Visit Vienna in 4 days

Visit Vienna in 4 days
Visit Vienna in 4 days

Vienna, with its monuments, its culture, its animation, is one of the most attractive European capitals. In this article I tell you all about visit Vienna in 4 days, how to get to Vienna from the airport, where to go out in Vienna and where to sleep in Vienna, soon! Many tips to make the most of your 4-day stay in Vienna.

Here is the action plan for this article "visit Vienna in 3 days”To save time (it has a menu on the right that will allow you to directly access the part in question):

  • A little history of Vienna, for your sake :)
  • The sites in must visit in Vienna with the GoogleMap map to facilitate your trip (I will also give you links that will allow you to save time on your visits).
  • The districts of Vienna.
  • Where to go out in Vienna? Where to eat in Vienna?
  • A convertible bus tour, perfect for exploring a city while hopping on and off as you see fit.
  • Accommodation in Vienna to be close to everything.
  • How to get to the center of Vienna from the airport.
  • Do you want to see an opera ...?
  • El Vienna Pass.
  • A guided tour of Vienne with Anne-Sophie (a French woman who lives in Vienne, her city of heart), to get in touch with her.

1) The history of Vienna

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is located in the heart of Central Europe. It is crossed by the Danube and the Vienna that gave it its name.

Let's compare it with other European capitals: 1200 km from Paris, 650 km from Berlin, 250 km from Budapest, 1100 km from Brussels and 1 hour from Bratislava, which can be reached in just over an hour by boat (a place very nice walk, I'll talk about it again).

  • 1h from Bratislava
  • 3h40 from Prague
  • 3h10 de Budapest
  • 4h from Zagreb (the capital of the Croatian)

Its origin is Celtic, in the XNUMXth century, with the name of Vindobona (White City). In the Middle Ages, Vienna became the capital of the Holy Roman Empire.

Since 1860, it is the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Vienna was then one of the main cultural cities of Europe, with an extraordinary peak in the 20s in the scientific (Freud), artistic (Klimt, Schiele), literary (Stefan Sweig, Schnitzel, Musil). More information on Wikipedia - Vienna.

Many famous musicians have lived there: Mozart, Gluck, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, Strauss… This explains the Viennese passion for music and the magical appeal of this city.

In 1955, it is the independence of Austria and its international neutrality. Vienna later modernized and became the headquarters of international organizations such as OPEC and the UN.

The city (1 inhabitants) remained for a long time enclosed in fortifications, which explains why the Historic Center of Vienne (800th district) has a very high urban density. Located on the right bank of the Danube, it is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

  • A guided tour of the historic districts of Vienne with Anne-Sophie (a French woman who lives in Vienne, her city of heart), to get in touch with her.

2) Visit Vienna in 3 days

These are the essential sites to visit and a cool tour that gives you a good overview of Vienna and Schonbrunn Palace (for Schonbrunn guided tour).

Start with the Historic Center of Vienna called Innere Stadt, a magnificent district super rich in prestigious monuments and museums, it is a pleasure to walk there!

You can if you wish, use the Hop On Hop Off Buses, it is very convenient because it allows you to visit Vienna in a convertible bus, it also passes through the must-see places of Vienna, so you can get off, visit the monument, then take the bus as many times as want. .

  • Hofburg palace

Imperial Palace, residence of the Habsburgs for 6 centuries, huge and truly impressive: it is a true city within a city. It houses the Sissi Museum (one of the most visited in Vienna).

  • Saint Etienne Cathedral

Majestic, called “Steff'l” by the Viennese who adore him, one of the finest examples of Austrian Flamboyant Gothic Free entry to the Church.

If you like history, I recommend a guided tour of the historic districts of Vienne with Anne-Sophie (a French woman who lives in Vienne, her city of heart), to get in touch with her.

  • The State Opera 

It is the Vienna State Opera where seats can be reserved several months in advance, music is part of Viennese culture (Mozart lived there). However, for € 3, you can attend the stand-up function, that's a tip! to see an opera.

In between, cool off on the roof, with an extraordinary view of the Ring !!

The room is really beautiful!

