees / night (around € 20) for a room (single or double bed) and also a transport budget of around 40.000 rupees (€ 3) per day.

  • And how do I get to Bali by helicopter?

To go to Bali, the journey is quite long but the game is worth it. It will take no less than 15 hours to reach Denpasar International Airport (Bali) with a stopover in Kuala Lumpur or Hong Kong. The flight back to Bali costs an average of 700 euros if you do it at least in advance.

2) How to visit Bali

As the island of Bali is very small, you will not have 300 means to move. You basically only have two!

  • Rent a scooter in Bali

When I arrived in Bali, I immediately met a Frenchman who was finishing his month-long trip to the island and who told me a little what to do but above all he convinced me. the most practical way to travel around the island: the Scooter.

So why the scooter? The island of Bali is full of remote little places, secret rice paddies or temples to visit that you can only see by renting a scooter. In addition, the distances to travel are really very short and, therefore, it is much more practical and economical to travel by scooter than by taxi.

In the photo, I don't know why, but suddenly I wanted to buy 2-3 small pots to give to mom. I admit it, at the airport it was not very practical:

You will be able to rent your scooter anywhere when you arrive at Kuta beach for your first night. FYI, I stayed on the island for a month and rented my scooter for just 600.000 rupees (€ 40) after many negotiations (I knew I could get it for that price).

Be careful because scooter rental companies will try to rent you for 2 or 3 times the price, stick with the negotiations even if it means changing the rental company to lower prices. And necessarily, the more you rent it for a long period of time, the less it will cost you (for short periods, you will rent it around 40.000 rupees per day, or € 3).

One last tip, given the traffic in Bali, take a scooter in poor condition so as not to be afraid of damaging it (or having it stolen) during your stay. The risk of theft is very unlikely in Bali but on the other hand, be very careful on the roads, drive slowly and wear a helmet because the traffic can be quite dense at times ... And not all Balinese drive Schumacher.

Gasoline does not cost much either and for a full one at the gas station you will spend the modest sum of 25.000 rupees (€ 2), in short, the scooter is for me the best way to get around Bali and it will certainly allow you to reach totally inaccessible places in car (or too far on foot).

Something else that has nothing to do with it, but if you are going to rent a scooter for travel to balipay close attention to the size of your travel bag. It may seem silly but I ended up with a 15 kg bag on my scooter, and I assure you it made me laugh a little ... It is also very silly because you have concierge services that are not going to cost you almost anything everywhere in the world. island.

So I had to buy a small backpack, move some things there and leave my large bag in a hotel in Kuta so that I could travel freely on my little scooter (bag that I finally returned without any problem at the end of my trip. Stay).

So I repeat, take only the bare minimum:

One last thing: if you rent a scooter in Bali, be careful not to drive at night. The roads have many potholes but above all you can receive torrential rain at any time. And there, who says rain says storm, who says storm says that I stop directly at the first hotel I find ...

I tell you this because once or twice I had to pay for nights in a hotel when I had already booked my room in another ...

And finally, you may meet police officers on the road who can stop you at any time because you may not have a helmet or just for an unexpected little check of your driver's license (which you will have obviously left at the hotel).

Without papers, it is the address of the police station ... Therefore, it will be necessary to get hold of the 100.000 rupees miraculously stuck in the front wheel of my scooter ...

  • Traveling by taxi in Bali

The taxi is a much more expensive way to get around the island but certainly much safer than the scooter (although in the end the scooter is not really dangerous since the Balinese drive quite slowly). For example, a trip from Ubud-Kuta (35 km) will cost you a modest 200.000 rupees (€ 14) by taxi.

If you are spending your 2 weeks in a taxi, plan for a fairly substantial taxi budget. Besides that, once in the villages, you will almost have to rent scooters for the day (the places to see may be distant about twenty kilometers around the city where you live). In Ubud, for example, it is impossible not to rent a scooter as the sites to see are very far from each other.

Therefore, the taxi remains a solution that allows you to travel at any time, with any size of luggage and in a very safe way.

  • Rent a car in Bali

As for renting a car, if I were you I wouldn't do it because the taxi does the job very well and also knows the interesting places to visit. Besides this, you will need an international license if you want to drive in Bali.

  • Take the boat to see Gili, Nusa and Lombok islands)

/! Beware of speedboats to go from one island to another (see this comment).

