2 days in San Sebastián - A spa

2 days in San Sebastián - A spa
2 days in San Sebastián - A spa

What could be better than leaving? visit San Sebastián for 2 days! San Sebastián in Spain (30 minutes from Biarritz) is one of those places that you should not miss. You will know everything to prepare your trip easily and economically ... where to sleep in San Sebastián, where to go out ... you will discover everything discover San Sebastian as it should be;)

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I offer you a quick overview of this place full of charm and flavor. Next I will give you some tips so that you can discover and enjoy this city to the fullest, whether you are a couple or among partiers! Two days to visit San Sebastián it is more than enough to make you want to return!

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  • An idea for a walk
  • Visit the gardens of San Seb
  • Go to Mount Igueldo
  • Where to sleep in San Sebastián?
  • Are you looking for activities 20 minutes from San Sebastián? A quad ride through the Basque Country, an electric mountain bike ride, a paintball ... to get in touch with the Basque organizers

1) Two days to visit San Sebastián!

First of all, a little general culture to make your other half dream a bit! :)

Saint Sebastian, Donostia in Basque and San Sebastián in Spanish, it is a city of 400 inhabitants located in the north of Spain. An important seaside resort next to the Cantabrian Sea, it is nicknamed "the pearl of Cantabria" for its beauty, particularly that of its bay, the famous Concha (one of the most famous urban beaches in Spain).

Find more information about the article by Wikipedia - San Sebastian.


To discover this magnificent spa, we will start our road trip that will take us to old San Sebastian (this is where you have to go when you go).

This is where La Concha is located, where the port and most of the pintxo bars that attract so many people are located.

2) How to visit San Sebastián?

San Sébastian is 30 minutes from Biarritz.

The easiest access is by road, be careful to be stopped by the guard (don't be funny in front of them, they don't laugh). And if you pass, it starts well: p (for many years it has been rare for you to be arrested, so do not stress!).

There are several exits, but the only one you must take is the exit; Donostia Loiola then Amara. Then just follow the river.

Arriving to San Sebastian, take the direction of the city center or just follow "Amara" !!!

For simplicity, it is more convenient to park in the underground car park, it is just after the bridge (the most impressive thing, you cannot miss it). Most of the places are paid, and I must warn you, Gauls, we are not the favorites of this station!

Indeed, we have the image of tourists who came exclusively to enjoy their city, bars ... That does not help the "police" to choose between a Spanish car and a French one ...

This image comes from the fact that many young French people feel too much at home, which has the gift of annoying the inhabitants. If you know how to be cool, respectful ... They will gladly tell you where the "real" bars are with the "real" prices ...


A short parenthesis that may interest you before talking about the places to visit in San Sebastián. Know that it is very nice to discover the places to see absolutely in San Sebastian by convertible bus.

The great thing about Hop and Off tour buses is that, as the name suggests, you can hop on and off as you see fit, allowing you to plan your day however you like. In summary, if you are interested, here is the post;)


When you arrive in San Sebastián you are immersed in the good atmosphere that reigns there. As soon as you enter the alleys, the smells of cold cuts and pintxos mingle with the laughter of passersby and flood you with joie de vivre and euphoria.



Several small alleys run through old San Sebastián, and in most of them you will find many bars in Pintxos, so you will have many options to find what you are looking for! White wine or an assortment of tapas ... there is something for all tastes.


If you feel like going for a walk and it is early, I advise you to follow the ledge that borders the ocean, here the sale of fish takes place. You will see that even early, the atmosphere is there.

To get your bearings, know that the city is divided in two by an imposing bridge that you cannot miss: on the one hand the "old town" and on the other the "recent town", with two spirits and two environments. to discover! I have to confess that I have a soft spot for the decadent mood of old San Sebastian!


If you feel like going shopping, don't hesitate! The prices are much lower than in France, and you are sure to find what you are looking for! In addition, it will be a good way to visit the Recent San Sebastian. But save some money to quench your thirst!

But keep in mind that for many years San Sebastián has become more and more expensive, due to its tourist enthusiasm (especially in terms of tapas ...).


At night, it is time for hostilities and believe me, they will be taken care of.

Old San Sebastian It consists of small authentic neighborhoods with very narrow streets, for me this is what gives this city the real charm.

Once again, know that it is very pleasant to discover San Sebastián in a convertible bus. Especially when you can get on and off whenever you want! This allows you to plan your day as you wish ... In short, if you are interested, here is the ticket;)

Activities near San Sebastián (30 minutes)?

