Visit Collioure and where to sleep in Collioure

Visit Collioure and where to sleep in Collioure
Visit Collioure and where to sleep in Collioure

Located in the south and more particularly on the Mediterranean coasts, near the Spanish border, there is a small town with a lot of charm. I take you to discover this small town and make you discover a hidden beach in a charming setting after spending a day in visit Collioure.

In this article you will find:

  • Visit Collioure - Ansa Santa Catarina
  • In search of a cove near Collioure
  • Where to sleep in Collioure
  • Where to sleep in Port-Vendres or Argeles
  • The discovery of the Banyuls and Collioure wines
  • An activity to discover the essentials of Collioure in a convertible 2cv? 

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1) Visit Collioure - Ansa Santa Catarina

It is here in Collioure that I take you. It is an old fishing village, famous for its anchovies. Collioure It is a very nice town, with a lot of charm, you will see that it feels good. This article will allow you visit Collioure for a day, and that as it should be.

It is a true city of artists that mixes emotion and beauty. You will also find many artist studios, seaside restaurants, and colorful little alleys.

Then, use the “Chemin du fauvisme”: a short walk that will take you to discover both the city and many artistic places.

Take two hours if you can visit Collioure, these alleys, its small port and see its royal castle. There is also a church (Notre Dame des Anges church) built on top of an old medieval watchtower, so pretty that it is one of the most photographed churches in France.

At nightfall, I invite you to go to the port of Collioure, a place famous for painters who seek inspiration and the beauty of colors. It is a truly magical place.

If you like museums… I can only advise you to go to the small town of Céret, there is a very famous contemporary art museum!

Or take a tour of Banyuls and visit the Aquarium of the Arago Oceanographic Laboratory, then climb the Madeloc Tower (and don't forget your camera…). On the other hand, if you are driving, be careful when cornering!

When you come back down, don't forget to try an old Banyuls wine.

If you are looking to charter a boat in Collioure, I can only advise you to take a tour of this site.

An activity to discover the essentials of Collioure in a convertible 2cv? 

2) Looking for a cove near Collioure

We started looking for a beautiful cove, or at least a quiet, beautiful and wild place where we could enjoy this magical environment. We had a little trouble finding it, I must admit, but what a great find!

enlarge the plan

Once you arrive you will see a beacon, a sign that you have arrived safely, well done!

Once parked, look south… to make it easier, to your right when the lighthouse is in front of you. ; )

You will see a small steep path. At the bottom, a rikiki pebble beach hides, make it there you are!

3) Where to sleep in Collioure

Here we are, the famous question, where to sleep in Collioure?

Here is a small selection of hotels with a very advantageous quality / price ratio, that I found and that were recommended to me. You also have AirBnb which offers very nice rooms / apartments, it's up to you to compare:

  • Le Mas des Citronners located behind the Royal Castle. A nugget!
  • The frigate is also located right next to the latter.
  • La Buena Casa a good plan.
  • A great address for a special romantic weekend in le bon port;)

A little more expensive but I advise you to ask, with views of the Diinnnngue, ideal for a romantic evening, you have the Relais des trois mas. Good value for money the balconies of Collioure and the Arapède.

4) Where to sleep in Port-Vendres or Argeles

One last tip, if the prices in Collioure seem a bit high, it is best to stay in Port-Vendres, right next door (10 minutes), a very lively and lively little port! The hotel has paneling which is very nice and is very well located (to see hotels through Tripadvisor).

You also have Argeles sur mer which is 20 minutes from Collioure, you will have more options. You have, for example, the beach in the center of the hotel or the sea and golf residence, which offer good last minute prices, to see! Once again, feel free to compare prices through TripAdvisor Argeles.

Also, feel free to share your good addresses (go to the end of the article to leave a comment, I'll add the link…)!

5) The discovery of the Banyuls and Collioure wines

An activity to discover Roussillons de Collioure wines in a convertible 2cv? 

The Banyuls and Collioure vineyards are truly atypical, located between the sky and the sea and on steep slopes, giving the landscapes a unique side.

In this vineyard different types of wines are produced (red, white, rosé), but what makes it famous are the "natural sweet wines", sweet wines, whose production is unique and similar to the Portuguese.

I recommend visiting two wineries to discover how local wines are made. First, the Terres des Templiers estate (link), which has impressive cellars. It is a cooperative winery that brings together 650 winegrowers from the Collioure and Banyuls appellations. A great variety of wines and an impressive tour of the winery.

To organize yourself as well as possible, you can book the visit of your choice to the Terres des Templiers estate for free on the website rue des vignerons.

Those looking for a family property will be delighted to discover the Madeloc estate (link), an 18-hectare estate located in the center of Banyuls, a stone's throw from the beach, and which is run by Elise Gaillard, daughter of Pierre Gaillard, famous winegrower of the Rhone Valley.

Very good value for money in wines that are regularly cited in the main specialist guides (Hachette, Bettane & Desseauve, Revue du Vin de France, etc.). See the tours.

  • Descubra el Château Valmy:

A little further north, in Argelès sur Mer, Château Valmy is another wine estate that is worth a visit for several reasons. First of all, the place is beautiful, with architecture from the 30s and a very nice view of the sea (.

Here you will find a wide range of representative Roussillon wines (Côtes du Roussillon, IGP Côtes Catalanes, Muscat, Rivesaltes…) in white, red and rosé, at affordable prices. An interesting passage on your way to or from Collioure.

An activity to discover Roussillons de Collioure wines in a convertible 2cv? 

This is where the article ends, I hope it helped you know what to visit in Collioure!

And you, do you know Collioure, do you have a restaurant, an address, a hidden corner to share?

If you also have good advice, don't hesitate to share them!

See you soon!

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