3) Visit Bali in 2 weeks - Roadmap

You are in Bali and you do not know where to go, what to see and where to sleep in bali? You are in the right place! Here is my roadmap to avoid wasting time taking into account the unmissable places on the island.

I spent a lot of time scouring forums and websites to find the best routes to not waste my time on my trip and see everything possible. Get inspired for your trip to bali It will definitely save you a lot of time!

  • When to visit Bali?

I went to Bali from September 20 to October 20 to avoid the tourists, the cold and the rainy season. But for me, if you can leave a little earlier, like late August or early September, the weather is even better (it's a bit warmer). I advise you to avoid leaving after the end of October because it will really be in the rainy season and it can really ruin your trip.

A light and gentle rain in Bali gives that:

The months of July and August are very touristy and very hot so if you have no other option, go during this period but if you can avoid it, it is not bad. the best months to visit Bali they are really May-June and September-October.

  • What should be my itinerary for these two weeks of travel in Bali?

This is my itinerary for these two weeks in Bali. As a very very very nice boy, I want to share it with you (a really nice boy):

Basically, this is how my 2 weeks went:

  • 1 day / 2 nights in Kuta to recover from the trip and jet lag without problems
  • 4 days / 4 nights to visit Ubud and its magnificent temples and rice fields with, of course, the ascent of one of the island's volcanoes.
  • 2 days / 2 nights in Munduk for its exceptional walks.
  • 1 day / 2 nights at Balian Beach in this spa with undeniable charm.
  • 4 days / 3 nights on the beaches of Dreamland / balagan / Ulu Watu to enjoy the beaches, sunbathe and learn to surf like a pro.

4) Join Denpasar Airport to Kuta Beach

Fresh from Denpasar International Airport (aka Ngurah Rai), head straight to Bakung Beach Resort (you can also go straight to the "Sleeping in Kuta" section for more information on hotels I recommend in Kuta).

Kuta is a beach that is located next to Denpasar.

Bakung beach resort has one of the best value for money in Kuta city, the pool is really very nice and the hotel is very close to the airport.

This is important because the airport taxis will make you pay 2 or 3 times the normal price of the trip (they play with the fact that you have no choice in the means of transport when you arrive), so the closer you will be to your hotel and the less you will pay for the fare of the first taxi.

/! One tip, try to talk to the people around you (who will probably go to Kuta that first night) and share a taxi with them, it will cost you less. For one night count around Rs 300.000 per room including breakfast.

The hotel is located 7 minutes flat from the airport, so pay no more than Rs 70.000 for the airport-hotel journey. Book 2 nights in Kuta, I'll explain why later.

Below I put the small Googlemap of how to get to the airport at the hotel:

5) Visitante Bali - Kuta

If you arrive at night, I find it very relevant to book 2 nights in Kuta. You will arrive from a trip at 15pm and therefore the first night you will be dead tired. You're probably just going to enjoy the hotel pool to go to bed early and recover from the flight.

So if you only book one night, you will have to leave the next morning around noon, rather than leisurely enjoying what the touristy but magnificent seaside resort of Kuta (or North Seminyak) has to offer.

  • Spend a day in Kuta
  • What activities to do in Kuta

Are you looking for what to do in Kuta but you have just arrived and are a little lost? No problem, in this part of the article I put the list of things to do when you are in Kuta.

First of all, to get your bearings in Kuta, here is a little GoogleMap - Que vistier à Kuta so you can have some places when you arrive.

Kuta is curiously the cheapest city in Bali in terms of accommodation, but also for renting scooters, cars, massages, etc.

So take advantage of your day in Kuta to rent a scooter for the two weeks and buy a SIM card with an internet package. Having internet is really very useful to get around Bali since there are many temples, waterfalls or other rice fields to contemplate (if not, download the MapsMe application that will allow you to have a GPS without internet .. hehe !!).

The roads are clearly not well marked and my friend Googlemap has saved me more than once. In the hypercenter (area in red on the map above), you will find tons of providers, massage parlors, scooter and surfboard rental companies.

Once you have taken all the steps and have been riding the wave for hours, do not hesitate to go for a massage at any massage center that is full of the city. The foot or back massage is your choice, knowing that an hour of massage costs between 40.000 and 70.000 rupees (3 to 5 €). At this price, it would be a shame to do without it!

