Where to stay in Singapore: which neighborhood to stay in in Singapore

Where to stay in Singapore: which neighborhood to stay in in Singapore
Where to stay in Singapore: which neighborhood to stay in in Singapore

Where to sleep in Singapore ? In which neighborhood to stay in Singapore? Are you going to stop over in Singapore and would you like to take the opportunity to visit Singapore and have fun? Here are some very nice and well located hotel addresses in Singapore.

Here is the plan from this article:

  • In which neighborhood / area to sleep in Singapore
  • Where to stay cheap in Singapore
  • The most beautiful hotel in Singapore
  • Why sleep in Singapore during your stopover
  • Where to eat in Singapore, where to go out in Singapore
  • Arrive at your hotel from Singapore airport
  • Read my article "What to see in Singapore"

1) In which neighborhood to sleep in Singapore

Finding a place to stay in Singapore is very easy, as the city is full of hotels, each one more beautiful than the last. Bear in mind that Singapore is quite an expensive city. As a result, very cheap hotels are rare (and pretty basic when you find them).

This is the area where I advise you to stay in Singapore.

2) Where to stay cheap in Singapore

Here are the top 5 places to stay during your stay!

  • I met a space capsule

It is a futuristic hostel! You will spend the night in a space cabin (capsule) for a very fun experience! Of course, there is less privacy: the capsules are single (or double) but the bathroom and other spaces are shared. It is important not to be claustrophobic, the capsule can seem very tight!

To choose from, take the Met to Space Pod in Chinatown, the area is livelier and you'll be in the heart of the action. The staff is very nice and everything is incredibly clean, especially for a hostel. to see reviews and photos:

  • The great madras

In the heart of the Little India district, but away from the surrounding noise, Great Madras is a great address with an art deco vibe. The rates are very affordable and you will have a great breakfast included.

Particular attention is paid to decoration - all wallpapers are unique and beautiful. It is a small hotel with few rooms, but it also has a swimming pool. Although it is not very high, it is ideal to relax after a hot and humid day in Singapore!

  • Inn de Lloyd

If you like minimalism and clean colors, Lloyd's Inn is for you. Here, without problems in the decoration: white, gray, green touches provided by the plants, serenity and calm. The roof terrace is ideal for admiring the surrounding greenery and having a drink before heading to the restaurant. We fell in love with the magnificent garden at the back of the hotel!

  • Indigo Singapore Katong

Unlike Lloyd's, if you like explosions of color and décor that will make you feel at home, Indigo Singapore Katong is your hotel!

The welcome is great and very warm, everyone is very helpful if you want advice or reservations. Huge crush on the rooftop pool, which has nothing to envy of the large luxury hotels, as the panoramic view is excellent.

Although it is not in the center, it is located in a very nice area with many shops and restaurants. So it's a good address, but not in the city center, it's up to you to see if it suits you!

  • Hotel G

In the center of the city's cultural and arts district, Hotel G is a mix of industrial, vintage and bohemian, giving it a taste of a nostalgic and cozy place that we are delighted to meet at the end of the day.

The hotel bar, beyond its beauty, serves excellent cocktails. It is a very large hotel (more than 300 rooms), but one feels like a small boutique hotel, I recommend it!

3) The most beautiful hotel to sleep in Singapore.

Well, if you want to live a crazy experience, I have to recommend the Marina Bay Sands, surely you have seen it in documentaries! Well, the price goes with it ... So there's no need to tell you much. The service is impeccable, the food, the pool, the rooms ...

In short, it is the must of the must!

This hotel is insane!

Anyway, know that no matter which hotel you choose, you can easily get around by metro.

4) Why sleep in Singapore during your stopover?

In this article I will not tell you what to see in this city, I have an article entirely dedicated to this: What to see in Singapore. But to make a mini mini summary here is what you will discover.

  • Being able to get closer to nature

The most impressive and amazing place in all the Gardens by the Bay. Located in the heart of the city, this park is full of places to discover. First, the Flower Dome is home to hundreds of species of flowers, flower sculptures, and magnificent plants, all under one of the largest glass domes in the world!

The second dome houses the Cloud Forest, straight out of the most beautiful movies you can imagine, with its colors and waterfalls.

You have to walk through all the hidden nooks and crannies under the dome to make sure you don't miss a thing. At the end of the day, when night falls, head to Supertree Grove for the amazing Garden Rhapsody music and light show, every night at 19:45 pm and then at 20:45 pm (the latter is more enjoyable, since which is cooler and black night). A true favorite!

It also has the Singapore Zoo, which is world famous for bringing together thousands of species of animals and is one of the most visited attractions. In fact, it is very nice and easy to visit. But my advice would be to get off the beaten track by going to the River Safari, which is right next to the zoo. Much less known and certainly smaller, it is perfect for a nice family outing and less crowded than its neighbor.

You have the Singapore Botanic Gardens and for flower lovers, the Botanic Garden is home to the National Orchid Garden, where thousands of different orchid species are represented.

