Visit Positano and where to sleep in Positano

Visit Positano and where to sleep in Positano
Visit Positano and where to sleep in Positano

You wish visit Positano ? Do you know where to sleep in Positano? Where to go out in Positano? How to get to Positano from Naples, then how to get to Capri from Positano? Do you want to rent a scooter in Positano? In this article I answer all these questions, here it is for you.

Here is the plan of this article, you can use the menu on your right to directly access the desired part:

  • What to see and do during your visit to Positano
  • Where to stay in Positano
  • Where to go out in Positano
  • How to get to Positano from Naples ...
  • Rent a boat with or without skipper in Positano (link)

1) Geography of Positano

During your road trip along the magnificent Amalfi Coast, or before arriving in Capri, take the trouble to stay a bit in Positano. Not just because it gave the coast its name, huh, but because it has a unique authenticity.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, it is nestled in the hollow of spectacular mountains and offers a labyrinth of steep, narrow medieval streets, white sand beaches that mix cultural influences with flavor.

2) What to visit in Positano

Are you still with me on the Amalfi Coast? Bring the colors in Positano!

Multicolored facades as embedded in the rock, feet bathed in sublime blue waves, known for their multicolored ceramic tiles, the exuberant bougainvillea flows ... an image of heaven on earth!

But first ... the stairs. The city is unique in its almost vertical construction, offering a series of steps that cannot be counted. You who read me, I'm not going to lie to you, all of this has to be earned ... so you should plan good shoes and do some stretching! ;)

You probably don't want it, but you will be climbing stairs! Just thinking about it gives me chills. The peculiarities of the Positano steps are to be irregular and high. To pass the time, you can give them names; "Flowery stairs", "endless stairs", "stairs that lead to heaven" ...

Get lost in the narrow streets of the old town with its white facades, where clothes dry on the windows.

Here we are, what to visit in Positano?

  • The emblematic church of Positano

You cannot miss the Church of Santa Maria Assunta located in the heart of Positano.

This so-called "mother" church in Positano is one of the centers of artistic and photographic interest in the city. With its majolica dome, it represents the symbol of the city; its yellow, green and blue tiles shine amid the celestial waters of the Mediterranean and in the sky.

Its imposing façade in ornate stone and two-tone pattern is impressive. Being the main tourist center of the city, the romantic charm of Positano is intimately linked to this wonderful church, immortalized in countless paintings and photographs. I bet when they leave, everyone will have a great photo of this monument!

The interior is also impressive, all gold and white. The church was founded in the XNUMXth century as a Benedictine abbey dedicated to Saint Vitus, the first patron saint of Positano. The Virgin Mary is also present on the altar, as you can see below.

You can visit it for free, but check the opening hours before you go, so as not to stay in front of this big and beautiful door, closed! :)

In the surroundings, you will find many souvenir shops, offering practically the same, we can say that tourism is going well here! You will also find a number of cafes to enjoy the heavenly view Positano offers.

  • A stone's throw away, the Spiaggia Marina Grande in Positano

Located just 50 m from our church, let's talk a little about the Spiaggia Marina Grande, or the beach of Marina Grande if you prefer! You will see the church in the photos.

This beach offers you an absolutely stunning view of the city of Positano, at this precise moment, you will feel tiny! The turquoise blue water gives a truly penetrating charm to the beach, which is, I would say, very touristy! It is the most lively beach, but suddenly maybe a little too lively!

Be careful, it is not easy to find a "free" beach. If you see sunbeds and umbrellas in ringette, it's because you're paying!

  • Go boating in Positano? It's possible !

A great idea for a trip to visit the Amalfi Coast in a different way is to rent a boat in Positano for a day or an afternoon! If you want to rent a boat (with or without skipper) from Positano, you can.

Otherwise, at the Spiaggia Marina Grande, you can also rent a boat and discover what can only be seen on the water ... Prepare yourself psychologically to be amazed! There are two boat rental brands on this beach, but frankly I advise you to go through a skipper, you will have an unforgettable day (.