As for the beach, Kuta is really beautiful but also very touristy and full of surfers. You should know that if you go up a bit to the north (about 2kms) you will naturally come across Seminyak beach (in purple on the map above), located in the extension of Kuta beach, much less touristy and even more beautiful.

You have bars on the beach:

I advise you to go see the sunset around 19 pm because you can enjoy small bars and concerts as well as being able to admire the fabulous sunset.

Kuta is famous for being a beginner's surfing paradise.

In fact, Kuta is the best place on the island to learn to surf. The size of the waves is ideal, the water is 30 °, the weather is good all day. In short, missing out on an initiation to surfing in Kuta is like taking the Bordeaux wine route drinking only beer ... It's a waste!

Especially since renting a surfboard will only cost you 50.000 rupees (3 euros) for 2 hours and you can bring a teacher who will help you and get you off the board in a short time (around 80.000 additional Rupees - 5 €). For surf sessions, the best times are early in the morning (8 or 9 a.m.) or in the late afternoon around 16 p.m. to 17 p.m. when the sun is not too strong.

I did my little surf session especially at night because after exertion, comfort (it's fooort). Comfort inevitably passes through a small Bintang (Balinese beer) in front of a magnificent sunset.

If you decide to stay one or two more days in Kuta, I suggest you take a trip to the most fun water park in Bali - Waterboom park. You can book it online to avoid queuing in front (skip-the-line ticket + entrance, single ticket.

The slides are really gigantic and the price is not restrictive (the equivalent of 25 euros a day).

6) Where to sleep in Bali - Kuta

You arrive from the airport and you still don't know where to sleep in bali but more exactly in Kuta? Are you looking for a hotel in the heart of the city center, close to the beach, bars and restaurants? No problem, here is a small map of Google places where to stay in Kuta. Hotels with the best value for money in the city!

When it comes to sleeping in Kuta, you have two options, depending on your mood and the time you want to spend in the city.

The most practical solution, and the best value for money, is to stay at the Bakung Beach Resort or next to it (in the green area). For me it is the best value for money in Kuta. The pool area is magnificent and the price is close to what you can find cheaper in Kuta (the equivalent of 18 euros).

The downside is that you will have to walk a bit to get to the very center of Kuta (1,5 km). Top hotel to be quiet in excellent conditions:

If you want to go out at night, party and at the same time be 2 steps from the beach, then I recommend that you stay in one of these three streets (marked in red on the map above): La rue Jalan benesari, JL patimura or JL Popies.

I advise you to stay at Si Doi Kuta, Un's Hotel or Serela Legian Bali. These 3 hotels are very good value for money and very well located (right in the center, in small streets that are not too noisy or expensive). The price is not prohibitive at all (about € 20 / night) and they all have a nice pool around which having a small cocktail with friends is not rejected.

For a hotel at the price of a normal room in France, I recommend going to the Four Points by Sheraton. Elegant and very well located in the center of Kuta, this is the hotel not to be missed for those who wish to stay in a classy hotel located in the center of the city.

If you've taken my advice on where to sleep in Kuta, you should be within walking distance of the city's restaurants, bars, and clubs. To go out in Kuta, no problem, the city has a number of bars and restaurants completely incredible due to the cars of Australians who come to surf the Balinese coast during their holidays.

If you're still looking for where the bars and restaurants are in Kuta, here's a little GoogleMap to help you get your bearings:

I also advise you to take a walk along Jalan Benesari street (in front of Kuta beach), which is full of very nice little Balinese restaurants where you can eat without problem.

Typical Balinese dishes are around 20.000-30.000 rupees (2 euros), but sometimes you will have to bring 2 because the portions are quite small (normal at this price).

Take advantage of being in Kuta to sit in the street bars and have a little BINTANG (Balinese beer) before going to eat.

If you are looking for a party atmosphere like a dance bar / concert / disco, go straight to Jalan Legian Street or JL Kartika (both in black on the GoogleMap above). The atmosphere is sure not to disappoint.

The Skygarden is the largest club in Bali, with 6-8 different rooms and a crazy rooftop. Located in the JL Legian with all the dance bars in the city, this club will allow you to get in the mood as soon as you arrive (take advantage of the bus after, the clubs are over :)

A day at the beach in the sun is good, but it is important not to relax. I advise you to leave your hotel after a good breakfast and head towards Ubud in the north, an essential step for a successful trip to Bali.