Discover the neighborhoods and taste the excitement of Singapore

The districts of Singapore are completely different from each other. That is why it is said that it is possible to visit several countries while always being in Singapore. Each one has its own festivals, places of interest, habits… I invite you to read my article “What to visit in Singapore in 3 days”, there is a section dedicated to the districts of Singapore!

Singapore's must-see places to visit:

  • Marina Bay Sands - Observation Deck

If you want to take the most amazing and instagrammable photo of Singapore, go to Marina Bay, which overlooks the entire bay. It's a luxury hotel, sure, but on the top floor is the observation deck with stunning views of the city, as is rarely seen.

  • National Gallery

There are few old buildings left in Singapore, but the National Gallery is one of them. Located in the heart of the civic district, the museum houses modern art from Singapore and Southeast Asia. It is also in this building where the Supreme Court and the City Hall are located.

5) Where to go out in Singapore to eat well

The advantage of Singapore is that there is a huge mix of cultures. Suddenly, for gastronomy, it is a real party! You can find food from all countries (many Asian influences, of course) and at all prices!

My favorites are without a doubt the food courts, which allow everyone to eat the dish they prefer and continue eating together, at bargain prices for very large portions.

Lau Pa Sat Hawker Center is without a doubt the one that I found the best, due to the diversity of restaurant owners, the quality of the dishes and the fact that it is outdoors and not in an air-conditioned place. Even better: it's open 24 hours a day and it's right in the center of the city, a short walk from the Raffles Place Metro (MRT).

The Maxwell Road Hawker Center is located in the heart of Chinatown and mainly offers different types of Chinese cuisine. I recommend it especially for lunch, where you will eat there with businessmen who take their break, delicious and really cheap dishes!

A ChinatownIf you're looking for hearty and delicious, head to Burnt Ends. Here, without salad, everything is cooked and very good, especially their burgers. Also visit the Birds of a Feather restaurant, where European cuisine is combined with traditional Asian specialties, with the added bonus of superb décor and a relaxed atmosphere. They have a very good brunch on Saturdays and Sundays for those with a sweet tooth.

A Kallang, head to the Folklore restaurant to sample Peranakan specialties - a mix of cuisines from China, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. The service is a bit long, but it's worth it! It's also impossible to miss Mrs Pho Vietnamese restaurant (if you like pho, of course): a delight!

Finally, as I told you that in Singapore you can find all kinds of gastronomy, Raffle placeYou have to go to Thevar, a contemporary Indian restaurant, serving amazing and fragrant dishes, even the price (a bit high) will not make you regret your choice.

6) Where to go out in Singapore

Before I start listing some of the (many) places to party, you should know that bars and clubs close early, much earlier than in France! So don't be too late because most nightclubs will have emptied their clients' spots between 3-4am and drinks (and entry to the clubs) are quite expensive.

Singapore also has some very nice rooftops. The 1 Altitude Bar offers a 25 SGP (Singapore Dollar) admission without a drink, but once there, you won't be disappointed by the view, which has nothing to envy of the famous Marina Bay.

My favorite is still the Kinki Bar, where Singaporeans and expats gather after work with a breathtaking view of the bay in a cooler and more relaxed atmosphere, with music for all tastes. There are often a lot of people, so don't be too late!

A Clarke Quay, is a cluster of bars, discos and nightclubs in an office environment with many people over the age of 31 who come there to start the night. Among the best, Bar Cocoon, Bamboo Bar and Bar Opiume have a great atmosphere. End your night at Canva, a really nice club!

If we had to name only one club in Singapore, it would certainly be Zouk, which is a true institution in Singapore. The general public is still quite young and electro / house music is still eclectic mixes. There is also special programming, especially on Wednesdays, with pop playlists, from the 70s to the present.

7) How to get to your hotel from the airport

Changi International Airport is 23 km from central Singapore. To get there, several options.

In my opinion, the cheapest and easiest (unless you have large suitcases) is to take the SBS 36 bus, which leaves every 15 minutes or so and drops you directly on Orchard Road, right in the center. It runs from 5:45 am to midnight and costs only SGD 2.

The subway runs to Changi Airport Station (CG2) and connects Terminal 2 of the airport with the city center. The trip takes about 25 minutes and I personally advise you to take the metro which is very easy to use.

Finally, taxis are plentiful at the airport and you can easily find them in both terminals. The trip costs between SGD 20-50, depending on traffic and arrival / departure time, and the trip takes 30-40 minutes to reach the CBD.

During your stay, opt for subway travel if you can't get around on foot, but keep in mind that you can just as easily take a taxi or Uber, as it has a highly developed network in Singapore.

And there you have it, you have all the keys to know where to sleep in singapore like a local or almost.

Do not hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom of the page to give me your impressions, share a good address, a hotel, a bar ...

  • And you, where did you stay in Singapore?
  • Have an interesting hotel address in Singapore to share?
  • What neighborhood did you stay in in Singapore?
  • Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

See you soon!


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