  • Museum of Fine Arts (Museo Kunsthistorisches, Maria Theresien Platz):

It's the KHM! Large collections of art gathered by the Habsburgs (250000 works), the best for lovers of classical painting… But it is impossible to see everything at once! closed on mondays. € 12 or € 18 with temporary exhibitions.

For information:

A guided tour of the historic quarters of Vienna with Anne-Sophie (a French woman who lives in Vienna, her city of heart), to get in touch with her.

  • Spanish Riding School, Spanische Hofreitschule (see on Google map - HofBurg):

Internationally renowned with an absolutely magnificent show every Saturday (except July and August). Reservation necessary, tickets are not delivered, between € 22 and € 135 but for € 12, you can attend the pre-show training.

  • Albertina Museum: Well known, with a unique collection of works by Dürer. Located on Albertina Platz in the 1st district. In this square is the tourist office, you can pick up the Vienna Car (.
  • The museum quarter o Vienna Museum Quarter (7th arr. 1 MuseumPlatz):

One of the 9 largest museum ensembles in the world, world class, fascinating, decorated with multiple cafes, gastronomic restaurants, with a juxtaposition of renovated baroque buildings and futuristic architecture. Amazing! Go to the official website for more information.

The main museums in the Museum Quarter are:

- The Leopold Museum and its super collection of works by Schiele.

- The ZOOM museum, for children, incredible.

  • The MUMOK or museum of modern art

It is inspired by the Guggenheim in New York, with extraordinary modern architecture and a prestigious collection of popart and contemporary art (Kandisky, Magritte, Giacometti, Klee).

So far the visits to the historic center of Vienna. Also, I recommend a guided tour of the historic neighborhoods of Vienne with Anne-Sophie (a French woman who lives in Vienne, her city of heart), to get in touch with her.

Important places to visit outside the historic center of Vienna:

  • Palais Belvédère (distrito 3 °, 27, Prinz Eugen Strasse):

A must-see, it includes the largest collection of Austrian art, as well as the world's most valuable collection of Gustav Klimt works (including the famous Gustav Klimt Kiss). € 9 or € 50 for the entire visit (Upper and Lower Belvedere).

  • Maison de Hundertwasser (distrito 3 °, 35 Kegelgasse):

The name of its great architect, it is a very beautiful ecological construction, it is completely original and crazy for its colors, shapes, materials! I absolutely loved it.

  • Schönnbrun Palace and its sublime gardens (14th arr.):

This Austrian Versailles is one of the most visited castles in the world! Symbol of the elegance and beauty of Imperial Vienna, it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Do because it's really fabulous (.

Here is a link for a combined bus tour of Vienna and Schonnbrun here.

A bit out of the way (13th arr.), Access by metro U4, Schönbrunn station.

  • naschmarkt (located from fourth to sixth arr. U4, U6, U1, KarlPlatz stop):

There you will also delight your friends, because this permanent market is a real institution in Vienna! In addition, you will find countless bars, inns, theaters and, in short, something to have a great time. Not surprising!

  • The Danube:

The "Beau Bleu"! Mythical river that adds to the magic of Vienna, sure heart beat believe me!

Take a boat ride, it's a great time. There are several cruises, including an absolutely magical night. to see the different cruises.

Another good plan for a pleasant cruise on the Danube, combined with a romantic dinner + concert in Schonnbrun (.

  • The Prater and the Ferris Wheel (2nd arrangement):

It is a huge and wonderful green park with multiple attractions: swimming pool, in-line skating, bowling, famous gastronomic restaurants and the famous Big Wheel with a fantastic panoramic view of Vienna.

These are the must-see sites for your 4-day Vienna Tour, of course, many other things to see, especially a host of interesting museums.

Do not hesitate to take the HopOn HopOff bus (or here) that allows you to get on and off whenever you want, it allows you not to miss anything and, above all, to visit Vienna in a different way! There are 3 possible circuits (1 hour, 2 hours or full day).

Some more ideas:

  • Unmissable walk along the Ring strasse:

This magnificent avenue surrounds the historic center of Vienna, it is about 4 km long: At night, it is even more beautiful! You will pass in front of the Museum of Fine Arts, the Parliament, the Town Hall, the Palace of Justice, the Burg Theater, the Opera.