7) Visita Ubud - Bali

Count well 2:30 to see 3 hours if you are on a scooter. So I do not advise you to take off from Kuta after 16pm because otherwise you will arrive in Ubud at night and cold.

  • Spend 3 days in Ubud

Ubud is located 40 kms north of the interior of Kuta. This mini city is located in the center of the island of Bali and has not stopped developing due to mass tourism during the last 10 years. You will see that in Ubud there are many things to do and visit.

  • Here's a little Google map so you can get your bearings in Ubud:
  • Activities to do in Ubud

The city of Ubud itself is full of good surprises. It will take you at least a whole day to do the activities located in Ubud itself.

Take a tour of the Ubud market, very colorful. You will find all kinds of clothes and souvenirs at affordable prices. In this type of market, don't buy anything if you haven't traded before.

The monkey forest is a must see, not only because the forest itself is splendid but also because you can observe hundreds of monkeys in the wild.

However, be careful not to touch them as they can get a bit aggressive and try to steal some of your stuff. Take at least 2 hours to go around it. The entrance to the forest is 20.000 rupees (1,5 euros).

The monkeys in the Monkey Forest in Ubud are a bit mischievous, be careful not to touch them!

Charming Ubud is well known for being in the middle of the rice fields. If you are very lucky, you will probably see one of these rice fields directly from your hotel.

Otherwise, take the small trail (Campuhan Ridge Trail) located just before the bridge over the JL Raya Ubud. This walk is surely the most beautiful you can do in Ubud.

The Promegranate Café is located on Campuhan Ridge Walk in the middle of the rice fields. Do not miss it.

You cannot go to Ubud without going through one of its many temples. Saraswati Temple is beautiful and has dance performances at night. You can also stop for dinner or a drink around the temple to enjoy the tranquility of the place.

At the end of the day, when you are tired from your walks, I advise you to try a short session of Yoga in the Yoga Barn. The place is magnificent.

  • Activities to do in Ubud

There are tons of activities to do within a few kilometers from Ubud.

  • Here is the GoogleMap of walks and things to see around Ubud:
  • So how do I get around when in Ubud?

the best way to visit the surroundings of Ubud when you are in ubud it is to rent a scooter. The distances are quite short and suddenly almost all hotels offer motorcycle rentals for 50.000 rupees (€ 3) a day. But the holy grail is having already arrived here by scooter.

The distances are short and you will probably want to stop along the way, either to eat something or to visit one of the many temples that you will find on your way.

Tagalalan is located about 30 minutes north of Ubud by scooter and is home to the most beautiful rice fields you will see in Bali. Stop at one of the restaurants overlooking the splendid rice fields and observe the scenery (you can stop by agencies that accompany you from Ubud as well, you will also visit the sacred temples, the monkey forest and the artisan villages):

Along the way you will undoubtedly see cafes offering Luwak coffee. Luwak coffee is one of the rarest and most expensive varieties of coffee in the world. Its name comes from the Luwak animal that eats coffee beans and then rejects them in the form of excrement.

Once the coffee beans are digested, they are carefully washed and then ground to produce the famous Luwak coffee. I highly recommend it because it is really delicious.

An excellent tasting with, again, a splendid view of the rice fields.

Also take a trip to the Tegenungan waterfall located about ten kilometers south of Ubud. There is even the possibility of swimming, so don't forget your swimsuit and your towel.

When in the area, you can stop in the small town of Gianyar and also stop at the Kanto Lampo waterfall located here.

  • Hike Mount Batur or Mount Agun from Ubud

Here's a little Google map so you can better locate the Agun and Batur mountains in relation to Ubud.

These are the 2 highest volcanoes on the island accessible from Ubud. Therefore, it is impossible to leave the island without having climbed one of these peaks. Mount Agun is 3031 meters high, while Mount Batur is only 1717 meters high.

  • How to access Mount Batur or Mount Agung?

Before you go, you should know that these two peaks are not accessible if you are alone. Therefore, it does not make sense to go alone by taxi because you will surely have to turn around.

In fact, there is a kind of guide mafia at the foot of the 2 Mountains that prevents you from following the other groups and walking alone without having paid the guides in advance.

But you can book a Mount Batur hike and watch the sunrise - private tour online (and be sure to read the reviews).

The easiest and most effective solution is therefore to book your trip at any Ubud tourism agency (you will see many along the roads). For the modest sum of 250.000 rupees (approximately 20 euros) you will have the bus that will pick you up directly at your hotel and take you back.