The idea is still to enjoy the sea, that's good! In the area you will see impressive coves that will fill your eyes with beauty!

If you suddenly think a little boating will do you well, you've come to the right place! So if you want to rent a boat (with or without skipper) from Positano, you can.

If no more is available, you can search the Lucibello - you can opt for either a small motor boat or a half-day or full-day themed tour. Go to your site, but I admit the "sunset cocktail boat trip" looks great at aperitif time.

Just above the beach you have another sign, the Positano Boat, which also offers boats or excursions. You choose !

Keep in mind that renting a boat costs a certain price. It is up to you to see according to your means, for whoever has it, know that the boat is really beautiful :)

  • The way of the gods

Are you athletic? The Path of the Gods, or the Sentiero degli Dei (for pronunciation, in Italian, the "g" before an "l" is not pronounced) will make you happy.

Perched at an altitude of 600 m, it would have allowed the Olympian gods to hear the song of the sirens that reside on the Li Galli islands off Positano.

This walk will offer you magnificent landscapes, as its name suggests, the “Path of the Gods”, with incredible panoramic views. It is impossible, but it exists! ;)

A little tip, don't forget to bring water and sunscreen, and especially to cover your head!

3) Where to stay in Positano

Well I'm not here to lie to you, so I might as well tell you everything: stay in Positano it is very very expensive. The luxury establishments follow one another with frankly prohibitive prices.

On the other hand, don't lose hope, you don't have to be a millionaire to carve out a small part of your dream! This is what I offer you :)

PS: The management is a victim of its success, however, regardless of the accommodation you are looking for (hotel, house for rent, Airbnb ...) I advise you to do it well in advance!

  • The Casa Terryb apartment

Located 10 minutes walk from the beach, a bit far (but it offers parking and is close to a bus station), you have the Casa Terryb apartment which is a good address but above all much cheaper than hotels ... to see!

  • Le Reginella Hotel

The Hotel Reginella (it is located just 2 minutes from the Marina beach (which I mentioned above), and therefore it is right in the heart of the city of Positano. Located on a hill, it offers you a magnificent view of the Amalfi Coast .

It is a romantic villa that only has 10 rooms, so you could also say that if you want to stay there, you will have to plan ahead!

All rooms have free Wi-Fi and a private bathroom, some even have a balcony with a magnificent view of the sea or the city (.

This building is historical but renovated, it even has an elevator service to facilitate the assembly of luggage. You will have room service, bar, common breakfast room, parking ... (

Also for this 3-star hotel (medium for Positano), if rooms start at € 120 in low season, arriving in the summer months, even choosing a standard room with partial view, you risk swallowing your limoncello crooked. . This is why I highly recommend that you do it well in advance!

  • Hotel Villaverde

Located in the heart of downtown Positano, the Villaverde Hotel is less than 10 minutes' walk from the Marina Beach. Very accessible, therefore!

All rooms in this hotel have air conditioning, balcony and flat screen TV. They all have a private bathroom, as well as a free shower kit and hairdryer (.

The hotel also has a shared terrace with a beautiful view of the mountains and a bar. A sweet Italian breakfast is served every morning. There is also a parking lot. The bar serves hot or cold drinks, and just for your happiness, all day long!

Well, as you can see from the photos above, we did not achieve the luxury of modernity in this hotel, on the other hand, it comes at a low price compared to other B & Bs (bed and breakfast) in Positano (.

Count from € 100 for a room in this hotel. I find it affordable, especially since the staff are so nice and helpful.

  • Why not bet everything on an Airbnb in Positano?

So, it would be understandable if you were tempted by a good Airbnb, always the savior of bankrupt globetrotters;) (by bankruptcy, I mean those who cannot pay € 300 for one night ...)

Know that you will spend at least one hundred euros a night for a complete accommodation in the heights and linked by shuttle. So you can imagine that in the city center you will leave your wallet and an arm!