Do not hesitate to contact Anne Sophie for a guided tour of her hometown and she is also French ().

There is also the Hop On Hop Off bus during the day that runs along the Ring Strasse route. You will see that it really goes everywhere!

  • Church of San Carlos (KarlsKirche):

Magnificent and top kitsch !! A masterpiece of Viennese architecture and the imperial monarchy.

  • The Lichtenstein Museum:

One of the most important private collections of Baroque art in the world.

  • Mozart house

Located 5, Domgasse in the 1st district, a 1000m2 space dedicated to Mozart, with the apartment where he spent his 10 Viennese years and composed his famous opera, “Les Noces de Figaro”. A must for any music lover!

  • Beethoven house

Located at number 8 Mölker Bastei in district 1, Beethoven lived there for 8 years, good! comments are in German only.

  • A guided tour of Vienna?

Would you like a guided tour of the historic districts of Vienna with Anne-Sophie? She is French and lives in Vienne, her city of heart. to contact her. Offer other activities that may interest you.

4) Accommodation in Vienna

If you are thinking of going a little further to pay less, you should know that the metro is relatively expensive (a metro / tram / bus ticket costs € 2,20 (-50% for children). The ticket is valid until arrival to the destination (changes included) So, if you are 2, you will easily get € 25 of transport per day ... Think about it ...

I advise you to take a hotel in the historic center (towards Graben in the heart), you will be very close to everything on foot. On the map below, I have put the number of districts and the red dots represent the best places to find accommodation. Here are some good value for money addresses:

  • Opera Suites: this is the hotel I chose, I recommend it, it opens directly to the pedestrian zone with a fantastic healthy breakfast! (1st arr)
  • It also has the Mercure hotel very well located and good value for money!
  • City Pension: also in the center of the city, next to the Cathedral of San Esteban.
  • You are more Airbnb, look in this same area.
  • hotel Post wienn: great plan too, next to the metro (1st district)
  • Hotel Dan Inn Out: very good plan there too, 300 m from the stop of the shuttle service to the airport (district 1).
  • Motel OneWienPrater (2nd district): Good plan, next to the Prater and 200 m from the subway (U2).
  • You are more Airbnb, look in this same area.
  • Hotel Pension Kaffeemuehle: (7th arr.): Very popular with Internet users as it is located in a lively area (5 minutes from the famous MariahilfeStrasse shopping street and close to the bright Naschmarkt).

You can take a look at the apartments offered by individuals on Airbnb. I often use this type of site because it allows you to stay in a really small apartment, suddenly you have a kitchen, there is no time ... In short, I advise you to take a look!

4) The districts of Vienna

To get an idea of ​​the topography of Vienna, here is a GoogleMap cut out with the different districts of Vienna (I focused on the districts that border the first district, the historic heart of Vienna):

Vienna is divided into 22 districts that rotate clockwise around the famous Innere Stadt (1st arr), the historic district of Vienna (1st arr) - these are the most interesting to visit:

  • City center (1st district):

This district is the true historical and touristic heart of Vienna. It is surrounded by a prestigious avenue, the Ring. Take a walk with the Hop On Hop Off, you will have a great overview of this fabulous district.

I recommend a guided tour of the historic districts of Vienne with Anne-Sophie (a French woman who lives in Vienne, her city of the heart), to get in touch with her.

  • Leopoldstadt district (2nd arr):

Interesting especially for the immense green park, the famous Prater, its Ferris wheel with panoramic view, and its permanent fair Metro U1, U2, Praterstern stop. There is also the biggest nightclub in Austria!

  • Landstrasse (3er distrito):

Especially interesting for the ecologically delirious constructions to see absolutely, by the architect Hundertwasser.

  • Neighborhoods along the Ring, West (District 6)

This is the famous district where Nashmarkt is located, a permanent extra market, a top-notch atmosphere! Metro U1, U2, U4, KarlPlatz station. A must in Vienna!

  • Hiezting District (13th arr):

Must do: this is where you will visit Schönbrunn Palace, U4 subway, Schonbrünn station.