Breakfast is included in the price and you can enjoy a beautiful walk with a fabulous sunrise (around 7 am) on the key (remember to bring a bottle of water anyway…).

We are better here than in prison, right?

  • So how does the excursion unfold?

Well the bus comes to pick you up at your hotel around 3 am, then you will have a 2 hour drive to reach one of the two volcanoes (if you are not an experienced hiker, opt like me for Mount Batur).

Then 2 hours of hiking uphill before you can admire the magnificent sunrise. You will descend covered for 2 short hours to be back at your hotel at 11 am-12pm.

But you can book a Mount Batur hike and watch the sunrise - private tour online (and be sure to read the reviews).

One tip, do not forget to bring your sports shoes and warm clothes (sweater / coat) before going out, it is very cold in height and you can have a hard time if you are cold (and you will be cold ...).

You don't need to be in Olympic shape to climb Mount Batur (as the group moves relatively slowly), but the climb is still relatively steep, so be careful.

One last thing not to be surprised: you won't be alone (to put it mildly) wanting to see this magnificent twilight. There were 10 of us on the bus, and probably around 5 at XNUMX in the morning at the foot of Mount Batur.

So what's for sure is that you won't be walking alone, to say the least. I know some people like to be alone on such excursions, so I prefer to warn them of the crowds.

  • Do a cooking class in Ubud?

Learn to cook authentic Balinese dishes in a Bali cooking class and experience another side of the island little known to tourists. Meet the welcoming locals and visit the local market where the day of buying and selling everyday ingredients begins at dawn (.

8) Where to sleep in Ubud - Bali

Here is a map of Ubud, it will let you know where to sleep in Ubud:

When you arrive in Ubud, you will be tempted to sleep in one of the 2 main streets (Jl Monkey Forest or Jl Raya Ubud).

For me, this is definitely not the best choice you can make. The streets located west of the city center (in the 2 districts marked in red) have much more charm and include the cheapest hotels in the city. You have everything to gain by staying there.

  • Accommodation in Ubud on JL Bisma Street (just behind Jl Monkey Forest)

The Bije Sari Suite Bisma at 30 euros a night is a beautiful hotel with a beautiful garden, in a great location and not too expensive.

Right next door is Honeymoon Guesthouse and Villa Ubud Sunshine, which are also very good value for money.

Still on the same street, you have Dewa House Bisma and The Moksha Ubud offering beautiful rooms, feel free to take a look at the reviews.

A little further north on Jl Monkey Forest Street, I recommend Tamman Cottage in Ubud, a great guesthouse run by 2 Frenchmen, best for being inexpensive at all.

  • Accommodation west of Ubud

This area is located a bit west of the city of Ubud and you will need to bring your scooters to be totally in the center of the city. The quality of the hotels is definitely better than in the very center of Ubud and the surroundings are very pleasant.

Here is the little GoogleMap for you to locate where the hotels are in Ubud (to enlarge this HotelMap):

The Pertiwi Resort & Spa rents its rooms for around 40 euros a night, which is not really cheap but neither is it exorbitant in terms of services. Very nice pool, nice rooms, not much to complain about other than prices that may seem high to some travelers.

Villa Ubud Sunshine is good value for money and has a beautiful pool. You can go there with your eyes closed.

Finally, one of the cheapest hotels in Ubud is the Runa Guesthouse. For the equivalent of 14 euros, you will have a perfectly acceptable room.

9) Visitante Munduk - Bali

  • Spend 2 days in Munduk

After three days in Ubud, head north to Munduk from Ubud. If you are on a scooter, I advise you to go early / see at most mid afternoon to connect Ubud with Munduk.

The road is not very good and it will take you at least 3 good hours to travel these 70 kilometers of road. On top of that, Munduk is at altitude so I advise you take cover if you don't want to freeze there.

Here's a little google map showing you the route to take to connect Ubud to Munduk

Along the way, you can stop at the Pura Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, which is located on the shores of Lake Bratan. I promise you a postcard style decoration.

  • Things to do in Munduk

Munduk is a small mountain town made up of a single street. This town remains quite unspoilt for now, but it is on its way to become as touristy as Ubud.

In Munduk there are no rows of bars or restaurants. On the other hand, if you like nature and a change of scenery, you are in the right place.