On the other hand, you can find a frankly decent accommodation, which is worth the effort, even at the price level! Especially since there are no youth hostels or campsites in Positano, otherwise it would be too easy :)

If you do it in a bit of a hurry and therefore relatively late, you should know that you still have interesting possibilities on Airbnb, but you risk paying more (normal!)

This is what I can offer you if you are looking for sleep in Positano :)

4) Where to go out in Positano

Are you looking for interesting places during your stay in Positano? Here are some restaurant and bar addresses I could find!

  • At Negro

I really liked Chez Black. Located a stone's throw from the Piaggia Grande (Marina), this institution is very accessible and, in my opinion, an excellent address!

The pizza is good, and the dessert cart will make gourmets salivate!

Good address, nice sea view, not overly expensive, food is good.

However, it is not my favorite. But the one that follows is!

  • The Taverna del Leone

I much preferred the Taverna del Leone (to access its official site), a treasure found by chance, and really beautiful!

A bit far from the city center (about 3 km), this restaurant is excellent and good value for money and is rare in the area.

The fish dishes are delicious and the pizzas are to die for. If you love to eat, your taste buds will dance salsa!

I really liked this address, all the dishes are refined, and there are really many;) The best thing would be to go and try everything again!

  • Restaurante Le Terrazza Cele

Finally, the best address, in my opinion, if you come as a couple, is Ristorante Terrazza Cele. Your other half will be amazed, both literally and figuratively! That said, it also works alone or with friends! But it is still perfect for a romantic meal. Everyone can have fun!

Located near the city center, you can access it on foot. to enlarge this GoogleMap - Where to go out in Positano Ristorante Terrazza Cele

This restaurant offers a breathtaking panorama and atmosphere over Positano.

The food is very good (although I have not tried the entire menu), and all the dishes on offer are delicious. The staff are very welcoming and helpful, not much to do for your customers! For example, when I went there, we had to wait long enough for our dessert to be delivered ... It arrived, with a sincere apology, and another dessert offered to be forgiven! It's not often that happens;)

Looking for a place to go out, other than a restaurant? I still have what you need!

  • Positano Paradise lounge bar

As much as Positano can be visited quite easily in one day, the nightlife that takes place there is worth as much as we stay there! In fact, it's a bit like Saint Tropez on the Amalfi Coast! So get ready to shine or to shine.

For a cool (fresh) Spritz staring into the blue horizon, head to the Paradise Lounge Bar. Located in the center of town, you have easy access to this bar.

This bar offers fresh cocktails at reasonable prices, with a great atmosphere to start the night without problems. The bar doesn't close until 1:30 am, so you have time to enjoy yourself! You can also buy ice cream there in the afternoon, it is quieter.

The view of the sea is very beautiful and contributes to the good weather that is passing. It is very nice, day and night!

  • Do you want the atmosphere? Go to Music on the Rocks!

Music on the Rocks is THE reference for clubs in Positano! There you can applaud internationally renowned DJs.

Located in the center of the city, you can spend an atmospheric moment in this club, without worrying about who is going to drive (hence the interest in staying in the city).

Even in a club, in Positano, you are surprised ... Music on the Rocks looks like carved out of a cave! It is really nice.

Enjoy your evening, because it promises to be pleasant in advance!

  • The African Famous Club

You will probably hear of the Africana Famous Club, a little outside the city (less than 10 km), on the east side of the coast. It's a bit further, but it's worth it! Also, a free shuttle takes care of bringing the night owls back;)

This club is dug out of a cave and offers a beautiful view of the sea.

The entrance is quite selective but the place is worth it, and the music, not African by the way, is a bit more varied than in the previous club I told you about.

In short, a surprising party address. And when Positano has worn down your shoes, your calves, your thighs and other unsuspected muscles, it is greatly appreciated.

Here we are, we have made the tour of the good addresses of Positano and surroundings. You just have to go there and leave your opinion :)

5) Arrive in Positano from Naples airport

Wondering how to get to Positano from Naples International Airport? About sixty kilometers separate these two destinations, but you really don't want to do them on foot? I will help you find the route you prefer.