  • To the northeast:

Wine villages and hills ... it is a romantic and ecological Vienna where the Viennese like to come on weekends: Grinzing, Siebering, Nussdorf with the famous Heuriger taverns, hypersympathetic.

Here is a quick overview of Vienna, district by district, which will allow you to find your way more effectively on your visit to Vienna in 4 days.

  • Again, to zoom in on this GoogleMap: Vienna's must-see districts.

5) Where to eat in Vienna

Good news, Austrians love to get together in the Café and restaurant to discuss, eat well, live whatever!

So don't miss a sweet break in a Viennese Café, it is an authentic institution (listed as Intangible Heritage by Unesco). Here are some directions, but you guys will have a choice.

  • Café Schwarzenberg (1st district 17 Kärtner Ring) is not too crowded with tourists.
  • The DO&CO, in the 1st district, on Stephansplatz, beautiful view of Vienna (top floor, view of the cathedral, great!)
  • The Kaktusbar: located in Seitenstettengasse, really hypersympa, happy hours from 19 to 22 pm

Some ideas of authentic restaurants, in the center (district 1), with good value for money:

  • The Würstelstand Am Hohen Markt, very good for an excellent Austrian case! it's open until 4 am Located on Hohen Markt.
  • Le Bol (14 Neuer Markt): a place that I really enjoyed!
  • Josef Smutny: at number 8 Elisabetstrasse (near the Academy of Fine Arts).

The famous Heuriger (green tavern with an ultra cool atmosphere):

These are the famous Viennese taverns of the northwestern wine towns, 19th arr. (Grinzing, Floridsdorf, Nusdorf, tram line 38), with a super friendly and ecological environment. Look at the photo, this getaway washed down with Vienna wine feels good after your busy days! Easy access by tram.

6) Where to go out in Vienna

Vienne's fashionable districts are districts 6 and 7, not far from the city center. I recommend in the evening, go for a drink, Café Jenseits or Café Europa or even Café Leopold.

Otherwise, I can recommend the Loos American Bar in the center, the Bar at the top of the Sofitel hotel (great cocktails with a beautiful view of Vienna).

Otherwise, in the center also with an atmosphere of old Viennese café, the Alt Wien café, the Braunerhof café, the Palmenhaus café or the Stuka pastry shop. To eat, go next to the Naschmarkt, with the restaurant NENI am Naschmarkt

Vienna and Music / Opera:

concerts are always in fabulous halls:

  • Take part in the Strauss & Mozart concert or on this site.
  • The Opera (in the Staatsoper or the Volksoper) with the possibility of cheap tickets if you stay standing (between € 3 and € 20), is a good plan. See the program on this site and the tickets here.
  • A Mozart concert in the prestigious Musikverein concert hall. On the other hand, book in advance on the web. The program here, and for a meal + concert click.

Julie's comment:

  • We did a tour + dinner and concert at the Schönbrunn Palace. We loved it, it's really a beautiful moment to share with your other half if you like it, of course! ()
  • Another famous dinner-concert at the Kursalon: A very good plan that I tried, a dinner in a typical restaurant followed by a great Mozart concert at the Kursalon: or here.

Bars and clubs in Vienna:

Well, you want a more festive and nocturnal atmosphere ... you will be surprised by many very trendy and "underground" places:

A nice neighborhood is the "Bermuda Triangle", located a stone's throw from the Stadttempel Synagogue and Schwedenplatz, you will find restaurants, bars ... nice to start the night!
For the lover, you can take your partner for a ride on the Ferris wheel in the Prater. Also, there are tons of fun activities in Prater Park, walks ...

Here are some other directions:

  • The biggest club in Austria, the Praterdome! Located in Prater (2nd arr, m2tro U1 U2, Praterstern stop)
  • Another club I tried in 2nd arr. (38 Taborstrasse), the Bricks-Lazy DanceBar, with more varied music (Latin, reggae, funk, soul), with Happy Hours until 22pm and cocktails at € 3 or € 5 for strong alcohol. Interesting!!
  • It also has other nice clubs like B72 or Chelsea, which are located under the bridges (metro u6 - Alser Strasse station).

7) Vienna Card y Vienna Pass

Here is information about the Vienna Pass:

Good news, these cards are among the best made in Europe.