You can admire the magnificent view from your hotel in a quiet place with captivating scenery. The walks to do in Munduk are excellent (besides, there is almost only that to do). The best thing when you are there is to bring a guide because otherwise you run the risk of getting lost. Do not look for the routes in GoogleMap, they are not there.

I'll give you the waybill in advance, but all Munduk hotels will provide it to you anyway. The problem is that even with the map, it is very difficult to venture just these little hiking trails.

There are 2 walks to do and each one lasts approximately 3h30-4h. I advise you to do the 2 of the 2 days or you will stay in the village, anyway you came for that right?

The vegetation is lush:

On the way west of the main road, you will come across 3 impressive waterfalls (in blue on the map above).

The road to the east will take you through the middle of the rice fields (in green on the map above). Therefore, it is up to you to choose the ride that suits you best.

10) Where to stay in Munduk

  • Where to stay in Munduk

For such a small town, there are still many hotels and you can get lost in them. Still, book your hotel in advance because when you've come all the way to get into the cold on your skateboard, you won't want to turn around.

In this GoogleMap of downtown Munduk, I marked in red and green the 2 areas where you can stay.

You can sleep in the red zone, and in this case you will be on the street in the city center (near the promenades) or in the green zone located about 2 kms on foot from the city center. If you go by scooter, opt for the green area, the hotels are more beautiful and cheaper.

On the other hand, if you have arrived here by taxi, I will personally stay in the red zone (because 2 km on foot is a bit long). Note that the hike exits are in the red zone anyway, so you will have to go there. I think that 2 nights and a day and a half in the place are enough to go around the town and walk and do.

  • Accommodation in Munduk in the red zone.

The Taman Ayu Homestay is very good value for money. Located in the center of the city (if we can talk about the city center) it will be located one minute walk from the promenades. The little garden in the back is also very nice.

A comment from Francine: Hello, I wanted to share with you a very nice place to meet where to sleep in bali, eat and for those who seek this experience live a spiritual day with a guru. This place is called LA TERRASSE DU LAC TAMBLINGAN. A Quebecer and a Balinese are the owners of this place. Therefore, you can be attended and helped in English without problem. The rooms are affordable, they have a small restaurant where you can eat revisited local specialties, drink (finally) good wine, and meet nice people. They have organized days with meditation, purification ceremonies, and a personal encounter with an absolutely amazing guru.

In the same genre and close to the city center, you can stay at the Hyang Lala Homestay which offers a breathtaking view of the valley.

These two hotels are hands down the best value for money in Munduk.

  • Accommodation in Munduk in the green zone.

The Bali Rahayu Homestay is clearly the best value hotel in Munduk. On the other hand, I don't like it, book in advance if you don't want the bad surprise of having to change hotels in the middle of your stay. The pool has a magnificent view and you will stay in really lovely little individual chalets.

11) Visit Balian Beach

  • Spend 1 night at Balian Beach

Are you cold and don't get tired of the rice fields? Head to Balian Beach, which is about a 2-hour scooter ride south of Munduk.

Here's a little Google map of Balian Beach, the story to guide you around town.

The black sand beach of Balian Beach is really very wild and atypical. Besides that, you won't have to make any detours to get to the south of the island because Balian Beach is on the road that leads to the southern beaches.

Balian Beach is a beach for intermediate to experienced surfers. Don't venture surfing if you are a beginner because the currents can be really dangerous (we are not in Kuta here).

In the evening, stop at one of the small bars overlooking the beach and admire the sunset.

You can also walk a bit north on the road you came to find the small Balian night market, which consists of about twenty stalls where you will find quite a few culinary specialties from Bali. You will spend a maximum of 20000 rupees (1,5 euros) for a good meal.

12) Where to sleep in Balian Beach

  • Where to sleep in Balian Beach

Here is the GoogleMap so you know where to sleep in Balian Beach

I stayed at the Pondok Balian for 3 nights and was really not disappointed by this little hotel. Also, the pool had just been remodeled. For me it is by far the best value for money in the complex and also the cheapest. It is ideally located 5 minutes walk from the beach.

The Balian Paradise Beach Resort is also in a great location (1 minute from the beach) and very clean. Rooms are a bit nicer than at Pondok Balian, but there's no exterior, so it can feel a bit enclosed. However, it is my second choice when in Balian Beach, as the hotel is really inexpensive and is right next to the beach.