  • Do you want to do an activity near Biarritz? Electric mountain bike, quad, paintball ... / li>
  • and contact the organizers:

3) Where to sleep in San Sebastián

You want to know where to sleep in San Sebastian!? Here is a list of links that can help you in your research:

  • feelfreerentals.com - It's a hotel so it's still a bit pricey (but very well located), but if there are four of you, take a look at their prices ...
  • Pension Lorrea: by far my favorite, because it is also super well located, cheap, clean and the lady (who likes young people a lot…) is super nice !!
  • Balerdi Pension: Small and pleasant pension, and always very well located.
  • Pensión Alameda: Right next to the town hall, I tried it last time, and it's not bad at all! In addition, he gives you (grandmother alameda ^^) a ticket that saves you € 15 in the parking lot that is right next to it (in front of the shell), underground parking.
  • Pension Joakina: I have not tried it yet, but it is well located.

Located near the port but 2 minutes from the center, the Ur-Alde. In addition, you will find a very nice little bar, where there are delicious and cheap pintxos: La Mejillonera.

A little more elegant but well located, I can recommend the Arrizul, the Gran Bahía and the KoxKa, which are not bad at all!

And even more elegant you have the Hotel de Londres and the Hotel Niza, to see!

You can take a look at the apartments offered by individuals. I often use this type of site because it allows you to stay in a really small apartment, suddenly you have a kitchen, there is no time ... In short, I advise you to take a look! You have Airbnb!


4) Where to go out in San Sebastián

If you want to party, it's easy, head to old San Sebastián. It is common to see young Frenchmen completely drunk and screaming in the alleys of this neighborhood. As a result, we are very frowned upon there, so please, a little self-control!

Of course you have more or less touristy addresses, here are two really cool!

  • Calle Fermin Calbeton, 12, 20003 San Sebastián, Spain
  • The Spoon of Santelmo, attached to the church

Either way, this is where to party in San Sebastian. I like to start with a seafood meal in the harbor (blue zone) and then join the purple zone for after-dinner ...

Where to go out for activities near San Sebastián (30 minutes)?

  • Do you want to do an activity near Biarritz? Electric mountain bike, quad, paintball ... / li>
  • and contact the organizers:

5) L'aste nagusia (Great Week of San Sebastián)

Something that you cannot miss is the Semana Grande de San Sebastián!

For a week in mid-August, the Big week the whole town celebrates. It focuses on a local artillery demonstration, bullfights, fireworks contests organized on La Concha beach.



Also on the program, a series of open-air concerts in the streets of the Old Quarter and on Zurriola beach, you will not be disappointed! But I will not tell you more, go read my article: The great week of San Sebastián

6) Monte Igueldo and the beaches of San Sebastián

I highly recommend that you go for a walk mount Igueldo who is next to Ondarreta Beach. At the top of the mountain there is a small amusement park and the views are incredible. From there you can see the whole city.

On the beach side, you not only have La Concha, you also have Zurriola and Ondarreta. In my opinion, Zurriola is the most touristy beach. This beach is located in the Gros district, and there are many surfers because the waves are really very good, so for wave lovers you know where to go ...


7) Ideas for a visit to San Sebastián

First of all, I advise you to take a walk through the historic center of San Seb, its architecture shows the richness of the history of this city. There you will find the church of San Vicente (the oldest monument in the city, built at the beginning of the XNUMXth century, magnificent !!). I also advise you to go to visit the Basilica of Santa María (built in the middle of the XNUMXth century), located in the main Street it is an impressive baroque work.

Then go see the Cathédrale du Good Shepherd, (1 m², the largest sanctuary in Saint-Séb), built in the XNUMXth century.

Go for a drink at the Place de la Constitution located in the heart of the historic district. Formerly it was an arena (you will notice the numbers on the facades of the windows, before they were boxes). Today, the square is a place full of life, it has become the main square of local festivals.

You have the theater Victoria Eugenia: This theater is located in the center of the city, overlooking the banks of the Urumea river.

Miramar Palace: Built to house Queen Marie-Christine and the royal family. Here you will find stunning views of the beaches of La Concha and the island of Santa Clara, located just in front. The architecture and its gardens are really splendid!

8) Go and relax in one of these three gardens

Located not far from the Gare du Nord, the Cristina Enea ParkIt is the perfect place to leave the noise of the city.

Located in La Concha bay, you have the Miramar park, a passage that cannot be missed on any walk along the coast of San Sebastián. There you will find a magnificent palace.

So to finish you have the Aiete Park, located on one of the hills that surround the city, possibly one of the most magnificent gardens.

There you have it, surely there are other things to visit, like the many sculptures that make San Sebastián an open-air museum, but I think this will give you many ideas for your visit;)

I told you everything! And don't hesitate to use taxis to get around, it's cheap and you can even negotiate;)

Feel free to suggest another pension, hotel, bar, club or a little hidden place!

And what did you like the most about San Sebastián?

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