  • The Vienna Card (for transportation)

It allows unlimited public transport (bus, metro, tram) in Vienna. Free for a child under 15 years of age accompanying an adult.

You pick it up with your confirmation voucher at the airport (arrivals hall) or also at the Tourist Office in Albertina Plaza (that's what I did), at the main station where you arrive from the airport), at the transport desks from Vienna.

It also allows reductions (5-20%) on many tickets.

  • The Vienna Pass (for tours + tourist bus):

It allows free entry (skip the line in addition) to 60 of the most famous monuments, as well as unlimited transport by tourist bus. Half price from 6 to 18 years old and free under 5 years old

Attention, no use of the public bus! On the other hand, for the tourist bus, there are 6 circuits and 47 stops, enough to please you and ensure all transportation.

Considering the price, it is suitable if you do a lot of visits to museums and monuments, otherwise you can take the free tourist bus, which is also great. .

8) Transportation to visit Vienna

Vienna is very well organized, it is easy to get around (metro, bus, tram) and to reach all the places of interest. Buy your ticket before going up, it is cheaper (€ 2,20). to enlarge this map GoogleMap - Vienna metro map.

You have daily passes (€ 7,60), 2 days (€ 13,50), 3 days (€ 16,50), valid only for one mode of transport. Feel free to take the Vienna Card which allows you all unlimited transportation.

Attention, ticket control several times a day !!!!

  • The subway: 5 U lines (from U1 to U6) run through Vienna, and good news, it runs all night on weekends and holidays
  • The very practical and fast bus, with super night buses (Nightline), for sure, every half hour.
  • The Bim is the tram, widely used by the Viennese, goes to the outskirts of Vienna (convenient for Heuriger)
  • Cycling, there are City Bikes (our least expensive vélib!) And bike lanes everywhere, don't hesitate. I'd also like to point you to a 3-hour bike tour of Vienna, English only, but really enjoyable: -
  • Gare du Center or Wien-Mitte: this is where the CAT airport arrives, accessible by tram (line 0), by metro (U3 U4).
  • Gare Nord Wien, one of the main communication centers, located next to the Prater, accessed by U1 U2.
  • Otherwise, with the Vienna Card you have unlimited public transport (bus, metro, tram) in Vienna. Free for a child under 15 years of age accompanying an adult.

9) Visit the surroundings of Vienna

If you have time, two really interesting ideas:

  • A magnificent walk along the Danube to Bratislava, a must! Bratislava is only 60 km away and is a little wonder with its old town, its splendid Gothic cathedral, its 18th-century palaces, its Renaissance and Art Deco houses. In short, I liked this day and I recommend it. You also have this ticket, it is an excursion to Bratislava from Vienna by bus on the outward journey and then by catamaran on the return.

More information for this tour:.  

For 45 euros, you can take the bus to Bratislava ().

  • An excursion through the Viennese forest, here is a very beautiful and original activity, discover more at this link.

10) How to get to Vienna from Schwechat airport

Vienna-Schwechat Airport is located 20 km from the city center (in the south-east), which can be reached by 3 means:

  • The CAT (City Airport Train): 12 euros, direct to Vienne Mitte station (3rd district), the fastest, journey of 16 min. The station is located at the airport, making it the easiest and fastest way to get to Vienna (central station Wien-Mitte).

To find the station, just follow the green "CAT" signs. Hours from 6 am to 23:30 pm, with a train every 30 minutes. To get to the airport from the station, the hours are from 5:30 am to 23 pm. Please note that admission for children under 15 is free.

Once at the Vienna train station, you can take the metro to get to the center of Vienna. You will see that it is very well done.

  • Otherwise you have the bus: 6 euros, several stops in Vienna, 25 minutes of travel.
  • Taxis: interesting for several, around € 33.

Well there you go, I think you have all the keys in hand to visit Vienna in 4 days as it should be

Do not hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom of the page to give me your impressions, share a good address, a hotel, a bar ... Sharing is good;)

  • And what did you like the most about Vienna?
  • Do you have an interesting address to share? A restaurant, a bar, a hotel?
  • Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

See you soon!

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