Where to stay in Dubai, in which neighborhood to stay in Dubai

Where to stay in Dubai, in which neighborhood to stay in Dubai
Where to stay in Dubai, in which neighborhood to stay in Dubai

Are you planning a trip to Dubai and would like to know where to stay in Dubai to make the most of your stay? Inside in which neighborhood to sleep in Dubai ? Why this neighborhood? This article gives you good directions for your stay in Dubai.

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  • Where to stay in Dubai
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  • Good addresses for restaurants and bars.
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With more than 3,3 million inhabitants, the city of Dubai is the most populous in the United Arab Emirates.

With its arid subtropical climate, temperatures easily rise to 50 ° C in summer. It does not rain between May and October. The best months to plan a trip to Dubai are from November to April, so it still leaves you with a pretty wide range to go there for 2 or 3 days.

1) Where to stay in Dubai

Personally, it has never been a destination that appeals to me, but when we go on a long haul, there are often layovers in Dubai. So I took the opportunity to spend 2 full days, here are my comments in the "For City Lovers" mode :)

Each district of the city has its atmospheres, its culture, its atmosphere, then here is the list of the most famous districts to give you a general idea.

  • Deira: Dubai's old district, lively district (thanks to the many souks)
  • Oud Metha and Al Garhoud: old neighborhoods south of Deira, they are quite residential.
  • Jumeirah and Umm Suqeim: neighborhoods on the beach.
  • Downtown: central and dynamic district.
  • La Marina: lively and residential area
  • Al Barsha: dynamic district (shops and activities)
  • Palm Jumeirah: artificial island in the shape of a palm tree, district of luxury hotels.
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis: residential and commercial district, family atmosphere.
  • The Sustainable City: a family neighborhood that pretends to be ecological, with the idea of ​​consuming almost no energy.
  • Arabian Ranches: district away from buildings, lots of green spaces

2) In which neighborhood to sleep in Dubai

  • Ok, but then I have to find a hotel in what area of ​​Dubai?

I recommend that you look for a hotel in the Downtown district of Dubai OR in the Marina district, which are, in my opinion, the ideal areas to stay in Dubai. With that said, I will recommend the Downtonw district, you will see the little purple area (the area on the right) on the map above, and well, this is the downtown district (to see the hotels on offer in this area).

Downtown is the perfect balance of the neighborhood to visit alone, as a couple or as a family. Everything is done on foot. Everything is close. It is a dynamic area where there are many assets.

The neighborhood is modern and large. It seems to respond to the motto of his city. This is where the main attractions of the city are located.

The accommodations in Dubai in the Downtown district that I recommend:

Accommodation in Dubai offers a wide range of prices. If you are looking for a fairly luxurious stay, you are not likely to be disappointed.

Here are some links to accommodations that I recommend for their safe value and location. They are all in the area that I recommend to find a hotel in Dubai. to enlarge this Hotel Map - Accommodation in Dubai's DownTown district:

For me the best thing about this district is the Steigenberger hotel, it has a good quality / price ratio, it is very well located, the views are perfect!

A very nice address is also Park Regis Business, which offer cheap rooms compared to many hotels in this area. Look at the reviews and the prices, it's really interesting!

If your budget is a little more limited, rest assured that there are more accessible accommodation, from € 50 per double room, such as the CityMaxHotel which is not in the heart of the downtown district but 100 m away, so you are when super well located!

An address that is not too expensive (but you are still in Dubai and you want to be well located ...), you have the Grand Millenium that has a good quality / price ratio and they also offer discounts, let's see!

An elegant hotel address to enjoy Dubai:

The Vida Downtown is a very good address, a bit expensive, but look because they often offer discounts.

Anyway, the Downtown district is really the ideal place to discover life in Dubai, this is where I invite you to leave your bags.

3) What are the advantages of staying in the Downtown district of Dubai?

Geographical location of the Centro district:

Just 20 minutes from the airport, Downtown is located in the center of Dubai, in the heart of the "Red Line", the metro line that crosses the city from north to south, near the Burj Khalifa (the tallest structure ever built )!

4) What to see and do in downtown Dubai

The center can be explored on foot. But if you are short on time, you can rent a bike very easily (bike station). It is very nice to explore the city if you stay there in the right season.

  • The Burj Khalifa and its very pleasant walk (be careful, it is better to book your ticket in advance). Count € 50 to climb to the top of the tower. If you go around 16pm, the light is sublime (but it's a relatively popular time of day).
  • The Dubai Opera, with its impressive architecture.
  • Shopping in Dubai Mall
  • Dubai Mall activity (ice rink, zoo, aquarium, soccer field, etc.)
  • Find on floor 148 "At the top of the Burj Khalifa" to observe the scale of this coastal metropolis
  • The Dubai Fountain light show (every night).
  • Parks for walks, sports or picnics: South Ridge Park, Burj Park, Business Bay ...

5) Where to sleep in Dubai's La Marina district

As I told you, there are two neighborhoods that I recommend, the Downtown district and the Marina district, it is a very popular area for those looking for accommodation in Dubai.

Marina Beach en Dubai eg:

It is also a very popular district with tourists because it is also close to the beach.

6) Stay in Palm Jumeriah

This is not really the district that I recommend because personally I find it interesting when visiting Dubai for the first time to be close to lively districts… To stay in this district you will need a vehicle.

The classiest hotel in the “Palm Jumeirah district” is undoubtedly L'Atlantis.

  • Where to stay on a budget in the Palm Jumeirah?

Well, I found this very good address, 'The Haloft Palm', which offers rooms at € 60 per night and the quality / price ratio is really interesting.

7) Some good addresses near your hotel in Dubai

Restaurant addresses:

We have three little nuggets to offer you:

  • For lovers of Italian cuisine, visit Matto. Address: The Oberoi Dubai, Business Bay Lobby Level.
  • We loved Kizmet, it is an original concept restaurant. Employees prepare a typical dish from their home country, the chef selects the best ones and reworks them in his own way. A real delight of flavors. Address: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd.
  • And finally, for meat lovers, we recommend Asado: an Argentine restaurant in the Palace Hotel, with a magnificent view of the Burj Khalifa. Address: 9770 - Palace Downtown - Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd

Go out for a drink in the Centro district

  • To have a drink and enjoy the fountain show at the same time, you have to go to Karma Kafé or SKT.
  • Kizmet; It is also a cocktail bar, we recommend it as much as its restaurant.
  • Iris Dubaï: if you like a little unusual places, this suspended terrace will not leave you indifferent.

Getting around Dubai, from the center:

In the center, you really won't need public transport as everything is done on foot. However, don't hesitate to rent a bike at the retreat terminals, as I mentioned earlier.

Of course, the city is full of taxis or even Uber; You will not have difficulty finding a car, if you have to leave the neighborhood, to get to the airport, for example.

However, the Dubai metro remains close by as it is at the level of the Dubai Mall, although this is not necessarily ideal if you want to visit Dubai in its entirety, because the city is very large and the metro is' covers only a small part.

Well there you have it, I think you have all the information you need to know where to sleep in Dubai.

Do not hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom of the page to give me your impressions, share a good address, a hotel, a bar ... Sharing is good;)

  • Have you ever stayed in Dubai, in the downtown district?
  • Do you have an interesting anecdote to share?
  • Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

See you soon!


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