13) Visit the south of Bali

  • Spend 4 days in the south of the island of Bali.

After staying 1 day and 2 nights at Balian Beach, take the south road to return to the Kuta side. I advise you to leave early in the morning because the road is long enough to reach the south of the island (in total, it will take almost 4 hours by Scooter).

Here's how to get to the south of the island from Balian Beach:

By the way, stop for 2-3 hours to take a look at the Tanah Lot Temple, which you will normally have seen in photographs numerous times. The temple is about 1 hour by scooter south of Balian Beach along the coast.

Do not drive too fast as the road is not very good and you will have to navigate through bumps to reach your destination.

Here is a little google map showing you how to connect Balian Beach with Tanah Lot temple

Upon arrival, a very pleasant surprise still awaits you:

Unfortunately, the temple is not accessible for the sake of preserving the site, but the view alone is worth the detour.

Around the temple, a small charming town has also appeared where you can easily stop to do your shopping or eat in one of the Balinese restaurants overlooking the coast.

To reach the Tanah Lot temple on the southern beaches of the island, count another 2h30 by scooter.

The little GoogleMap that shows you the route to get to the south of the island from Tanah Lot is here.

For the time you have left to spend on the island, I can only advise you to take a hotel in the south of the island towards Dreamland beach and spend the end of your stay on these magnificent beaches in Drink cocktails and surf.

Dreamland Beach is perfect if you just want to have a good time in the sun with friends.

For those who want to surf, I recommend Balangan Beach, located 10 minutes by scooter north of Dreamland Beach. The waves are of ideal sizes and there are for all levels. In addition, it is there that I recommend that you spend your last nights.

If you are looking for a place to party at night with one of the best views on the island, go to Ulu-Watu. It is also an excellent place to surf, only for experienced surfers.

The ladder bars face the cliff, so you can admire the surfers while sipping some Bintang.

14) Where to sleep in South Bali

  • Where to sleep in Bali - in the south

If you go to the south of the island, the goal is to be as close to the beach as possible so that you can make the most of it. The 3 most beautiful places in the south of the island are for me Dremland Beach, Jingaran Beach and Uluwatu. Dreamland Beach and Jingaran Beach are surf spots for beginners, while Uluwatu is for professionals and has great nightlife. Anyway, if you live near Dreamland Beach or Jingaran, you are a 10 minute scooter ride from Uluwatu so no problem.

Here is the GoogleMap of how to get to Balangan in Ulu Watu by small roads:

Remember that in Bali all hotels rent scooters for you. So do not hesitate to rent them because otherwise you will run the risk of being trapped in the hotel. Also, in this part of the island there are only small roads and little traffic. Therefore, we can move easily and safely.

Here is the GoogleMap that shows you the areas to sleep when you are in the south of the island of Bali.

  • Sleep in the red zone:

This area has the advantage of being located between Balangan and Dreamland beaches, you will have many options to choose from. However, I advise you not to live by the sea because prices are skyrocketing.

The Hill dance Bali American Hotel is undoubtedly one of the best value for money in the area, not far from Balangan Beach and a 10-minute scooter ride from Dreamland Beach. Nice little pool with very nice rooms.

The Orange Balangan Bungalow is also in a great location. This is probably the cheapest hotel you can find in the area. Note that for 5 euros more, the Hill dance Bali American Hotel is still a better option.

  • Sleep in the blue zone:

This area is ideally located between Dreamland and Uluwatu, perfect for those who want to relax for the day at Dreamland while having fun at night in Uluwatu.

Medori Putih Homestay offers everything you need, including a very nice little pool

A little more expensive but with a stunning view of the ocean, I recommend the Romeo Beach Front Bungalow. It is not ruinous either.

  • Sleeping in the green zone:

Hello, I feel like you are an experienced surfer in need of thrills, am I right? By targeting the greenbelt, you're two steps from the boardwalk, boy.

I recommend the Tregge Uluwatu surf camp. Good value for money, and it will allow you not to really break the bank.

Well there you go, I think you have all the keys in hand to visit Bali in 2 weeks as it should be

Do not hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom of the page to give me your impressions, share a good address, a hotel, a bar ... Sharing is good;)

  • And you, what do you prefer in Bali? What was your route plan in Bali?
  • Do you have an interesting address to share? A restaurant, a bar, a hotel?
  • Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

See you soon!


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