  • Take the train, bus or ferry?

You can only make the trip by bus. For this, I advise you to trust the Curreri bus services, which depart from Naples International Airport, that is, from Capodichino, and get off at Sorrento. They make the trip Naples <> Sorrento in about an hour and a quarter, for a price of € 10.

Here are the schedules:

The second step is to take another bus, which will take you to Sorrento <> Positano, it is the SITA company that provides these trips. In Sorrento, it leaves from the Degli Aranci stop, it serves many other stops, and after about 45 minutes you will arrive at the Positano stop. All this for € 2.

So, for € 12 and 2 hours of your life, you get from Naples to Positano!

Alternatively, if you don't want to take two buses, you can take the ferry once you get to Sorrento. It is a bit more expensive than the bus, but it is very nice! However, prices change throughout the year. Here are the price brackets:

The duration of the crossing depends on the company you contact, but in general it allows between 30min and 1 hour 30 minutes.Anyway it makes a good trip! And it's a bit cheaper.

Otherwise, you can make the first part of your trip by taking the train! Circumvesuviana lines will take you wherever you want. In this case, the price of the Naples <> Sorrento ticket will be € 4.50, cheaper than the bus. This train line runs every 30 minutes or so, so it has many time slots.

If you take a train for the first section of the road, be aware that you will have to use the bus or the ferry. The choice is yours, but keep in mind that there is no train station in Positano;)

To return to Naples, you have the same options available.

  • You want to continue your discovery of the Positanotaine coast

After your stay, you will surely want to continue exploring the coast, that is to say towards Praiano, or even Amalfi, Minori… If you go to Minori, count 1 hour by car. The trail is beautiful and even though this video (shot in mid-August) that I made doesn't show it too much, trust me it's crazy!

Alternatively, you can use public transport to drive along the coast. In 1h30, thanks to two buses, you reach Minori from Positano:

  • SITA 5070; Positano <> Amalfi: € 4, 50 min. This bus runs 2-3 times an hour.
  • SITA 5120/5020; Amalfi <> Minori: € 1, 15 min. This bus runs once an hour.

Please note that tickets cannot be purchased on the bus on the way up, but rather at a tobacco shop or store. And since the siesta is sacred there, you should know that the movements are complicated between noon and two. Plan;)

  • Rent a car, a scooter?

There is a great temptation to rent a car in Naples to tour the coast. However, you should know that parking is quite expensive on the Positano coast and that the budget is likely to suffer (count € 2,50 per hour minimum!).

In addition, if you have opted for the car, it is imperative to check that your accommodation has parking, lest any bad surprises. For my part I opted for a Fiat 500 rental :)

I have an alternative to offer you that will appeal to more than one. What could be super nice about discovering the Amalfi Coast would be to take a scooter ride. You will feel more like enjoying the scenery. You walk along the coast, so keep in mind that you will see incredible panoramas! Enjoy it!

Positano Rent a Scooter is known for its seriousness (I already talked about it in my article on Amalfi.

  • Continue your road trip by ferry? It's possible !

Depending on the destination, without a vehicle, it is probably better to take the ferry, more expensive but faster and more pleasant for the eyes and comfort.

From the Positano ferry terminal, you can get to Amalfi in 30 minutes, for just over € 10 (€ 11.5 to € 12.5), or to the island of Capri in 20 to 50 minutes, for less than € 30. If I have not mentioned the destination you want to reach by ferry, I will let you know the link that I put.

A little tip, you should do the simulation yourself to play the competition, depending on your date / time of departure. Finally, if you were planning a camping trip ... check your copy, camper vans are prohibited on the coast, for protection reasons, and if you wanted to camp in a tent, you will have nowhere to put it.

Take the ferry?

Well there you go, I think you have all the keys in hand to visit Positano as it should be

Do not hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom of the page to give me your impressions, share a good address, a hotel, a bar ... Sharing is good;)

  • And what did you like the most about Positano?
  • Do you have an interesting address to share? A restaurant, a bar, a hotel?
  • Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

See you soon!


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